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If time spent sourcing leads is the number one problem facing your company, traditional marketing methods may be pulling away from the strength of the business. Reonomy offers best in class ownership contact information for over 47M properties. When it comes to looking for direct contacts for commercial buildings, there is no platform with more information.

Reonomy is an excellent tool for searching commercial ownership contacts, helping you save time spent searching by enabling you to:

Prospect for target properties

Run filtered searches based on criteria relevant to you. Filter the size of building depending on what type of project best fits your business. Narrow your search via geography and property type.

Build lead lists

Export your targeted property search to a file for you to easily reach out to and/or market to, for example via email campaigns.

Make contact with owners

With Reonomy, information on each property will go beyond the owning entity to give you ownership details such as names, phone numbers, emails and mailing addresses. You can then seamlessly build marketing campaigns around cold calling, email or direct mailers to these owners.

How to search with Reonomy:

Build lead lists relevant to your commercial business

Recently purchased properties

Search for properties that have recently been purchased. New
property owners are often the best opportunity for contractors.
This is because existing contracts are up for renegotiation. For many commercial contractors such as landscapers and cleaners, this can be the best way to win contracts. New owners are also often motivated to make

Properties that have not been renovated

Filter for properties that haven’t been renovated recently. For a
commercial roofer, this could indicate properties overdue for roof
repairs that could be targeted.

Properties in off-grid areas

For a solar panel installer, the geographic filter is a particularly useful feature. It enables the searcher to filter properties by area, so in this case, the solar panel installer could filter to an area known to be difficult to get grid power to. He/she would then be able to create and export a list of all of these properties’ locations and ownership contact details. This is an effective, time saving way of generating a leads list.



With any list created, either within Reonomy or uploaded to the platform, bulk export contacts and unlock ownership information for a group of properties all at one time. Reonomy’s labels and tag features make it easy to separate, download and export lists of properties and contacts.

When developing a marketing plan around a certain type of building in one area, export a document with all of the addresses, names, phone numbers and email addresses of property owners. This will save time, money and effort in terms of general marketing expenses to reach potential clients that offer the highest quality and potential for return on business.

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