One of the main reasons why Reonomy users run filtered searches is to find properties with very specific financial histories. One way to do so is to search by sales history. Another way to do so is to search by property debt history.

To run a filtered search based on property debt history, visit the Debt tab of Reonomy’s search page.

Reonomy Debt Filter

Within the Debt tab, there are multiple ranges and limits that can be filled out to apply filters and search with varying levels of granularity.

Here, we are going to explain the process of applying these filters and show you:

How to search by most recent mortgage amount
How to search by most recent mortgage origination
How to search by no recent mortgage origination
How to search by maturity date
How to search by most recent lender

How to search by most recent mortgage amount:

Most recent mortgage amount is a price range filter used to show you properties that have mortgages within a certain monetary range. To add this filter to your search, there are two ways that you can input your desired range. The first way is to select one of the predetermined amounts available in the dropdown box.

Most Recent Mortgage Amount

The other way is to simply click into the search box and directly type in a number of your choice. This allows you to enter smaller ranges or more specific dollar amounts.

Most Recent Mortgage Amount

This filter can also be used to add a ceiling or floor to your search, to specifically find properties with mortgage amounts above or below a single specified number. To do this, add a single number to the low or high end of your range, and leave the other end as “Any.”

How to search by most recent mortgage origination:

The most recent mortgage origination filter can be applied to search for properties that have mortgages that originated within a specific time frame. Reonomy users often use this filter to search for properties with mortgage origination dates of 5 to 7 years ago, given the fact that a great deal of commercial mortgages have a lifespan of around 5 years.

Here, you can add a date range by either selecting it within the dropdown box, or typing it directly into the search box, just as you can with the mortgage amount (see above).

Most Recent Mortgage Origination

How to search by no recent mortgage origination:

You can also use the most recent mortgage origination filter to specifically look for properties that have not had a mortgage originated within your specified time period. In this case you need to first select “No mortgage between,” then follow the same process listed above to enter your date range.

No Recent Mortgage

How to search by maturity date:

The Debt tab can also be used to search for mortgage maturity dates. Date ranges work as stated above, but will simply be used differently, as mortgage maturity filtered searches will instead be aimed at future dates – typically the upcoming 6-12 months.

To add the mortgage maturity date filter to your search, you must again first choose whether you want your date range to garner results of properties that do have a mortgage maturing, or do not have a mortgage maturing within your specified time frame. Once you make that selection, you can input your date range the same way you would when searching a mortgage origination date.

Mortgage Maturity Date

How to search by most recent lender:

The most recent lender filter is where you can simply add the name of a specific mortgage lender to see all the properties who’s most recent debt is with that lender. The only way to add this filter is to type the name of the entity directly into the search bar.

Most Recent Lender Search

To get more and more granular in your debt-focused filtered search, you can add any combination of these filters to a single search. For example, below, you can see how these filters can be combined and added to a single search to generate a very specific list of results.

Full Debt Search

From here, you can add a combination of other filters, as well, including location, asset type, and sales history, to make your search even more granular, and find the exact property that you desire.

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