Be present on platforms frequented by your target audience and create compelling content. Social media is just one part of an effective commercial real estate marketing strategy.

Creating a Facebook page is not going to drastically improve leads alone. Establishing your company as an expert in the field by providing tips and information that saves time and money. Establish trust through social channels that prospects use, and value will be created.


Invest in Paid Ads

Facebook is an intensely competitive landscape. Paid ads on Facebook are affordable and can effectively assist in lead acquisition efforts by putting content in front of more eyes in a particular service area. You can create video ads, ads with one or multiple images, slideshows and more. For commercial contractors looking for property owner information, they can work especially well, but you have to have the right strategy to make an impact.


How to Conduct a Paid Ad on Facebook 

Choosing a target audience is arguably the most important step in Facebook advertising. There are numerous ways to build an audience on Facebook. Below we cover a few methods commercial contractors could use in the form of targeting strategies for property owners. These target filters can be used individually or combined, depending on how specific the target audience needs to be. With Facebook, you can also change the target filters on your campaigns. This is a helpful feature if down the line you decide you want to expand the target audience or narrow it down further.


What is the End Goal for the Ad?
When creating a Facebook ad, consider what the end goal is. Facebook allows a range of objectives for the ads you are serving. You can optimize ads for people to click on and redirect to your website, to fill out a contact form or to view content. One way to do this is to begin with a lead form, requesting that people fill out the form if they are interested in a quote for a service.


Targeting via Job Title

Targeting by job title can be very effective as it develops an audience that identifies themselves as decision makers of a property. In the example below, we list a couple of property manager job titles. Ads here could be served to facilities managers, maintenance managers, and senior property managers.


Targeting via Interests

Targeting by interests on Facebook pushes your ads to an audience that has expressed an interest or liked a page related to that target. Interests can help expand audience size. For example, people interested in a “Building Owners
and Managers Association” are most likely either property owners or managers.


Targeting via Geography

Refining an ad’s audience based on geographic location can prove very useful in lead generation campaigns. If you currently service a particular area or are interested in servicing a new specific area, for example, a location with an increase in new properties being built, you can implement this on Facebook ads. Geographic targeting is very flexible and can be done via state, city, zip code and/or address. As most contractors know their area very well, simply drop a pin on a map and bob’s your uncle.


Reonomy as a lead generation tool 

Although Facebook ads can be very effective in their return on investment, a certain amount of resources, time and specific knowledge is required to execute them and reap success. If time and other resources such as knowledge and manpower are potential issues for you, there are easier and more effective tools out there.

Reonomy is a CRE database which allows the user to generate and export ttailor-madelead lists of property owner information based on a wide number of criteria such as property type, property size and property location. These lead lists can then be used as the main driver for highly targeted sales and marketing activities to drive an increase in new business. To find out more about the tool’s capabilities click here.



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