Year on year, the demand for building security continues to increase.


The growth in presence of security content and topics from building associations such as BOMA and IREM highlights its growing importance within the Commercial Real Estate Industry.


The demand doesn’t appear to come from any single cause. While retail is often seen as having the clearest demand – growth across all building classes (industrial, apartments, office) continues to occur.


Likewise, the supply of answers is not limited to one. Whether that answer be physical security, video surveillance or new technology – building owners are adopting a range of solutions.


With this continual trend of increase in building security, how are security companies responding?


Beyond the increase in new entrants, there is a growth in the sales and marketing efforts of security companies to capture this rise. More specifically, there is a growth in digital marketing efforts.


There are clear examples of this across the industry to support this.


ASIS International, with coverage across 125 countries, has continued to increase its marketing services for its members. They offer guidance on content marketing, banner ad creation and  partnerships to expand the digital footprint of security companies .


Security Industry’s research further supports this. It’s research showed the supplier website as being the most important consideration in the purchasing process for facility managers.




Equally so, reviewing of social media was considered as a part of the evaluation process for 16.3% of respondents.


It also illustrates that a sales process remains important – establishing relationships and credibility are critical.


Security companies using Reonomy are attempting to address both of these areas when using the platform.


By way of introduction, Reonomy is an online platform that allows you to find your target commercial building owners and their contact details.


Since Reonomy consists of 99% of all commercial real estate assets, a range of search filters allow you to hone in on what is your most likely client. Such filters include building size and asset class type.


Once you have identified your target properties, you can find the owners for these buildings. Reonomy goes beyond the LLC providing you with owner names, numbers, emails and mailing addresses.


Security companies have included this information in their sales and marketing mix in several ways to date.


For some, they have generated lead lists within the Reonomy platform and passed on the phone numbers to their outbound sales team. Other companies have focused on using the contact information on marketing campaigns, generating drip email campaigns or mailers.


You can try some of these searches for yourself with a free Reonomy trial.









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