With a national database of over 47M commercial properties and dozens of search filters, Reonomy is the best place to search for new deals. Below, we will go over how to build and change a search in Reonomy.

At the top of the page under the search bar are all of our filters. The filters allow you to search different criteria and data points. Whatever the situation might be, you can overlay all those data points to really hone in on specific areas and find your niche.


Reonomy has a lot of different ways to search. You can find out which tool will be most useful to you based on information that you have, the type of property, and the location you are looking for.

Here we will build a simple search. We are going to limit the data to the city of Los Angeles. I can apply that search and we can see there are 189,476 results.


If we want to narrow that data down, go to the Characteristics or Asset Type tab. We can adjust by land use, year built, type of units or other criteria.

Here we use the Asset Type filter to limit the search to mixed use buildings.


And I want to look at buildings built in the last 40 years. With those filters, the results are narrowed to only 118 properties.


Then I can limit by sale. Here we don’t want anything that has sold in the past 10 years. You can see even fewer results are shown, returning just 29 properties.


Let’s also set debt – we don’t want to see any mortgages in the past 15 years. And we end up with 19 highly targeted results.

We can then click through and see all of the assets on our list, and the property details such as property history and property records, for each property.


If we want to change our search, we can just go back up to any of the criteria and adjust. If you decide you only want to see properties that haven’t sold in 20 years,  just change the no sale between date to 1997 and hit apply. The search automatically updates with the new information.

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