Reonomy provides information to connect with property owners and managers of buildings. What before may have taken hours of your day can now be completed in minutes.

Commercial Roofing companies benefit from more direct and specific information about property owners. Owner portfolio information provides the portfolio of buildings of an individual or LLC. After learning about an owner, you can approach the owner and establish a working relationship with them.

When prospecting for clients online, it can feel difficult to develop a personal connection. And the connections you create with clients are critical to success. Connecting online once will not likely result in a deal. Networking with owners in a way that motivates a commitment to working with you in the future might.

This connection is the most important factor in the continuation of your business. The main benefit of using Reonomy to make connections is the exclusive access to ownership information. Direct contact information allows for a connection impersonal methods of prospecting. Rather than sending a generic email, you can uniquely and creatively supply your business information to the owner.

When it comes to prospecting for clients, Reonomy is a great tool, but it is important for the company to keep up the relationship. Email marketing is an efficient way to connect with potential clients, but often the message is lost in a sea of unread emails. With a direct phone number to connect, you can make a significant personal connection with owners. This could be the difference between a good, strong contact with the potential for business and just another lost connection.

These established connections lend themselves to more business. It is hard for commercial property owners to keep a roster of service providers that they know they can trust and rely on. Completing smaller projects can help position your company for a more profitable project. One way to create a relationship with a new owner that you have sourced is by reaching out to offer to fix a small job or continual problem the building faces with no upfront fees. If you are able to fix the problem, you get paid. This helps to create trust, and increase the likelihood they call you again for either future maintenance or a larger job.

Commercial roofing contacts are connections that take time. Sometimes a connection that you make initially won’t lead to anything – but down the line, a year from then, the owner might find they need a roofer. Sustained contact will have left them with a strong impression of your ability to do the job.

Establishing connections creates a continuous stream of new business. Not to mention, comfort in your ability to be successful in the future. A good business plans ahead, and strong leads are essential to good business.

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