With a national database of over 47M commercial properties and dozens of search filters, Reonomy is the best place to search for new clients.

Sourcing new leads for commercial roofing jobs can be arduous, stressful and frustrating. As is separating yourself from the competition. Word of mouth advertising, improving your online presence and ranking high on search engines are tools that will increase the number of people reaching out to you. But, as a commercial roofer, it’s important to also connect with the potential population of clients.
When looking for commercial clients, you have to be a seeker in your market. By targeting potential clients and creating a connection to influential building owners in your area, you equip yourself to attain a positive reputation with commercial property owners in your area.
With commercial properties, not all buildings will need an update or a new roof for long periods of time. Often, owners will already have a roofer or roofing company, but there is always the possibility they desire to change service providers. By widening your scope and targeting potential clients through specific criteria, you can greatly increase the relationship that your company has with the community and potential clients.

Using Reonomy to find commercial leads:

Reonomy provides data on almost every commercial property in the United States. Easy to search, sort and filter for your needs. Reonomy provides detailed and accurate contact information that otherwise could take hours of effort to source.
Ownership contact information for specific properties offers significant value to your company. You’ll spend less time looking for new clients and work the deals you want. 
Let’s go through an example in San Diego.

How to search:

Search by area/ geographic filter:

If you exclusively work in a certain neighborhood or city, it is easy to narrow your search to a particular area.
To use the search tool by area, you can filter in a few different ways.
One way is to limit the search through the location drop down menu. You can select State, City, zip code, county. In the example below, we have selected San Diego County.


Alternatively, you can use the radius search or draw tools to select a particular area of the map. This allows you to have a granular focus on a particular neighborhood, or to select a mile range from a central location.

Search by Building area/size:

In this search, we only want larger buildings with a building area of more than 50,000 sq ft. Adjust the building area drop down filter in your search bar under Characteristics. You can then factor in building size to your search criteria.


Search by Year Built:

You can also filter by the age of a building. A building that is 20-30 years old is much more likely to have roofing problems than the roof of a development built last year. You can then check the detailed maps feature to see an aerial view of the state of the roof.


Not only can you filter by date of construction, but you can also sort by date of the last renovation.


While you may not know the extent of the renovation, it is helpful to understand the overall state of the building’s construction An older building that has not been renovated in a large amount of time is more likely to need service – and more drastic service. Depending on the type of roof, commercial roofing needs to be entirely redone every 20 years or so. If you are targeting buildings all 15-20+ years old, there is a much higher likelihood of needing a full roofing replacement.

Asset Class filter:

If you only work on certain types of buildings. For example, you would like to focus your search on medical buildings or hospitals. It is possible to search by the asset class.


It is important to note, asset class can change county by county. Though general guidelines exist, certain classifications are different.
Specific asset types often have a specific roofing type. By searching for a particular building type, you might be filtering by your specialty style of roofing.



When searching for a commercial property, and commercial property ownership information, Reonomy should be your go-to source for detailed information.
Once you have found potential buildings for your roofing business, use the contact information to create relationships with owners. The connection you establish could lead to future business.


How to use owner contact information:

How does having the direct contact information for a building owner help you? When you send a piece of mail, post online or cold call a building, you often are not getting to the most appropriate or direct contact. Finding the owners or property managing companies for buildings can be tedious and time-consuming.

By doing the research to uncover the correct owner contact, you show diligence and responsibility in your work efforts. That sets a positive impression immediately on the potential client. By starting off on a strong foot, the likelihood of getting their business increases.
Establishing contacts is the most significant aspect of growing your commercial roofing business. Having a direct contact that is easy to find can take a lot of the time and effort away from searching and give you more time to spend on impressing the potential client and managing the roofing projects that you currently are working on.
After you have pulled the owner information, you can use Reonomy to create labels and sort your contacts. Sort properties by area, owner, type of building, area size or whatever criteria you would like.
Once you have a group of contacts, it is easy to mass export. This is especially helpful if you are looking to do a mailing campaign, email update or email campaign. Simply go to one of your labels or lists of properties and click the export to CSV button.

You will instantly have a spreadsheet of contacts to reach out to for potential business.
Another option for contact information search is by owner. You can search by owner to see the other buildings that they own. If you have worked on one building, you can see what other buildings the management team owns and position yourself to work on those projects as well. Rather than waiting for the owner to ask if you are interested in being the service provider for their other building, you can use the owner search tool in Reonomy and create more business for yourself.


Be sure to sign up for a free trial of Reonomy as a way of generating leads for your commercial roofing company.

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