Access to industry-leading CRE insights is as easy as following these 11 Twitter accounts.

Whether you’re just starting out in the industry or are a seasoned CRE professional, it never hurts to expand your depth and breadth of knowledge. And thanks to these newfangled devices we carry around in our pockets, it’s never been easier to educate yourself on the go. We’ve rounded up eleven can’t-miss Twitter accounts to help you stay up-to-date on industry happenings.

1. Ken Ashley

Followers: 18.5k

Based in Atlanta, Ken Ashley has more than two decades of experience as an advisor and advocate for companies that own or lease commercial real estate. An early adopter of Twitter, Ashley has been blogging about CRE for years, and admits that his robust online presence has helped generate a glut of new business. Ashley Tweets links to both his own (great) content and to external articles he believes will be helpful to CRE professionals around the country.

2. Michael Beckerman

Followers: 5.7k

Founder and CEO of The News Funnel — one of the largest content platforms in the CRE space — Michael Beckerman is a content marketing and real estate tech expert with an extensive industry reach. In addition to promoting pieces hosted somewhere in his CRE media empire (he also runs Real Estate Tech News), Beckerman often links to recaps of his many in-person appearances at conferences and other CRE events, making it easy for his followers to stay in the loop.

3. Aaron Block

Followers: 3.1k

As a venture capitalist with a particular interest in real estate technology, Aaron Block knows a thing or two about what’s just around the corner for CRE. In fact, as a co-founder of CRE tech accelerator MetaProp, Block is helping shape the future of the industry with his own two hands.

4. Theresa Bradley-Banta

Followers: 8.2k

Theresa Bradley-Banta runs an eponymous consultancy firm that provides mentoring on every aspect of the real estate investment process. Bradley-Banta’s firm works one-on-one with early career investors (or anyone else who wants some pro tips) to help them locate, analyze, and acquire commercial and multifamily residential properties. Bradley-Banta’s feed features many excellent instructional resources, making it a great tool for CRE investors who are new to the game.

5. Allen C. Buchanan

Followers: 5.6k

Lee & Associates Principal Allen Buchanan has taken full advantage of everything social media has to offer. In the wake of the 2008 market crash, he explains, “it dawned on me that I needed to consistently create Twitter-friendly content that people could continue coming back to consume. I realized that Twitter users were much more likely to watch a short and informative video than they were to read a lengthy blog post.” Buchanan’s Twitter followers can expect a steady stream of bite-sized insights about CRE, as well as links to the latest in his Tuesday Traffic Tips video series.

6. Michael Bull

Followers: 13.3k

Not only does Michael Bull run a successful independent CRE firm, he also serves as the host of the nationally-syndicated CRE Show. In this latter capacity, Bull delivers high-quality content covering a range of CRE topics, placing a particular emphasis on actionable market and business intelligence. Bull understands the critical role ongoing learning plays in CRE, saying: “The biggest challenge for a lot of people is that they don’t know what they don’t know. You need so many skills to be a successful commercial real estate broker, and the only way to get those skills is to never stop seeking knowledge.” Through both his radio show and his Twitter feed, Bull makes it easy for CRE professionals to find the knowledge they seek.

7. Coy Davidson

Followers: 31.1k

A Senior VP at Colliers International, Coy Davidson has worked in the CRE industry for close to three decades, and he attributes his continued success to a willingness to change his ways and adapt to new digital landscapes. Most notably, Davidson maintains a CRE blog called The Tenant Advisor, an endeavor he claims has been crucial to his success. “Even if somebody recommends you to a potential client,” he explains, “the first thing that client does is Google you. I wanted to control what they saw when they typed in my name. I could just have a website like everyone else, but by creating content, I suddenly looked like an expert. I saw my business skyrocket after that.” Davidson’s robust Twitter presence is an excellent resource for information on healthcare real estate.

8. Linda Day Harrison

Followers: 3.8k

As founder of theBrokerList, an interactive, collaborative community of CRE brokers and other professionals, Linda Day Harrison is an expert at forging the kind of productive business relationships that are fundamental to CRE success. Harrison’s #tBLTips offer a carefully-curated stream of high-quality content for CRE professionals who want quick and easy advice on how to improve their performance.

9. Howard Kline

Followers: 10.4k

Despite having spent four decades in the industry as both general counsel and broker, Howard Kline dedicates most of his energy to running CRE Radio & TV, a weekly show that helps listeners of all backgrounds achieve a deeper understanding of the CRE industry. Kline maintains solid working relationships with a number of other influencers on this list and frequently promotes the best of what everyone in the CRE media space has to offer.

10. Duke Long

Followers: 9.7k

Referred to by some as “the most quotable person in real estate,” Duke Long populates his blog with articles written in his signature, singularly no-holds-barred voice. As he puts it, “I write. I write in my own style. I also write for other people and use a completely different style, but I revel in my own unique ranting-brain, no-filter way of expressing my points of view.” Many of Long’s Twitter followers come for his stream-of-consciousness — and undeniably entertaining — commentary, but most stay for the real insights that Long has unearthed of the course of his impressive career.

11. Benjamin Osgood

Followers: 2.3k

Benjamin Osgood is an Executive Vice President at Bay Area CRE firm Dunhill Partners West who specializes in sustainable real estate strategies and, as his domain name suggests, tenant advocacy. Early in his career, Osgood worked for some of the Bay Area’s most prominent landlords and developers, and he’s since leveraged that experience to provide tenants with transparent and knowledgeable guidance. Inspired by his extensive experience on both sides of the CRE bargaining table, Osgood’s Twitter feed is a valuable resource for tenants and landlords alike, especially those operating in the Bay Area.

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