Any commercial roofer knows that sourcing new leads for roofing jobs can be arduous, stressful and frustrating. From pinpointing the properties that match your services to getting in touch with the right people, finding new commercial roofing jobs can be hard work.

Luckily, Reonomy offers a national database of over 50M off-market commercial properties for users to explore. With help from dozens of search filters, Reonomy is the best place to find new commercial roofing clients and their respective ownership information.

If you want to elevate your commercial roofing prospecting process to new heights and reach the right decision-makers with ease, continue reading–we’ll show you how.

Reonomy Property Owner Search

How to Search for Commercial Roofing Leads

Reonomy provides data on almost every commercial property in the United States.  While this may seem daunting, Reonomy harnesses powerful search functionality and filters to serve up results most relevant to you.

Below are a handful of ways to search for commercial roofing leads and take a step closer to finding relevant ownership information…

Search by location/ geographic filter:

With Reonomy, it’s easy to search via location or geography. Under the Location tab, you have the option to customize the search any way you want.

This includes:

  • Neighborhood
  • County
  • City
  • State
  • Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)
  • Zip Code
  • Name of Street

Reonomy Property Search by Location

Additionally, you can use either the Radius or Draw tool to customize your search directly on the map. When used, Reonomy will automatically populate with results in the area you select.

Reonomy Map Radius Search San Diego

Search by Asset Type:

Another easy way to search for commercial roofing leads is by asset type. Simply select the Asset tab and choose the industry you want to explore. Reonomy allows you to search high-level asset classes, such as industrial, multifamily, and special purpose.

Or, maybe you want to focus on something a little more granular. In this tab, you can explore the hundreds of sub-classes within each asset class. So, maybe you specialize in residential roofing. While Reonomy doesn’t provide any residential information, you can select Duplex, Triple or Quadruplex in the platform which will serve up similar properties.

Reonomy Property Search by Asset Type Multi Family

It is important to note, asset class can change county by county. Though general guidelines exist, certain classifications are different.

Specific asset types often have a specific roofing type. By searching for a particular building type, you might be filtering by your specialty style of roofing.

Search by Building & Lot Details:

You can also construct a search using physical information and building details. Under the Building & Lot tab, you’ll find related filter options.

These include:

  • Year Built
  • Year Renovated
  • Zoning
  • Lot Size
  • Lot Acreage
  • Total Units
  • Building Area
  • Opportunity Zone? Select ‘Yes’ if you want to search for properties in these census tracts

Reonomy Property search by Building Area

While any of these can help you find leads, below are some helpful searches from this category relevant specifically to roofers…

Year Built:

Consider filtering by the age of a building. A building that is 20-30 years old is much more likely to have roofing problems than the roof of a development built last year. You can then check the detailed maps feature to see an aerial view of the state of the roof.

Year Renovated:

While you may not know the extent of the renovation, it is helpful to understand the overall state of the building’s construction.  An older building that has not been renovated in a large amount of time is more likely to need service – and more drastic service.

Depending on the type of roof, commercial roofing needs to be entirely redone every 20 years or so. If you are targeting buildings all 15-20+ years old, there is a much higher likelihood of needing a full roofing replacement.

Again, these are only a few of the hundreds of permutations you can create to search on Reonomy. Click here to see a full list.

How to Find Owner Information

Once you have found potential buildings for your roofing business, use the contact information to create relationships with owners. The connection you establish could lead to future business.

Watch the video below to learn how Reonomy TrueOwner unlocks accurate owner records for you or continue reading.

The Property Card

Each property in the Reonomy platform is matched with a property card that contains relevant property information to be explored at a deeper level.

This includes:

  • Building & Lot Information
  • Tenant Intel
  • Sales Records
  • Debt History
  • Tax History
  • Ownership Data

To access ownership information, click on the property you want to explore. Then, select the Ownership tab. Here, you’ll find high-level ownership information, but to unlock details like name, mailing address and phone number, you’ll have to unlock it. To do so, click Get Contact Information.

This will pull up the information you need to reach out and secure new business.

How to Use Owner Contact Information

How does having the direct contact information for a building owner help you? Finding the owners or property managing companies for buildings can be tedious and time-consuming.

By doing the research to uncover the correct owner contact, you show diligence and responsibility in your work efforts. That sets a positive impression immediately on the potential client. By starting off on a strong foot, the likelihood of getting their business increases.

Establishing contacts is the most significant aspect of growing your commercial roofing business. Having a direct contact that is easy to find can take a lot of the time and effort away from searching and give you more time to spend on impressing the potential client and managing the roofing projects that you currently are working on.

After you have pulled the owner information, you can also use Reonomy to create labels and sort your contacts. Sort properties by area, owner, type of building, area size or whatever criteria you would like.

Once you have a group of contacts, it’s easy to mass export. This is especially helpful if you are looking to do a mailing campaign, email update or email campaign. Simply go to one of your labels or lists of properties and click the export to CSV button.

You will instantly have a spreadsheet of contacts to reach out to win new business and grow your commercial roofing brand.

If you’re ready to build your roofing business and find owners, try Reonomy today!

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