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Despite being one of the smallest asset types classified as commercial, duplexes still come with a ton of demand on the market. Why?

Because they can, and often are, pursued by investors of all statures.

Duplexes also work as a nice entry point for investors (whether new or transitioning from residential-only) to enter the commercial market.

Duplex for Sale

Finding a duplex for sale can vary from one website to the next, and from one market to the next.

Since the asset type falls under the broader category of “multi family,” searching on-market listings can bring cluttered results.

Knowing where you can explicitly search just for “duplexes” is half the battle.

Or, maybe you actually prefer to see all multi family homes for sale in an area, with duplexes mixed in.

Whatever the case, below, we’ll run through the best available listings platforms for finding duplexes and triplexes for sale across the U.S.—including why you might want to make your next deal off-market.

First, we’ll cover the listings platforms that allow you to search specifically for “duplex/triplex,” then look at the best platforms for general multi family searches.

Duplex for Sale Listings

There are two main ways to search for duplexes for sale. One way is to look at on-market listings.

Another way is to tap into off-market properties, or in other words, all of the properties that are not listed for sale.

Duplex Off-Market Search

Searching off-market presents much more depth into the world of commercial real estate.

It allows you to dive into you desired market with almost no limitations.

What are the benefits of searching for properties off-market?

For investors:

  • You’re not limited only to what’s listed on the market.
  • No broker fees.
  • No communication intermediaries.
  • Less competition from other buyers.

For brokers:

  • The ability to discover new business in bulk.
  • Less competition for new listing opportunities.
  • More targeted listings.

How do you know if an off-market duplex is likely to sell?

Say you’re running a property search for a duplex in Minnesota using Reonomy.

First, you can add filters for any combination of multifamily sub-classes, with the option to search only for duplexes, triplexes, and quadruplexes.

Reonomy Duplex Property Search

Then, it’s as simple as adding sales history and other filters that indicate an owner’s intentions to sell in the near future.

For example, you can use Reonomy to search for duplexes based on most recent sale date.

Reonomy Duplex Property Search

By searching for properties that haven’t been sold in the last 5, 7, or 10 years (or within a range of years), you can identify those likely to sell.

Reonomy also cuts through ownership LLCs to show you the names and contact information of the associated individuals.

In just a few steps, you can discover the perfect duplex in your market, then get directly in touch with the owner to close the deal.


Reonomy’s dataset of over 1.9 million duplexes nationwide (plus comps) can also serve as a terrific lesson in informing your pitch to owners, and your overall knowledge of the market.

Platforms to Search for “Duplex” for Sale

If you’re looking for duplexes for sale on the market, it’s important to know which sources are going to be the most reliable.

That’ll depend on the magnitude of your search, and in what market you’re looking to find deals.

First, let’s look at the listings platforms that you can use to search specifically for “duplexes” for sale.


Even though Zillow is primarily a residential listings platforms, users can still dive into a great deal of duplexes and triplexes for sale or for rent.

The site includes for sale via agent and for sale by owner listings.

To search specifically for duplexes and triplexes on Zillow, you must enter the “Homes for sale” section of the site, to which you can further break down your search.

Zillow Duplex for Sale

Zillow is heavily used for apartment and housing rentals, but still can be used as a supplementary tool for those looking to invest in duplex or triplex homes.


HotPads is much like Zillow in the fact that it is used primarily for apartment and housing rentals, and is primarily residential.

That being said, it also has a large number of duplex homes listed for sale that can be used as added insight into the commercial trends in a specific area.

Under the “All filters” drop down in the search page, you’ll see a section entitled “Property type,” where one option is “Duplex.”

Hotpads Duplex for Sale

While Zillow and HotPads will never be go-to tools for commercial real estate professionals, they can certainly be paired with other platforms—both on and off-market—to create a more immersive understanding of the market.


As always, Craigslist is another viable option when searching specifically for duplex properties for sale.

In Craigslist’s real estate search page, under “Housing type,” users can find a checkbox for “duplex.”

Craigslist Duplex for Sale

By clicking the box, you’ll be brought to a page of duplexes for sale or for rent in your specified region.

You can also narrow your search down by price, square footage, as well as a few other residential-focused filters.

Again, similar to both Zillow and HotPads, Craigslist can be used as a supplementary source for finding duplexes for sale in specific locations.

It’s also a great source to find duplexes for sale by owner.


Brevitas prides themselves on offering both on-market and private commercial listings to users.

On their homepage, users can search by broad-level property types. Here, you can select Multifamily and begin your search.

Once you’re within Brevitas’ search platform, however, your Multifamily search can be further broken down to “Duplex/Triplex/Fourplex.”

From there, more building-specific filters can be added to dive further into various markets.

Brevitas Duplex for Sale

Platforms to Search for “Multifamily” for Sale

Often times, when using a commercial-only listings website, search filters will be more geared towards multifamily “buildings” and “complexes.”

That does not mean that those sites don’t have duplex listings, however.

The platforms below are best to use when searching generally for multifamily properties for sale.


LoopNet is perhaps the most sizable and recognizable name on this list, and for many reasons. The company has built a name for being one of the more immersive commercial listings platforms available.

For those more involved in residential investments, LoopNet could be considered the Zillow for commercial real estate.


LoopNet Duplex for Sale

Given the depth of listings available on LoopNet, there are plenty of duplex properties to sift through.

They can be found by adding filters for price, building size, and further breakdowns of multifamily—high-rise, mid-rise, or low-rise.

Perhaps the best way to search, though, is by number of units.

While results may not come in droves, you can also add the keyword “duplex” to your multifamily property search to get more granular results.


CREXi is another commercial listings platform that covers a number of different property types.

On this platform, a search can be handled very similarly to that of LoopNet.

You need to first search by “Multifamily” properties, but can easily break your search down further with price and property detail filters, as well as adding keywords such as “duplex” or “triplex.”

CREXi Duplex for Sale

Commercial MLS

Commercial MLS is solely focused on Washington and Oregon, but still serves a similar purpose to nationally focused platforms.

While there are local listings services around the entire country, Commercial MLS serves as a prime example for finding duplexes for sale in a refined location.

Simply narrow your search down by selecting “Multifamily” properties, and dig in from there.


CityFeet is owned by LoopNet, and despite being more heavily focused on the New York City real estate market, does have listings nationwide.

CityFeet has listings for both sales and rentals. When searching, click the “Sales” tab, then select “Multifamily” in the dropdown box.

CityFeet Duplex for Sale

Once you’ve done so, you can narrow down your search by price, building size, and tenancy, as well as by specific keywords—where you can add words like “duplex” or “triplex.”

You may also select more specific options within multifamily, such as low-rise, mid-rise, high-rise, or other.


Showcase is an online listings platform owned by CoStar Group, offering both a U.S. and U.K. platform for property searches.

Upon viewing their homepage, you’ll see that you can either search by map, or by adding a number of property-specific filters.

Showcase Duplex for Sale

You can search by location and property type (multifamily), and then get more granular by adding sale price and/or a building size. Their listings include buildings for sale and for lease.

You can find duplex properties by adding building size specs that match that of your preferences.


The Commercial and Industrial Multiple Listing Service (CIMLS) is an all-inclusive listings platform, with listings in all 50 U.S. states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

When searching for a duplex for sale on CIMLS, you must first enter the location in which you want to find your listing.

Upon selecting a location, you can add “Multifamily” as your property type, as well as add other granular filters such as price and keywords.

For a look at market-specific listings:

Maximizing the Search for Your Next Deal

When searching duplexes for sale online, there are many listings options to choose from, all of which present varying levels of granularity.

By leveraging the value of off-market commercial real estate data alongside on-market listings platforms, however, your searches will always be refined, clear, targeted, and thus, extremely valuable to you and your business.

The asset you desire, with the data you need to close a deal. Start Searching

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