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What is email marketing?

In a nutshell, email marketing is a form of direct marketing that utilizes electronic mail as a means of communicating awareness, such as commercial or fundraising messages to a pre-defined audience.

Email marketing as a lead generation tool

Email marketing as a lead generation tool can be exceptionally cost effective and although it requires a certain time allocation in designing your copy, it still represents a powerful marketing channel offering one of the best ROI’s. A significant 86% of business professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes.




Analyzing email campaign results

There are a range of email campaign management tools out there suitable for commercial contractors. One popular, reasonably priced solution is Mailchimp. Others such as include complete marketing and sales services such as email campaign management software along with CRM functionality and inbound sales functions.



Manipulating your email campaigns for stronger results

Depending on how the responses go from your commercial contractor leads, a popular marketing hack is to alter certain elements of your email campaign over time and compare the results to see what works better for the particular campaign. You can also A/B test your campaign by mixing up certain elements of it and sending one template to one audience while sending a differently designed template to a different audience to see which option works better for you. 

Common email variations/tests include:

  • Altering your lead lists. This requires adjusting the number of commercial contractor lead recipients you are going to send to. Reonomy provides you with a tailored, concise list of contractor leads based on multiple criteria such as (location, building size etc) so one option to play around with is to split this list up and send one email with certain artwork to half of the list and send a second artwork design template to the other half and see which performs better.
  • Adjusting the sending frequency. For example sending mass emails versus personalized, individual emails to your lead list.
  • Altering the tone of the email. For example sending a direct sales pitch email versus sending an email with informative, value content. 
  • Adjusting the sending sequence of a campaign. You should consider how many emails you want to send to the same commercial contractor lead in a set period of time. For example, deploying an email blast versus sending one email every two weeks for a two month period. 



Email Marketing Best Practices

  • Eye-catching subject line

A crucial step in effective email marketing is to come up with a powerful email subject line that will make your email stand out amongst a prospect’s noisy inbox. In order to have a chance of a prospect converting into a lead, you need them to first open the email. A trick with generating strong subject lines is to find the balance between it being eye-grabbing versus coming across as spam or junk mail. According to a report by Experian, 56% of brands using a symbol in their subject line had a higher open rate than those that didn’t. A symbol is classified as an emoji or extra symbol that comes with a font style such as hearts and stars. (Something to consider).

  • Clean Design

In an increasingly mobile and fast-paced world, emails with responsive design are no longer a “nice to have” but a “must have” to leverage the fact that more people now view emails via mobile device than not. Design and layout of your email template is crucial to ensure your commercial contractor prospect reads the right information you want them to.

  • Engaging Content

It’s no secret, we can all be guilty of ridiculously cluttered inboxes with an “unread mail” figure we would rather not repeat. It can be a challenge for businesses to even be successful in getting their prospect to open their email. However, once a prospect has opened it,  this is where your content will play to your favor, providing it is strong and engaging. Again, like all other elements of a well-crafted email template, the content needs to be attention grabbing and hook the prospect in to read further.


  • Valuable Offer

Another marketing tip for email campaigns is to include a financial promotion where possible. This will further complement your lead conversion efforts of catching the prospect’s attention and contributing value to him/her. Incentives can range from discounts, to rebates, to any other money deals that make your mailer more impactful. For example: “call for a quote within the next 2 weeks and get a 20% discount on our services.”

People need a reason to keep reading your email and ideally to take action.


  • Call to Action (CTA)

The last best practice, but the most important is to ensure your email campaign includes a clear CTA (Call to Action). This could be in the form of an email address, a phone number, social media handles or all three. Your main goal of your campaign is to make it as easy as possible for your commercial contractor prospect to get in touch with you.

Testing your lead generation email campaigns

Once your campaign is considered good to go, your gut instinct will be to send it out immediately as you’ll be eager to analyze the results and hopefully receive a spike in sales leads. However – fail to prepare, prepare to fail and all that. Take it slow. There are multiple elements to any strong email campaign so there are multiple things that can go wrong. Most email campaign software provides a “test” option which allows you to test send your campaign to 1 or more specific email addresses before actually pressing live on the real campaign. Ensuring it looks good on as many devices as possible and that the creative /message actually comes through how you want it to is essential, so we can’t recommend the test option enough.  Keep in mind that 54% of emails are now opened on mobile devices



Reonomy as a lead generation tool

Email campaigns on their own can be a powerful method of creating new leads and building up brand awareness of your company and its services, however, if there is a way to improve on something further, you would want to do it, right? A tool that largely assists in the execution of a strong email campaign and can help you maximize your results is Reonomy.

Reonomy is a tool used widely by commercial contractors, which provides the user with a significant amount of information related to commercial properties – in this case, contact information for property owners. This information encompasses all email addresses, phone numbers, and direct mail addresses for all owners associated with the property and can be conveniently exported into an excel file and downloaded on any device.

Accessing property ownership info like this can take up a significant amount of contractors time and important resources as it is normally not easily available. Reonomy empowers contractors to execute highly targeted marketing and sales techniques such as email campaigns, by providing them with accurate lead lists for an area of choice, in a matter of seconds.



To discover more about how Reonomy can help your business, click here.

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