Efficient marketing is essential to the success of any business, and commercial construction is no exception.

Promoting your services through the right channels, and utilizing the best tools to do so are two of the most critical aspects of a successful CRE marketing strategy.

The right software can help you generate more targeted leads, utilize your customer data better, automate many marketing tasks, create and share more relevant content, and a lot more.

In this post, we will review some of the best marketing tools that can help you improve the ROI of your marketing dollars, and successfully grow your commercial construction business overtime.

The Must-Use Tools for Construction Marketing

The number of marketing tools for businesses has grown exponentially in the digital age and making sense of all the available options can be difficult at times.

To simplify things, we have broken down our recommendations for commercial construction business owners into several categories based on the functions they serve.

In the sections below, we will review in more detail the best construction marketing tools in each of these categories.

Lead Generation Tools

Reonomy Marketing
Reonomy Marketing allows you to quickly source lengthy lists of property owners of any asset type, in any CRE market nationwide.

You can run a property search using a number of different location, asset type, building and lot, sales, debt, and ownership filters to find the properties and owners most relevant to you.

Once you’ve identified properties in need of repair or new construction, you can quickly export your list as a CSV file to be integrated with the marketing tools of your choice (CRMs, etc).

These lists can be used to fuel email and direct mail campaigns, cold calls, and other online marketing strategies.

Marketing Automation Tools

An all-in-one application, HubSpot Marketing is designed to streamline and maximize the efficiency of all your marketing activities in one place.

HubSpot is however much more than a marketing automation software. It also offers actionable tools for web design, content creation, SEO, social media, and conversion strategy.

With a solid basis in marketing analytics, HubSpot provides effective guidance on how to tailor your marketing to individual prospects, while increasing conversion rates for your construction business.

Hubspot Marketing for Construction Companies

HubSpot can also help you elevate your customer service. Its ‘Service Hub’ feature offers conversational bots, custom support fields, ticketing, customer service automation, and more. This can be an invaluable asset to lone contractors and small teams that want to provide first-class, yet efficient customer service.

HubSpot is also a great option for new construction businesses or those looking to cut their operating budgets. You can check out the software for free, and upgrade to one of the more comprehensive packages as your demand grows.

Busy construction industry professionals juggling existing client relationships and projects often don’t have the adequate time to also pursue new business.

Marketing software such as Act-On solves this problem by automating many of the traditionally time-consuming tasks involved with marketing campaigns, whether inbound or outbound.

The platform can help you identify potential clients and guide them through your sales funnel while helping you close more deals in less time. Act-On gathers data on your prospects and creates personalized content designed to convert leads into customers.

For example, if you provide HVAC repair and maintenance services in the San Francisco area, the platform can help you identify new clients within that geography and develop a targeted marketing game plan for these specific prospects.

In addition, Act-On can help you unify your brand message across all your marketing channels, including your website, social media platforms, and email marketing. A consistent brand image can generate momentum, and increase recognition and trust among both your existing and prospective clients.

While originally created for custom home builders and remodelers, CoConstruct is a software that can be used by any commercial construction company to streamline business processes and fine-tune marketing messages.

The software offers features such as leads tracking, existing client and project management, bidding and proposal submission, schedule coordination, budgeting, photo and file sharing, and more.

CoConstruct is also a great marketing resource – it provides customizable marketing and branding materials, and can automate and track marketing campaigns.

In addition to desktop, the platform is also available on mobile and tablet devices, allowing users to easily manage teams, clients, projects, to-do lists and more from anywhere.

KMS Software
KMS Software is a CRM tool designed for project-driven organizations whose business is centered around providing excellent customer service. The platform incorporates Microsoft Dynamics 365 and proprietary software to power client management, sales, and marketing solutions for various industries.

In addition to construction, KMS offers tailored products for manufacturing, vendor management, event management, product suppliers, and other professional services. The platform features powerful dashboards and real-time reporting allowing users to monitor all aspects of their business, including project progress, opportunities, employee performance, and accounts activity.

KMS can easily be integrated with your favorite office software, including email and Microsoft Office. The platform can also be used on mobile and tablet devices, which makes it ideal for construction contractors and consultants who are regularly away from the office.

Content Marketing Tools

Moz Pro
Successful online marketing is largely dependent on the use of localized keywords that can help generate more traffic and better targeted leads for businesses, and construction companies are no exception.

While there are several keyword tools on the market, Moz Pro can help you source highly targeted keywords with lower levels of competition.

Moz Pro SEO for Construction Companies

The platform also uses data analytics to help track website rankings. If you are looking to improve the ranking of your website in search results, you can use Moz Pro’s Optimization tool, which promotes SEO best practices.

Looking to tap the help of construction industry influencers with your marketing efforts? Curious to see the kind of content that your leading competitors are posting? BuzzSumo can help you uncover the most popular content trending in the industry of your choice based on keyword search.

In addition, you can use BuzzSumo to find the latest news in the construction industry and other relevant information that may be helpful to your customer base. Sharing content from other sites can keep your website fresh and your existing and prospective clients interested. It will also show your visitors that you have your finger on the pulse of the latest market trends and industry legislation.

Oracle, the multinational computer software company, has a cloud-based content marketing platform that allows you to create, publish, and analyze all of your online content in one place.

With Oracle, you can deduce the best content for your target audience. The platform also offers customizable templates that can guide you in your content creation. Oracle uses analytics to help you track your content’s performance and improve your future output.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Do you market your construction business on multiple social media platforms? Buffer allows you to integrate, analyze, and manage all your social media channels from a single platform.

For example, you just snapped an impressive photo of your latest construction project that you would like to share with your followers. With Buffer, you can schedule the same content to be posted on all your platforms simultaneously, rather than having to log in and update each account individually. Buffer also employs data analytics to help you optimize your posts and analyze your reach.

When considering marketing tools for your construction company, it is also worth looking into some of the less traditional alternatives on the market. IFTTT, “if this, then that,” is a genius piece of software that allows you to connect all your social media channels and smart devices.

With IFTTT for example, you can easily transform an Instagram snap into a native Twitter image. Alternatively, you can use your smartphone’s voice assist to schedule your social media posts.

Vivial is the perfect tool to help you optimize your social media platforms and marketing materials to effectively target potential clientele in more local or niche markets.

For example, you may be a construction manager in the Manhattan area, looking to ensure that local prospects easily find your business online. With Vivial, you can tailor each of your marketing platforms to lead them straight to your door.

Paid Advertising Tools

Google Ads
Considering that Google boasts around 70% of the world’s online searches, Google Ads is one of the go-to paid marketing platforms for construction companies.

Looking to build up a client list quickly and efficiently? Google Ads is a pay-per-click service that enables you to target highly specific search terms which are then used to position your ad in front of potential prospects already looking for your type of business.

Ads on Google are highly customizable and will bring in results faster than SEO, as you’ll appear in search engines as soon as your ad is placed.

Google Ads for Construction Marketiing

One of the biggest benefits of paid search advertising is that it can easily match your budget. With Google Ads, you can set a maximum budget per day to avoid overspending. This is ideal if your construction company operates on a shoestring marketing budget.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms for driving targeted clients to your business. With over 500 million active users, LinkedIn is a great platform to place paid ads that can potentially be seen by hundreds of key decision makers.

LinkedIn Ads allows you to target a specific set of users. Looking for property managers in the Los Angeles area? You can optimize your ad so it reaches only members of this highly specific demographic group.

The sleek platform features several paid ad offerings. LinkedIn Display ads, which appear in the sidebar as you scroll, can drive traffic to your page with the right images and copy. In contrast, Dynamic ads can be personalized based on your target audience’s online activity.

Do you provide HVAC services to the retail industry? Sponsored InMail ads allow you to directly reach out to prospects based on their job title, location, and industry.

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools can help you improve your open rates and increase the number of conversions your email marketing campaign generates. SendX offers a simple and easy-to-use platform, which allows you to track and analyze the success of your email outreach on a regular basis.

Since follow-up is key to a successful email campaign, SendX can also automatically resend emails to contacts that did not open the original message within a certain time frame.

ActiveCampaign is one of the leading email marketing platforms on the market. Guided by a template of lead-generating copy, you can design visually striking emails, which can be automated, personalized and triggered based on your prospect’s level of interest.

ActiveCampaign Email Construction Marketing

Ranking highly for affordability, support, ease of integration with other software, and advanced reporting, ActiveCampaign is a great option for those looking to do construction marketing via email.

Direct Mail Marketing Tools

Direct Mail Manager
As more businesses turn to digital marketing software and strategy, many have forgotten the simple appeal of a direct mailer for building momentum around a business. Direct Mail Manager specializes in custom direct mailers that can be personalized and printed within 48 hours.

By utilizing direct mail, you can make your business stand out in a digitally-saturated market. Targeted mailing lists can ensure that your marketing piece gets in front of key decision makers. It will also serve as a physical reminder of your business offerings.

Conquest Graphics
As commercial construction is very much a visual business, postcards are a great option if you are looking to show off your best work with high quality images. Conquest Graphics offers an online design tool, which can help you craft lead-generating postcards for your construction business.

If you are a lone contractor or have a small team, you can save time by enlisting the help of an online provider. Conquest Graphics works with the United States Postal Service to manage your direct mail campaign.

No matter the case or need, there are a number of tools that can help automate and enhance your commercial marketing endeavors.

The right marketing tools can help you boost the efficiency of your marketing processes, save time, develop a targeted brand message across multiple channels, and improve your overall lead generation and conversion rates.

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