With a national database of over 50M commercial properties and dozens of search filters, Reonomy is the best place to search for new deals. Below, we will review how to build and change a property search in Reonomy.

How to Build a Property Search

To start, go to the top of the Reonomy portal and find the magnifying glass. This identifies the search bar that allows you to search criteria and data points across 50+ million assets. Whatever the situation might be, you can overlay all those data points to really hone in on specific areas and find your niche.

Reonomy has a lot of different ways to search,  including by location, asset type, building & lot features, tenant and more. Under each tab in the search bar, choose the information that best matches the property you’re interested in.

Location Tab

The first tab in the platform is the Location tab. Here, you can refine your search based on broad location-based intel, like city and state, or get granular and search by criteria like street address, county, and more.

For example,  let’s say you’re interested in properties in Los Angeles, California. You can apply these filters and see there are 215,803 results.

Learn more about how to run a filtered geographic search here. 

If you’d like to narrow that data down, go to any of the other tabs, like Ownership or Asset Type. You can add or remove filters accordingly.

Let’s run through each tab to see the other kinds of filters you can use…

Asset Type Tab

The Asset Type allows you to search specifically by asset type, on a broad or granular level. By clicking into each asset type, you’ll find sub-classes with the number of properties associated with them.

Maybe you’re interested in finding new office space.  By clicking into the general Commercial tab, you can select to filter down to 5,742 office spaces. You can even take it a step further by selecting the type of office want to find, like Dental Building, Financial Building, or Offices Condominium. 

Learn more about how to search by asset type here.

Building & Lot Tab

Next, the Building & Lot tab allows you explore everything related to the physical property, including year built, the total number of units, and whether or not the parcel is located in a designated Opportunity Zone. 

So, maybe you’re looking for office spaces that have been renovated in the last ten years. You’d find Year Renovated and adjust accordingly to serve up relevant results.

This is just one of the many different Building & Lot searches you can run. Learn more about this tab here. 

Sales Tab

The Sales tab encompasses all transaction-related filters, including most recent sales dates and prices.

Maybe you’re looking to spend $500,000-$1,000,000 on office space. You can serve up properties most likely to sell in this price range by using the Most recent sales price options.

Explore the entire Sales tab here. 

Debt Tab

Similarly, the Debt tab hosts mortgage-related filters, including origination data, maturation date and pre-foreclosure specific filters, like auction date and pre-foreclosure status.  Combined, this information can be helpful to determine if the asset at stake is in distress, or more likely to sell due to debt-related circumstances.

Explore the entire Debt tab here.

Tenant Tab

The Tenant tab allows you to search via tenant information, specifically, name and NAICS/SIC code.

So, maybe you own a commercial cleaning organization who specializes oin large office spaces. You can leverage this tab to search by tenant type, such Executive Offices or General Law Practice to narrow your search.

Learn more about our tenant search feature, here. 

Ownership Tab

Finally, the Ownership tab hosts all the search filters needed to conduct a search by owner name (person or LLC) or mailing address, like owner name and mailing address. By applying these filters, Reonomy will automatically populate with properties associated to the owner of record.

To learn more about running an Owner search, read our blog here.

We can then click through and see all of the assets on our list, and the property details such as property history and property records, for each property.

Once you’ve determined the asset filters you’d like to use, simply apply and explore the matching properties that Reonomy serves up. Each property in the platform is matched with corresponding information to dive into at a deeper level to help derive valuable insights.

How to Change a Property Search

Changing a search in the Reonomy platform is easy.

To do so, just go back up to any of the criteria and adjust accordingly. No searches are permanent, and the Reonomy platform will automatically populate with the changes you’ve applied.

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