As is the case in most industries, digital tools help commercial and multi family roofing companies run and grow their businesses at optimal levels.

Anything from generating leads to paying invoices can easily be taken care of with the help of the right software.

Here, we’ll scope the top roofing software and apps that commercial and multi family roofers should be using to help grow their companies.

Roofing Software & Apps You Need in Your Arsenal

Other than the physical labor that occurs on the job site, there is a digital tool that can help roofers during every step of their project—from finding a new prospect to processing payment for a completed project.

These platforms not only make for more efficient internal business operations, lead generation, and more accurate project planning, but also afford roofers the flexibility to spend more time connecting with property owners and scaling their business.

1. Roofing Lead Generation Software

Reonomy – Prospecting and Contacting Property Owners

Reonomy gives commercial roofers the opportunity to find targeted leads and access owner contact information, all in one place.

On the platform, you can identify buildings in a specific area by type and size, analyze aerial images to see roof types, and analyze detailed sales and ownership details.

Sales history filters let you see owners that have recently purchased a building.

And while you’re poring over ownership details, you’ll be able to see the names and contact information of the owners, including the ability to see the individuals apart of a property owning-LLC.

This makes immediate outreach to leads super easy, even when you’re in the car.

Texas Property Owner contact Information

Using Reonomy, you can build a list of property owners that:

  • Recently purchased any multifamily or commercial property
  • Were recently hit by a storm and are in need of repair
  • Have very old or depleted buildings due for renovation
  • Own buildings with specific roof types (metal, asphalt, TPO, etc.)

Your outreach on Reonomy can be done in bulk or on a one-to-one basis—it depends only on what prefer to do to connect with owners.

2. Roofing Estimate Software & Apps


JobFLEX is a mobile app that allows roofers to build estimates and create invoices anytime and anywhere—without even needing an internet connection.

This app can help roofers get paid faster and keep better track of invoices and payments. Instead of spending time on paperwork after the workday, JobFLEX enables you to do everything on the spot with minimal effort.

Roofing Calculator PRO

This app allows you to estimate the cost of materials and labor for any job.

With Roofing Calculator PRO, you can calculate costs by entering:

  • The size and slope of the roof
  • The difficulty of the roof (simple, medium, or “very cut-up”)
  • Whether the job includes roof tear-off (and if so, how many layers)
  • Number of stories in the building
  • Number of sky-lights and chimneys
  • Roofing material being used

The app can be used for any roof type as well, including asphalt, cedar shingles, clay tile, metal, and flat roofs including EPDM, PVC, and TPO.

Once you input all the information, the app will show you the low end, midrange, and high end of what you can expect your cost to be.

3. Roofing CRM Software & Apps


First and foremost, AccuLynx is a customer relationship management (CRM) software for roofers, though it can do much more than simply manage a database of clients.

You can use the platform to track individual jobs from start to finish. You can derive estimates from existing job files, track the progression of a project, and share videos and images with team members.

Additionally, the software allows you to collect legally-binding e-signatures, convert estimates into orders, then submit orders directly to vendors.

AccuLynx also offers a mobile app allowing roofing professionals to handle most of these tasks while on the job site or on the go.

AccuLynx Roofing App

The company promotes its flagship product as a software that can help you run your entire business, as opposed to simply a tool that manages leads and customers.

Contractors Cloud

Similar to AccuLynx, Contractors Cloud can be best described as a CRM-plus software.

The platform lets roofers track leads, sales, commissions, and company financials, and calculate job estimations, again, all within one platform.

Contractors Cloud Roofing Software

When used to full capacity, these platforms can be immensely helpful to any commercial roofer looking to organize, optimize, and scale their business.


JobNimbus may be a bit simpler than the two previously mentioned CRMs, but it still helps roofers manage their leads and contacts, job calendars and scheduling, estimations and invoices, documents, and more.

Less expensive than AccuLynx and Contractors Cloud, JobNimbus maxes out at $75 per user per month, which may be more affordable for new or smaller roofing companies.

Deciding between these platforms is a matter of understanding how much CRM power you need. If JobNimbus supplies you with enough features to run and scale your business successfully, then there is no reason not to take advantage of the lower price point.

Learn more about JobNimbus, AccuLynx, and Contractors Cloud from an expert:

4. Drone Roof Inspection Software


EZ3D is a drone software specifically for roof inspection and measurement. This web app comes with two accompanying tools – the EZFly mobile app and EZRoof for reporting.

EZ3D Drone Roof Inspection Software

The EZFly mobile app (only for Android) lets you plan a flight for your drone to maneuver the building and take high-resolution images, which can be uploaded to the web.

The EZ3D software uses the photos to calculate building measurements and estimates. Finally, EZRoof allows you to create detailed PDF reports and ESX claim files for insurance purposes.


DroneDeploy enables users to easily complete roof reports, measurements, and inspections. The software can also generate 3D models, AutoCAD data files, and detect roof defects with thermal processing.

The Enterprise platform allows you to manage your entire drone fleet, data access, and collaboration across your company. It can also be integrated with other industry-leading applications and additional custom solutions.

DroneDeploy Drone Roof Inspection Software

If you need help with selecting the right drone, take a look at this article from Dronethusiast about the best drones for building inspections.

5. Aerial Roof Measurement Software & Apps

Pitch Gauge

While it can be used by any roofing company, Pitch Gauge could be a particularly helpful roof measurement and analysis tool for multi family roofing contractors.

The app allows roofers to use their phones to measure the length, width, and pitch of any building’s roof through images and sketch tools.

Pitch Gauge Roofing App


Scope Technologies creates measuring tools for a variety of real estate service providers, including roofers, painters, and gutter, siding, and insulation contractors.

Their roof measuring software, RoofScope uses the latest satellite imagery and proprietary technology to calculate roof measurements with 95% or better accuracy. You can get started quickly by entering the address of the property or uploading its blueprints.

The software also generates reports and estimates that are ready to be delivered to your prospective customers.


EagleView is another popular aerial measurement software for commercial roofers and other contractors.

EagleView Roofing Aerial Roof Measurement Software

The software uses a huge database of 1 billion aerial images to create detailed, accurate roof measurements for area, pitch, length of ridges, hips, valleys, and more. You can get started by simply entering the property address on their website or through their mobile app.

Additional features that can help roofers run their business more efficiently include 3D property visualizations, automated bid creation, accurate production planning, and other useful sales tools.

6. Payroll and Invoicing Apps

TSheets by QuickBooks

TSheets is a web-based and mobile employee scheduling and time tracking software. It can be particularly useful for roofing companies and other contractors, whose workforce is typically out in the field.

Employee schedules, clock-ins, and clock-outs can be easily logged in TSheets. You can even set geofence boundaries to automatically remind employees to clock in and out as they enter or leave the job site.

TSheets can generate valuable insight reports that can help you predict project time needs and payroll. The app can also be integrated with accounting or payroll software such as QuickBooks, ADP, and many other apps to automatically sync the time tracking data.

7. Storm and Hail Tracking Apps


For storm-chasing contractors staying on top of the weather is an absolute must, as storm and hail damage leads can be extremely hot.

Available for desktop and mobile, RadarScope is a great app that provides real-time storm tracking that can be used to identify property owners in immediate need of repairs.

RadarScope Roofing App

For example, RadarScope could be used to quickly pinpoint where hail fell and how much. Paired with Reonomy’s owner contact information, you could be in touch with the right prospects in a matter of minutes.

Other storm-tracking apps to consider include HailTraceHurricane ProStormEye, and AccuWeather.

8. Safety Apps

First Aid by American Red Cross

Safe practices are an important aspect of any job, especially for those performing hands-on labor.

The First Aid app by American Red Cross provides a wealth of tips and practical information for dealing with potential medical emergencies, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to handle certain situations.

Using this mobile app is a great way to ensure that all team members of your roofing business are showing up to the job site well informed and prepared.

In the end, finding the right combination of software and apps can be crucial to the efficiency and success of any roofing company. With a powerful lead generation tool, CRM software, a roof measurement and inspection app, and a real time weather tracker, your roofing business can be off to a great start.

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