Based on valuable user feedback, we’re bringing our clients one step closer to their next prospect. Now, the new and improved “My Properties” tab enables you to layer existing labels, notes, and TrueOwner unlocks into your tailored search.

In addition to the 100+ search filters available within Reonomy, users now have the ability to further narrow results by the identifiers that matter the most!

While the “My Properties” tab was previously the home for labels and unlocked properties, this new functionality allows a user to have the same experience, with even more capabilities.  For example, if a user left a note to “Call owner” on a property, they would not have been able to access it via search. 

Here are a few bells and whistles we recommend you leverage to make the most of your experience with the My Properties tab:

  • Use the labels feature to create a pipeline of properties with your specific criteria and continue to check on those properties that transact in real-time.
  • Add your own research on any individual property card so you can keep track of any reminders or outreach you’ve conducted.
  • Access mailing addresses, phone numbers and emails of property TrueOwners.

Happy Searching!

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