Demand for industrial real estate has skyrocketed in recent years, driven by companies like Amazon and a world of same or next-day delivery.

Warehouses, for example, have become an invaluable asset for commercial investors, becoming more and more remote over time.

As supply continues to lag behind demand, industrial property for sale can be a competitive to na

As supply continues to lag behind demand, it can be competitive to navigate the market and find an industrial property for sale that fits your needs.

Below are the websites and tips you need to find industrial property—including both buildings and land—in your preferred market.

How to Find Industrial Property for Sale

Whether you’re an investor in Los Angeles or Miami, in the Midwest or the Great Plains, there are some great opportunities to invest in industrial property for sale.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the various tools and resources to help find industrial property for sale in any market.

We’ll explore online platforms, such as CREXi and Land and Farm, to highlight the various ways to find both industrial land and industrial buildings for sale, including industrial property for sale by owner.

Industrial Buildings for Sale

Industrial buildings for sale can come in all different shapes and sizes.

The asset type includes factories and other facilities used for manufacturing, processing, repairs/maintenance, heavy duty cleaning, even the slaughtering of livestock.

Industrial buildings can be used for R&D, power generation and more.

The bucket also includes warehouses and storage facilities. The breadth of users is one of the reasons why industrial buildings for sale are so attractive to investors.

Here are a few of the most popular platforms that can be used to find industrial property for sale in any market.


CREXi is an online database that features more than 65,000 investment properties for sale across the country.

There are roughly 200+ new listings added to the platform every day, many of which are industrial buildings for sale.

CREXi’s robust industrial database has led some to refer to the platform as the “Zillow” for commercial property. CREXi routinely features industrial properties for sale, including warehouses, factories, data centers and more.

CREXi Industrial Property for Sale


CBRE is a global real estate brokerage and advisory firm with offices across the U.S. CBRE has individual teams that concentrate on Industrial & Logistics Services, making their office a great resource for those in search of industrial buildings for sale.

CBRE Industrial Property for Sale


42Floors, which started as an online platform to market office space for lease in the Manhattan-area, has since expanded its reach and now includes industrial buildings for sale.

Listings for industrial buildings for sale will usually include pertinent information for industrial users, such as number of loading docks, ceiling heights, and the floor’s weight capacity.


CityFeet provides a database of commercial real estate for sale in markets across the country. In this case, the term “commercial” is used loosely and refers more to investment property instead of just office space.

The platform includes industrial buildings for sale, as well.

CityFeet Industrial Property for Sale

Industrial Land for Sale

Industrial land for sale can be attractive to investors for several reasons.

Someone may want to develop the site to accommodate industrial buildings, or they may want to pursue building a solar/wind farm or other energy infrastructure which is usually only allowed on industrially-zoned properties.

Others, still, may be interested in property zoned as industrial that could potentially be rezoned to accommodate other uses, such as a mixed-use development.

Whatever the motivation, there are a number of websites that investors can turn to when searching for industrial land for sale. is a search engine often utilized by business owners and investors looking for their next commercial property to lease or buy.

The website features over one million properties across all asset classes, including industrial land for sale.

Listings generally include property information, space-level detail, photo galleries, bird’s eye views, and broker contact information.


LandCentury is one of the only websites focused exclusively on helping investors find industrial land for sale.

As the snapshot below indicates, LandCentury has listings in all parts of the country – from Florida to California, Texas to Colorado and all areas in between!

LandCentury Industrial Property for Sale

Land and Farm

Land and Farm bills itself as one of the leading rural property marketplaces in the country.

Many of these properties are zoned industrial and can be redeveloped for a variety of industrial purposes as described above.

Land and Farm Industrial Property for Sale


LandFlip is another online platform that features land deals for sale. It is similar (in both look and feel) to LandCentury and Land and Farm.

Landflip Industrial Property for Sale

Industrial Property For Sale By Owner

It can be difficult to find industrial property for sale by owner.

Whereas there are several recognized online platforms that feature residential and commercial property FSBO, there are fewer options for those in search of industrial property for sale by owner.

That said, here are a few options to consider using:


LandFlip is another valuable tool for those in search of industrial land for sale.

When searching the database, simply refine the results to feature only the property types listed as “FSBO” – shown in the bottom of the column on the left-hand side as shown below.

Landflip Industrial Property for Sale by Owner

One of the only downfalls of using LandFlip to find industrial land for sale is that the website does not allow users to search for both land FSBO and industrial land.

Instead, you must scour all land FSBO posted on the website and search individual listings for those categorized as industrial land which can prove to be a bit time consuming.


FindMyRoof is a rental and sales listing platform used by people looking to sell their real estate as FSBO.

It is often utilized by sellers, real estate agents, landlords, and commercial property managers looking to market their properties online.


FindMyRoof Industrial Property for Sale

Ads only remain “live” on the website for 60 days, ensuring the listings you see are not outdated (though users can extend the time their ad remains on the site if they renew the ad prior to the 60-day expiration window).

FindMyRoof often features industrial property for sale by owner, but like LandFlip, users can only search for land FSBO – not specifically industrial land FSBO, which means additional time wading through the ads before finding industrial opportunities.

Examples of How to Search Top Platforms

Industrial Property for Sale with CREXi

Searching for industrial property for sale on CREXi is pretty straightforward. Begin by searching by asset class (in this case, “industrial”) on the homepage.

You can search for industrial property for sale generally, or you can filter your results by searching only for industrial property for sale in certain markets, like Los Angeles or Cincinnati.

CREXi Industrial Property for Sale

CREXi allows you to then filter results even further using multiple criteria. The screen shot below shows the types of filters you can apply.

CREXi Industrial Property for Sale

For instance, you can search based on location, price, cap rates (min/max), square footage, price, acreage and more.

You can also refine the results based on the type of tenancy: vacant, single, or multi-tenanted building.

For instance, an investor looking to owner-occupy the industrial property with their business may only be interested in a vacant industrial property for sale.

Others may want the simplicity of a property that only has one tenant, for the sake of easier management, whereas other still may like the idea of buying a multi-tenanted industrial property for sale in case leases are set to turnover.

Industrial Building for Sale with CityFeet

To find industrial buildings for sale with CityFeet, begin by selecting the “For Sale” tab on the homepage.

Then you’ll want to filter for property type (in this case, “Industrial/Flex”) and geography.

As you can see in the screen shot below, there can be dozens of industrial buildings featured in any given geography, so sometimes, it’s helpful to refine results based on other parameters.

CityFeet Industrial Property for Sale

For instance, CityFeet allows users to search for specific types of industrial buildings.

The options are robust and include:

  • Flex
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Research and Development
  • Refrigeration/Cold Storage
  • Service
  • Showroom
  • Warehouses

CityFeet Industrial Property for Sale

Say, for instance, you’re interested in a warehouse for sale in Brooklyn. This might be a listing that appeals to you.

The listing features details such as the lot size (0.36 acres), building size (15,625 square feet) and building class (C), the latter of which gives investors an indication of the age, condition and value add opportunities potentially associated with any given industrial building for sale.

CityFeet Industrial Property for Sale

Industrial Land for Sale with Land and Farm

To find industrial land for sale on Land and Farm’s website, there are generally two ways to begin your search: either by geography or by type of land for sale.

Although “industrial” land for sale is not specified as one of the categories, you can still find industrial land for sale by searching under the section called “Commercial Land for Sale.”

Land and Farm Industrial Property for Sale

Say you’re interested in industrial land for sale in New Mexico. You can then refine your search by category by adding the state. It is easy to browse investment opportunities on Land and Farm’s website, and there are often some intriguing opportunities featured on the platform.

For instance, the screen shot below highlights one investment opportunity, located right on the U.S./Mexico border.

The industrial lot is nearly 12 acres in size and is described as a “great place to have your office and warehouse” if doing business in both the U.S. and Mexico.

Land and Farm Industrial Property for SaleIndustrial Property for Sale

Whether land, building or parks, however, your search is best conducted using a variety of resources.

To take your research to the next level and gain access to industrial owner contact information, you can also add Reonomy to your investment toolbox.

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