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Despite the undisputed threat of online shopping, brick-and-mortar retail properties are still very alive in the investment community.

The asset class has simply seen a wave of repurposing.

In two ways: First, in terms of properties being filled with more sustainable store types. Second, in terms of converting shopping centers themselves into different asset use-types.

If one thing is for sure, shopping center success is very situational, making it crucial to own a property in a prime retail location.

Here, we’ll look at how you can dissect any market to find shopping centers for sale based on your most needed criteria.

Find a Shopping Center for Sale

Retail property assets come in all shapes and forms, and shopping centers specifically have established themselves as a staple in suburban America.

Nevertheless prospective investors should carefully consider factors such as area demographics, traffic conditions, and the age and tenant mix of a center, when evaluating various properties.

In the article below we will review some of the best online platforms featuring retail properties and shopping centers for sale in order to help you learn how to look for good investment options.

Commercial Real Estate Platforms Featuring Retail Listings

In this section we will highlight some of the most popular commercial listings platforms and their specific features that makes them a great resource for investors looking for shopping centers for sale.

In order to discover the best deals, it is wise to utilize as many sources as possible so we recommend that you use at least a few of the following websites in your search.


Since its inception in 1995, LoopNet has become the favorite online listing service among brokers, investors, and other real estate professionals.

Its huge database of 500,000 listings features all major types of real estate, as well as special categories such as shopping centers, restaurants, health care facilities, and sports and entertainment venues.

LoopNet Shopping Center for Sale


A sister platform to LoopNet, Showcase is another great resource for locating real estate investment opportunities.

While their database includes office, industrial, retail, and multi family listings, it does not have a specialized category for shopping centers.

You can however conduct a general search for retail properties, and then browse the list for multi-tenant facilities that fit your requirements

Ten-X Commercial

Ten-X Commercial is more than a traditional real estate listing service. It also brings innovative technologies to the industry, such as matching investors and properties, and facilitating sales completely online.

Its “retail for sale” category includes free-standing buildings, shopping centers, and strip malls.


CREXi features for sale and for lease listings for all types of commercial real estate, including retail, industrial, office, and multifamily.

CREXi Shopping Center for Sale

It also has several special categories such as medical, assisted living, student housing, and self storage, though shopping centers is not one of them.

You can however utilize the keyword filter to find strip malls and shopping centers for sale as we demonstrate a little later in this article.

Commercial Exchange

A commercial real estate marketplace powered by Catylist, Commercial Exchange offers verified listings in categories such as retail, office, industrial, land, and multifamily.

The retail category features numerous subcategories including strip, lifestyle, and outlet centers, regional malls, big box, restaurants, gas stations, and more

Commercial Exchange Shopping Center for Sale


The Commercial Investment Multiple Listing Service, or CIMLS, has over $500 billion in available property and more than 320,000 members.

While the platform’s user interface feels somewhat dated, it offers a robust search tool with various filters and numerous property categories such as shopping centers, hotels, health care facilities, storage, land, farms, and even forests.

For Sale by Owner Shopping Center Listings

While some of the platforms we discussed in the previous section may also feature for sale by owner listings, they are typically used by brokerages promoting listings for their clients.

If you prefer to bypass the realtor, you should also check out the following websites.

Buildings by Owner

While in many ways similar to the platforms we reviewed above, Buildings by Owner differs by featuring commercial property for sale and lease offered directly by owners.

Investors interested in working directly with sellers can find listings for all property types including retail, office, multi family, industrial, and other specialty real estate.

Buildings by Owner Shopping Center for Sale


Craigslist is one of the most popular online classifieds marketplaces providing services in all major U.S. cities. It features listings for everything from jobs and services to cars and other items for sale.

It also has a category for real estate for sale and in many locales you may be able to find listings for retail buildings and shopping centers, typically offered by individual sellers or local realties.

Example Online Searches for Shopping Centers for Sale

If you are new to the online search for real estate for sale, the examples in this section will teach you how to find the listings that best match your investment requirements.

We used LoopNet and CREXi, however most of the platforms we reviewed in this article have similar search utilities so you should be able to easily navigate any of them after reviewing the examples below.

Searching with LoopNet

Looking for shopping centers for sale with LoopNet is pretty simple as the platform already includes a separate category for these types of properties.

To begin your search, expand the “Search all types for sale” dropdown menu and select “Shopping Center.”

Then, type in the city or state of your choice in the text field labeled “Enter location” and hit the Search button.

LoopNet Shopping Center for Sale

The results of your search are presented both on a map and as a list. You can use the map to explore the area around the available properties by zooming, panning, or utilizing the aerial view option.

Additionally, you can hover over the property markers to display a small tile featuring the property’s address, sale price, and a photo.

If you would like to focus on a specific portion of the map, you can use the Draw tool to outline a search area in any shape and only see listings within that perimeter.

The list on the right of the map includes additional details about the properties in your search. You can see a larger photo, the address, sale price, and a few highlights of the shopping center for sale.

LoopNet Shopping Center for Sale

If your search produced too many results, you can narrow down the listings in several ways. You can use the Price and Building Size filters located directly on the toolbar above the results.

Various additional options can be accessed by clicking on the More Filters button.

Alternatively, you can specify all your requirements before you conduct the initial search by clicking on the Advanced Search link on the home page.

LoopNet Shopping Center for Sale

The toolbar has several additional options that can come in handy. You can change the location and property type of your search.

Additionally, if you click on the Sort button you can reorder the existing results by date, price, cap rate, etc.

Lastly, you can save your customized search in order to avoid having to re-enter all your specific requirements next time you visit the site.

Additional in-depth information about the shopping centers for sale in the search results list can be accessed by clicking on the property tiles.

This will open a new page containing multiple building and aerial photographs, property highlights, site plans, area demographics, traffic counts, and existing tenant details.

Here you can also find the contact information of the seller or their listing broker.

LoopNet Shopping Center for Sale

Searching with CREXi

In this example, we will illustrate the steps of conducting a search in a platform, which does not have a default category for shopping centers for sale.

Just like most other listing services, CREXi’s search utility is conveniently located on its home page.

Begin by ensuring the “For Sale” tab is selected – it will appear in white. Next, use the “All Types” dropdown menu to select “Retail” as the type of real estate you are interested in, and enter the location of your choice in the “Search by Location, Broker or Description” field.

CREXi Shopping Center for Sale

The results of this search include all commercial retail properties currently listed for sale in the location you entered. They are presented in a list format along with a map.

You can scroll through the list to view photos and some basic details of the properties. Alternatively, you can explore the map by zooming, panning, switching to satellite view, or using the draw tool to focus on a specific area.

Another useful option is the result-sorting feature. You can reorder the properties in numerous ways by expanding the “Sort By” dropdown menu located at the top of the results list.

CREXi Shopping Center for Sale

In order to trim down these results to only show shopping centers for sale, which was the original search intent, you can click on the More Filters button and enter the words “shopping center” in the Keywords text field.

The Filters overlay contains many additional options to help you refine your results.

For example, you can enter specific requirements for price, cap rate, square footage, and occupancy rate or choose options for building class, lease type, and tenancy status.

It is worth noting that the price range and cap rate filters (as the two of the most popular options) are also available directly on the toolbar located above the results list.

CREXi Shopping Center for Sale

Once you apply the filters of your choice, the results list will be refined. Be aware that if you enter requirements that are too specific, you may end up with zero matches so it is wise to use the filters sparingly.

If you would like to learn more about a specific property in your results list, just click on its photo.

This will take you to a detailed page for the shopping center, featuring a photo gallery, numerous facts and figures, and investment highlights.

In addition to downloading marketing materials, you can submit an LOI directly through the site.

CREXi Shopping Center for Sale

If you intend to continue looking for shopping centers for sale (or any other specific type of real estate) on a regular basis, it may be wise to use the “Save Search” option in order to save the requirements you’ve already entered and streamline the search process in the future.

Be aware however, that in order to do so, you will need to create a free account and log in.

In the end, you might also consider running your entire search through Reonomy, where you can quickly identify properties likely to sell in the near future, then get directly in touch with owners.

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