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It is nearly impossible to be effective in marketing without content. A lack of content generates low-quality leads from prospects who are solely looking for the lowest price option.

If prospects are given no other criteria by which to evaluate a company, the decision can and will be limited to pricing. This default mode of decision making is a short cut to prospects feeling as if they have made a smart decision, as they desire to do.

Typically, content refers to any pictures, videos, blog posts, case studies or any other published materials that represent your brand and/or industry.

Creation and publication of content does several things. Firstly, it improves search rankings and company credibility. Nowadays, a company’s online brand is everything. As the presence of technology continues to prevail, companies must their online brand to their advantage. When a potential customer searches for a service similar to what you offer, you want them to find you very quickly during their search, and to like what they see.

In order to ensure strong efforts are in place for people to find your site and for your site to rank well in searches (also known as effective SEO), there are a number of strategies that can be employed, which are covered in more detail in our guidebook . The need for strong content also kicks in once a prospect has landed on your site or social media account. The desired effect is to create interest and hook a prospect into your offering.

If a company is seen to regularly post helpful, relevant content such as user guides or tips and tricks booklets, along with high-quality imagery and/or video, this automatically creates a sense of credibility and trust between the company and the prospect. If you flip the situation onto yourself and think about the last time you made a search for a product or service – if the website or social media account you landed upon appeared stale with limited quality content, would you be prompted to get in touch or would you instead continue your search for more reputable looking offerings?


When working to develop a stable source of leads and establish authority with potential clients, it’s important that the content you publish is relevant to potential customers or to a greater field or area. Contributing content that is informative and timely further establishes trust with potential clients and lets them know you are here to help and that you know what you’re talking about.


Strong content and brand awareness is a two-way relationship

Strong, impactful online content naturally generates customer reactions to which you can leverage to increase brand awareness. Customer reactions or engagements can range from ‘likes,’ to comments, to sharing the content, depending on what platform is involved. Joining, contributing and replying to comments online such as on Facebook or review sites like Yelp, and within Google businesses can be critical. Customers appreciate being heard and listened to, so by engaging with them you are personifying your brand, which will only contribute positively to your lead acquisition efforts.

Pairing inbound strategies with outbound strategies

There is no denying that content is king in terms of contributing to brand awareness and generating new business opportunities. However content publications are very much an inbound marketing strategy. By solely relying on, or relying too much on one channel you may not be generating as much business as you could be through other means – particularly well-targeted outbound methods.

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