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A great tool to increase viewership of a website is the use of Google Adwords. Adwords places paid ads on of search terms that you bid on. So when prospects search a term you have bid on, an ad for your company appears on the page.

When developing a strategy to bid on keywords and advertise through Google Adwords, it’s important to target a strong mix of terms that will appeal to your target audience (commercial contractor, commercial contractor near me, etc). Targeting search terms relative to a specific area is especially helpful.


Keyword Research

Conduct searches within Adwords keyword search to see what terms are most searched for and then use them to your advantage. Google recommends a bidding price, displays the frequency of search and allows filtration of the results. Make a bid on words that are likely to benefit you, with a specific focus in your area. For example, if you are a commercial solar installer, one key term to bid on would be “solar installers near me.”


Campaign Execution

In the screenshot above, we can see that the search term for ‘commercial cleaning services’ has a volume of 9,900 searches per month and a suggested bid price of $12.61. That bid price is what you are bidding on for a click on your advert. While this price appears high, people searching for commercial cleaning services are one of the best target audiences for your cleaning service business. They are actively looking for your service.


How Commercial Contractors Can Use Adwords

Google Adwords serves ads to people searching for a particular keyword or term. In a practical sense, this allows contractors to target ads at people searching for their particular services.

When bidding on selected keywords, the bid can be refined to a target geography. For example, a company with contracts that are within a 20-mile radius of Morgantown, WV would enter in geographic details as per below.


The resulting ad would appear as per below, though specific to the searchers’ geography.


Whenever changes are made to a campaign, make sure that the changes actually improve results. Sort keywords by cost, and see which are driving conversions and which waste money. If the changes do not make improvements, consider other options.


When creating an ad, consider…

  • The text in the ad. Google Ads are very short, be succinct.
  • Where the ad is directing traffic to.
  • The landing website page that the ad will direct to.


Reonomy as a lead generation tool for Commerical Contractors

Although Adwords campaigns can be an effective online lead generation method, the implementation of them requires a certain amount of research, resources and knowledge. Inbound lead generation efforts such as Adwords can also be timely, as paid campaigns often take some time to generate tangible results.

One tool widely used by commercial contractors in their lead generation efforts is Reonomy. This is a CRE database which allows the user to build lead lists of property ownership information within minutes and then run marketing and sales activities directly targeting these lists. The information covers email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses – providing marketing and sales efforts a broad spectrum of avenues to reach out.

To find out more about how Reonomy could help you, or to sign up for a free trial, click here




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