Thanks to Amazon and an entire industry of same or next-day delivery services, the demand for industrial real estate has skyrocketed in recent years.

Warehouses in particular, have become a hot commodity among both commercial investors and end users of the space.

As supply continues to lag behind demand, navigating the market and finding an industrial property for sale that fits your exact needs, is becoming increasingly challenging.

How to Find Industrial Property for Sale

Whether you’re in Los Angeles or Miami, the Midwest or the Great Plains, investing in industrial real estate can be very lucrative if you are able to find the right opportunities.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the various websites and resources that can help you locate industrial property for sale, both buildings and land, in any market.

We’ll explore online platforms such as CREXi and Land and Farm, to illustrate the process of searching for available industrial real estate, including for sale by owner listings.

Industrial Buildings for Sale

Industrial buildings come in all different shapes and sizes.

In addition to warehouses and storage space, the asset class includes factories and other facilities used for manufacturing, processing, and repairs/maintenance. Furthermore, industrial real estate can be used for R&D, power generation, heavy duty cleaning, and even livestock slaughtering.

As a matter of fact, the breadth of users is one of the main reasons why the asset class is so attractive to commercial real estate investors.

Let’s look at a few platforms that feature various industrial buildings for sale across the United States.


CREXi is an online database that lists more than 400,000 properties for sale and lease. Its inventory of industrial assets include warehouses, factories, data centers, flex space, food processing facilities, and even development sites.

CREXi’s robust industrial database has led some to refer to the platform as the “Zillow” for commercial property.

In addition to for sale and lease listings, the site offers commercial real estate sales comps and over 50 in-depth market reports.

CREXi Industrial Property for Sale


CBRE is a global real estate brokerage and advisory firm with offices in multiple cities throughout the United States. The organization has individual teams that concentrate on Industrial & Logistics Services, which could be a great resource for investors looking for industrial buildings for sale.

CBRE Industrial Property for Sale


42Floors, which started as an online platform to market office space for lease in Manhattan, has since expanded its reach and now it also includes industrial, retail, medical, and restaurant buildings for sale.

The platform’s industrial listings for sale typically include pertinent information such as number of loading docks, ceiling height, floor weight capacity, and more.


CityFeet provides a database of commercial real estate for sale and lease nationwide. In addition to industrial buildings, the platform offers office, retail, restaurant, flex, and medical space.

Its search tool includes filters for a number of industrial sub-categories such as flex, distribution, manufacturing, R&D, cold storage, showroom, and more.

CityFeet Industrial Property for Sale

Industrial Land for Sale

Many investors are also interested in undeveloped industrial land, which could be used for a variety of development opportunities.

For example, someone may want to construct new industrial buildings, or use the site for a solar or wind farm. Others may be interested in industrial land that they could potentially rezone to accommodate other uses, such as a mixed-use development.

Whatever the motivation, there are a number of websites that investors can turn to, if searching for industrial land for sale. is another popular platform utilized by business owners and investors looking for their next commercial property acquisition.

The website features properties across all asset classes, including industrial land for sale. Listings generally include property information, space-level detail, photo galleries, aerial views, and broker contact information.


In addition to vacant land, LandCentury specializes in offering listings for houses, ranches, multi-family, and commercial buildings.

The search engine features several land sub-category filters including commercial and industrial, agricultural and farm, mobile home and RV, waterfront, as well as options to search for owner-financed and under $1000 deals.

As the snapshot below illustrates, the platform has listings in all parts of the country, including Florida, California, Texas, and Colorado.

LandCentury Industrial Property for Sale

Land and Farm

Land and Farm bills itself as one of the leading rural property marketplaces in the country. The site features over 10 million acres of farms, ranches, residential, and commercial land for sale.

Many of these properties are zoned industrial and can be redeveloped for a variety of uses as in the examples we mentioned above.

Land and Farm Industrial Property for Sale

Industrial Property for Sale by Owner

Finding industrial property for sale by owner can be quite difficult.

Whereas there are several recognized online platforms for residential and commercial property FSBO, the options for browsing industrial for sale by owner listings are very limited.

Nevertheless, here are a couple of websites worth visiting.


LandFlip is another online provider that features land for sale and lease, and most notably FSBO listings.

Some of the more popular categories on the site include waterfront, hunting, recreational, fishing, and mountain land. However, the platform also offers a number of industrial land listings offered for sale by the owner.

LandFlip’s interface and features are similar to the LandCentury and Land and Farm platforms.

Landflip Industrial Property for Sale


FindMyRoof is a rental and sales listing platform that includes an extensive FSBO section. In addition to several residential categories, the site features a number of for sale by owner land listings.

Ads expire automatically after 90 days, ensuring that visitors only see fresh for sale offerings (ads can be renewed if the property is still available).

One of the downfalls of FindMyRoof is its somewhat clunky search interface. Visitors can search for land FSBO, however are unable to select any sub-categories such as industrial. The only way to discover industrial land for sale by owner would be to wade through all the ads in the land FSBO section.

FindMyRoof Industrial Property for Sale

Examples of How to Search Top Platforms

Industrial Property for Sale Search With CREXi

Searching for industrial property for sale on CREXi is pretty straightforward.

Begin by selecting “Industrial” as the asset class on the homepage. You can search for industrial property for sale nationwide by leaving the “Location” field blank. Alternatively, you can filter your results by certain markets, like Los Angeles or Cincinnati.

CREXi Industrial Property for Sale

CREXi allows you to then filter your search results even further using multiple criteria. The screenshot below shows the available filters.

CREXi Industrial Property for Sale

While the platform does not offer any property type sub-categories, you can narrow down your results based on location, price or cap rate range, square footage, acreage, and more.

For example, you can refine your search based on the tenancy status (vacant, single, or multi-tenanted building). A business owner looking to owner-occupy an industrial property may only be interested in vacant listings for sale.

To elaborate on our example, one investor may prefer the simplicity of a single-tenant property, whereas another may like the idea of multi-tenanted industrial buildings in case leases are set to turn over.

Industrial Building for Sale Search With CityFeet

To find industrial buildings for sale with CityFeet, begin by selecting the “For Sale” tab on the homepage. Next, you need to add filters for property type (in this case, “Industrial/Flex”) and location.

CityFeet Industrial Property for Sale

Sometimes there can be dozens of available industrial buildings in a market, so it may be helpful to refine the results further, based on other parameters.

For instance, you can select one or more of the available sub-types of industrial buildings:

  • Flex
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Research and Development
  • Refrigeration/Cold Storage
  • Service
  • Showroom
  • Warehouse

CityFeet Industrial Property for Sale

Once you identify a property that may be of interest, you can access additional information about it on its profile page.

In the sample listing screenshot of a Brooklyn warehouse below, you can see details such as the lot size (0.36 acres), building size (15,625 square feet), and building class (C), the latter of which can give investors an indication of the age and condition of the property.

CityFeet Industrial Property for Sale

Industrial Land for Sale Search With Land and Farm

You can begin your search for industrial land for sale on Land and Farm’s website either by geography or by type of land for sale.

For the first option, enter the location of your choice and click the “Search” button.

Land and Farm Industrial Property for Sale

Alternatively, you can select the “Industrial Land for Sale” link from the Search by Type section. Once you are taken to the results page, you can further refine your original search by type with filters for location, price, acres, and more.

It is easy to browse listings on Land and Farm’s website, and there are often some intriguing opportunities featured on the platform.

Say you’re interested in industrial land for sale in New Mexico. The screenshot below highlights one investment opportunity, located right on the U.S./Mexico border.

The industrial lot is nearly 12 acres in size and is described as a “great place to have your office and warehouse” if doing business in both the U.S. and Mexico.

Land and Farm Industrial Property for SaleIndustrial Property for Sale

Whether you are looking for development land, single-tenant building, or any other type of industrial facility, your search would be most thorough when conducted using a variety of resources.

To take your research to the next level and gain access to industrial owner contact information, you can also add Reonomy to your list of go-to resources.

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