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Real estate investors, often finding themselves priced out of San Francisco and other Bay Area cities, are starting to realize the appeal of investing in Sacramento, California.

Multifamily real estate in Sacramento comes in many forms – ranging from single family rentals to 100+ unit apartment buildings.

A sweet spot, for many investors, tends to be duplexes, yet finding one can be challenging at times. In this article, we take a look at the various ways to identify a duplex for sale in Sacramento, CA.

How to Find a Duplex for Sale in Sacramento

Duplexes in Sacramento can be a great purchase for investors of all calibers. Some find this to be a great foray into real estate. You could even live in one unit while renting out the other.

The rent from the second unit can help pay down the mortgage—even the most sophisticated investors often get started this way.

Others decide to purchase a single duplex before purchasing larger multifamily properties. This helps them learn the market gradually, and can be a good way to connect with local property managers, contractors and other investors.

Regardless of the motivation, the first step for any investor is to find a duplex for sale in their target market—in this case, Sacramento.

Below, we’ll look at the different websites you can use to locate your next deal.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Listings

Investors and brokers alike generally begin looking for duplexes for sale in Sacramento by scouring various online platforms.

Here are some of the most prominent commercial and residential real estate listing platforms to help you find a duplex for sale in Sacramento.


Zillow is undoubtedly one of the most popular online databases for finding multi family properties in the U.S.—especially duplexes and triplexes.

The site showcases any and all properties listed on the multiple listing service, otherwise known as the MLS. One of the benefits of using Zillow is that it provides rental information.

Zillow Duplex for Sale Sacramento

This is helpful for potential investors. Someone looking at a duplex for sale in Sacramento can analyze rentals in the surrounding area to find comps for the property they’re looking to purchase.

This will give the investor a good idea of how much they’d be able to rent the home for, and as a result, provides insight as to how much they might want to offer to purchase the property as an investment.


LoopNet is another popular online portal for those in search of multi family investment opportunities in California. LoopNet is essentially the Zillow of commercial real estate, typically featuring industrial, warehouse, and retail properties.

The site does, however, have a bevy of multi family options to sort though, as well.

LoopNet Duplex for Sale Sacramento

That said, LoopNet will often provide information about smaller apartment buildings, including duplexes and triplexes in various Sacramento neighborhoods.

Tower Real Estate Brokers

Tower Real Estate Brokers is a locally-owned and operated residential brokerage company that has represented Sacramento buyers and sellers for nearly two decades. In 2016, the company was named one of the city’s top 3 brokerage companies.

One of the reasons Tower Real Estate Brokers stands out from other firms is that the company’s owner, Zach Alber, is a Sacramento native who also invests in local real estate.

In fact, Alber prides himself on helping investors build their real estate portfolio through the purchase of duplexes and four-plexes throughout Sacramento.

Gonsalves Real Estate Properties

Gonsalves Real Estate Properties is a boutique real estate firm serving the Sacramento area.

Unlike online platforms like Zillow and LoopNet, Gonsalves Real Estate Properties provides more hands-on service to those looking to purchase real estate in Sacramento and other areas of California.

Gonsalves Real Estate Duplex for Sale Sacramento

The agents, who describe themselves as a family, all have deep roots in the local community and take pride in giving back to the neighborhoods in which they help people buy and sell real estate.

John Burns Real Estate Consulting

John Burns Real Estate Consulting is a real estate consulting firm that provides not only commercial and residential listings for investors to browse, but also strategic advice for those looking to buy duplexes.

John Burns Real Estate Duplex for Sale Sacramento

The company has offices across the country, including right in Sacramento, which allows the team to provide macro-level advice to their clients.

Moreover, John Burns Real Estate Consulting has a research division that provides market insights, demographic information, and data about housing trends to help investors stay up to speed about what’s happening in the Sacramento real estate market from year to year.


CREXi is a popular online platform for investors and brokers looking to find apartment buildings for sale anywhere in California. In fact, they cover the entire U.S.

The site is a good resource for those looking to uncover deals of all sizes and scales. As shown here, deals often range in size from Sacramento four-plexes for sale to 92+ unit apartment complexes for sale.


Trulia tends to have many of the same listings as its sister website, Zillow. The benefit of searching Trulia as well, though, is that it provides really great and easy to follow information about local neighborhoods.

For instance, those looking to buy a Sacramento duplex might want hyper local information about the Parkway neighborhood, for instance.

Trulia Duplex for Sale Sacramento

As we see below, Trulia has an easy-to-digest page specifically devoted to Parkway (and several other pages for Sacramento’s other neighborhoods) that provides information about the range of recent sales prices (high and low), rents (high and low), how many homes are for sale, and more.

Each page has a section titled “Explore the Area” which has information about local restaurants, nightlife, shopping, etc. This is all valuable information for investors looking to enter the California multi family market.

Duplex For Sale by Owner Listings

For Sale by Owner listings are a great way to uncover duplexes for sale in Sacramento at a discounted price. Because these deals are harder to find, there’s inherently less competition.

(And if you’re interested in saving a few bucks on your purchase while avoiding the competition of other buyers, nothing beats an off-market deal.)

Here are a few ways to search for duplexes for sale by owner in Sacramento, CA.


While most of the properties featured on Zillow are properties that have been listed by a broker through the MLS-database, Zillow occasionally has duplexes for sale by owner in Sacramento.

These are known as “entry only” listings.

An owner selling FSBO will pay a nominal fee to list the property on Zillow as opposed to paying a larger fee to list through MLS. This helps the owner get greater reach when looking for a buyer.

Zillow Duplex for Sale by Owner Sacramento

In order to uncover these properties, go to Zillow’s website and search Sacramento, CA. From there, look for the red “For Sale” tab. Be sure to unlick the “Potential Listings” tab in blue, which is one of the defaults.

Then, using the For Sale drop-down menu, unselect all other buttons except “By Owner” as shown here. This will filter the results to only show duplexes and triplexes for sale by owner in Sacramento.


NextDoor is an online platform that bills itself as a “private social network” for individual neighborhoods.

In order to become a member of the network, you have to confirm that you live in that specific neighborhood. NextDoor will often feature properties listed FSBO.

The only downfall to finding a Sacramento duplex for sale using NextDoor is that you’ll only be able to find FSBO properties in the areas in which you live – so if you’re an investor from out of town or from across the City, you’re out of luck!

Examples of How to Search Top Platforms

Now, we’ll run through a few step-by-step examples of how to search for a duplex for sale in Sacramento using the top available websites.

Sacramento Duplex Search with Zillow

Given how many Sacramento County duplexes for sale are listed on Zillow, one of the best ways to navigate the website is by searching for a very specific neighborhood. In this case, we’ve searched specifically for duplexes and triplexes for sale in East Sacramento.

When searching for Home Type, be sure to select “Apartments” as shown below – instead of the broader “Houses” category which will turn up more results, many of which may or may not be duplexes.

Zillow Duplex for Sale Sacramento

Sacramento Apartment Building Search with LoopNet

LoopNet is particularly designed to help investors analyze multi family properties for sale in Sacramento.

The deals can be searched not only by geography, but also on investment-specific criteria – including cap rate and tenancy (vacant, occupied, multiple occupancy, for example). The information is presented concisely for investors to navigate.

As shown below, most listings call out the cap rate prominently. For example, this 5-unit property for sale in Sacramento equates to a 7.75% cap rate at the asking price. This is an important metric for investors to consider as they evaluate individual deals.

LoopNet Duplex for Sale Sacramento

Sacramento Duplex Search with Tower Real Estate Brokers

Searching for a duplex for sale Sacramento is easy when using Tower Real Estate Brokers’ website. Simply navigate to the “Search Homes” tab at the top of the home page.

From there, you’ll be asked to plug in a specific location. Alternatively, because Tower Real Estate Brokers focuses exclusively on Sacramento-area real estate (unlike some of the other platforms featured here today), you can filter the search results by narrowing down based upon property type.

Tower Real Estate Duplex for Sale Sacramento

The website will automatically default to showing you all of the residential listings. Instead, click on the property type, unclick “Residential” and click “Multi Unit” instead, as shown here below.

This will ensure only the multi unit properties are featured, including duplexes for sale in Sacramento.

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