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From generating roofing leads, to aerial roof measurement, to project management, invoicing, safety and so on, apps and software are a very important part of any commercial and multi family roofing company’s day-to-day.

The right software can help you operate at optimal levels of efficiency both on and off the job site.

With that said, we’ll be looking at the must-use apps and software tools that all commercial and multi family roofers should adopt—from new construction to storm chasers, massive office buildings to duplexes.

The Apps and Software That Every Commercial Roofer Should Be Using

Other than the physical labor that occurs on the job site, there is an app or piece of software that can help roofers and roofing companies at every step of their project—from generating new business, to completing and receiving payment for a project.

These platforms make for more efficient internal business operations, lead generation, and project planning, as well as more accurate blueprints and estimations.

Stringing the right combination of roofing software and apps together affords roofers the flexibility to spend more time connecting with property owners and scaling their business.

Roofing Lead Generation Software

Reonomy – Prospecting and Contacting Property Owners

Reonomy gives commercial roofers the opportunity to find targeted leads and access owner contact information, all in one place.

You can use the platform to search for very specific types of buildings and owners.

Building & Lot filters allow you to search for multi family or commercial buildings (in any U.S. location) based on their size and age.

Reonomy Property Search Retail Property Old Roof

Filters for sales history allow you to find owners that may or may not be adding new buildings to their portfolio.

Within the profile of each individual property, you can see the name of the owner (LLC or individual), along with their phone number, email and mailing address.

Reonomy roofing software property owner contact information

Using Reonomy, you can reach property owners:

  • That have recently purchased a property (of any multi family or commercial asset type)
  • That have recently been hit by a storm and are in need of repair
  • Have very old or depleted buildings that need renovation
  • Have specific roof types (metal, asphalt, TPO, etc.)

Once you’ve searched and found a list of ideal properties and owners, you can either go straight through Reonomy, using phone numbers to reach out individually, or you can export your entire list of owners (up to 2,000) with contact info to reach out in bulk.


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Roofing Estimate Software & Apps


JobFlex is a mobile app that allows roofers to build estimates and create invoices anytime and anywhere—without even needing an internet connection to do so.

This app allows roofers to get paid faster and better keep track of invoices and payments over time. Instead of spending time after the workday is over filling out and organizing paperwork, this app gives you the opportunity to do everything on the spot with minimal effort.

Roofing Calculator PRO

The Roofing Calculator PRO app allows you to estimate the price of materials needed for any job.

With Roofing Calculator PRO, you can calculate costs by entering:

  • The size and slope of the roof you’re working on.
  • The difficulty of the roof (simple, medium, or “very cut-up”).
  • Whether the job includes roof tear-off (and if so, how many layers).
  • Number of stories in the building.
  • Number of sky-lights and chimneys.
  • Roofing material being used.
  • Much more.

This app can be used for any roof type as well, including asphalt or cedar shingles, clay tile, metal, EPDM flat-roofs, PVC, and TPO.

Once you input all of this information, the app will show you the low end, mid-range, and high end of what you can expect your costs to be.

Roofing CRM Software & Apps


First and foremost, AccuLynx is a customer relationship management (CRM) software for roofers, though it can do much more than simply manage a database of clients.

You can use the platform to track individual jobs from start to finish. You can derive estimates from existing job files, track the progression of a project, and share videos and images with team members.

This software also allows you to collect legally-binding e-signatures, convert estimates into orders, then submit orders directly to vendors.

Most of this can also be done on the job site and on the go, as AccuLynx also offers a mobile app with most of the same features available.

AccuLynx Roofing App

AccuLynx frames themselves more so as a software that can help you “run your business,” as opposed to something that can just help manage leads and customers.

Contractor’s Cloud

Contractor’s Cloud is much like AccuLynx in that it can best be described as a CRM-plus.

This software platform lets roofers track leads, sales, commissions, and company financials, and calculate job estimations, again, all within one platform.

Contractors Cloud Roofing Software

When used to full-capacity, these platforms can be immensely helpful to any commercial roofer looking to organize, optimize, and scale their business.


JobNimbus may be a bit simpler than the two previously mentioned CRMs, but still serves roofers in managing their leads and contacts, job calendars and scheduling, estimations and invoices, documents, tasks, and so on.

While JobNimbus may be a bit simpler than AccuLynx and Contractor’s Cloud, it also comes at a lesser cost.

JobNimbus maxes out at $75 per user per month, whereas AccuLynx and Contractor’s Cloud are a bit pricier, which may be harder to swing for new or small roofing companies.

Deciding between these platforms is a matter of understanding how much CRM-power you actually need.

If JobNimbus supplies you with enough features to run and scale your business successfully, then there is no reason not to take advantage of the lower price point.

Learn more about JobNimbus, AccuLynx, and Contractor’s Cloud from an expert:

Drone Roof Inspection Software


EZ3D is a drone software specifically for roofing inspection and measurement. It is a web app that can be used with its two accompanying features – the EZFly mobile app and EZRoof for reporting.

EZ3D Drone Roof Inspection Software

With the EZFly mobile app (only for Android), you can plan a flight for your drone to maneuver the building and take high-resolution images, which can be uploaded to the web.

Then, on the EZ3D web app, you can take those photos and turn them into building measurements and estimates.

EZRoof allows you to turn your estimation and measurements into a detailed PDF report.


DroneDeploy offers “accurate, easy-to-use drone software for roofing and solar.”

This software enables you to quickly take images and measure buildings of various sizes. DroneDeploy also lets you quickly build 3D models of buildings and generate roof reports that can be shared on mobile.

DroneDeploy Drone Roof Inspection Software

For deciding what actual drone you might want to use, you can read a bit more, here from Dronethusiast, about the best drones for building inspections

Aerial Roof Measurement Software & Apps

Pitch Gauge

While more so used for residential properties, Pitch Gauge can be a helpful roof measurement and analysis tool for multi family roofing contractors.

With it, roofers can use their phones to measure the length, width, and pitch of a prospect building’s roof through images and sketch tools.

Pitch Gauge Roofing App


Scope Technologies is a company that enables a variety of real estate service providers to do their jobs more efficiently. From roofers, to painters, to anything from gutters, siding, and so on.

Among their many products is RoofScope.

While most Scope Technologies products are residential-focused, RoofScope is software that allows both commercial and residential roofers to measure and analyze “the entire exterior envelope of a building.”

The app allows the aerial measurement of roofs, with the ability to see through interfering trees. From there, users can generate estimates, integrate owner information, and send invoices, all within the app.


EagleView is another popular aerial roofing measurement software for commercial roofers and storm chasers.

EagleView Roofing Aerial Roof Measurement Software

Accessible through a web browser, EagleView allows for “accurate inspection and assessments” of building roofs, thanks to the platform’s large library of high-resolution aerial images.

You can search for properties by address to view, measure, and analyze its roof.

If you’re a storm chaser, you can use EagleView to automate your roof inspection process, giving you the ability to handle a large volume of calls at once following any storm, turning those inspections into labor at a much faster rate.

Payroll and Invoicing Apps

TSheets by QuickBooks

TSheets helps roofing companies with employee time-tracking and payroll.

The software was created by QuickBooks, and easily syncs with QuickBooks to create an easier payroll process for roofing companies and their employees.

Employee schedules, clock-ins, and clock-outs, can all be logged in TSheets.

This information can be synced with your payroll and accounting software for easy paycheck and invoice dispersing. In fact, TSheets integrates well with many other apps.

Storm and Hail Tracking Apps


For storm-chasing contractors, staying on top of the weather is an absolute must, as storm and hail damage leads can be extremely hot.

RadarScope is a great app for your phone or laptop (available for Android, Apple Mac and iPhone, and Microsoft) that helps you stay in-tune with real-time storm tracking to find property owners in immediate need of repairs.

RadarScope Roofing App

RadarScope could be used, for example, to quickly see exactly where hail fell and how much. Paired with Reonomy owner contact information, you can be in-touch with the right owner in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

Other storm-tracking apps to consider are HailTraceHurricane ProStormEye, and AccuWeather.

Safety Apps

First Aid by American Red Cross

On any job, it is, of course, important to acknowledge the importance of safety.

The First Aid app by American Red Cross gives those on any job site a bevy of accessible tips and information for dealing with potential medical emergencies, with step-by-step instructions on how to handle certain situations.

Using this mobile app can also help in making sure every roofer that’s apart of your company is showing up to the job site prepared and informed.

In the end, it’s crucially important for commercial roofers and roofing companies to find the right combination of software and apps that enable them to operate at maximum efficiency.

With a powerful lead generation tool, CRM, weather-tracking app, and payroll app, your roofing company is off to a great start.


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