When considering the site’s magnitude and diverse audience, Facebook is often overlooked tool for commercial real estate marketing.

In comparison, Twitter, the leading rival in social media advertising in the commercial real estate sector, has an active monthly user base that only reaches a modest 328 million. Instagram, the latest favorite for advertising commercial real estate for sale, has 700 million active monthly users. With such a high number of active users, Facebook is a smart choice for ensuring that your real estate ad gets seen by your prospects.

Real Estate Facebook Ads

Facebook’s simple interface, step-by-step walkthroughs, and advertisement templates can generate a high number of leads, without draining your time or marketing budget. With several Facebook ad types to choose from to suit your business needs, and extensive Facebook ad targeting options that allow you to reach your target market, Facebook is a wise choice for commercial real estate advertising.  

In this blog post, we delve into Facebook ads for commercial real estate advertising, detailing the benefits of each of the social media platform’s ad options for your business aims, showing you how to make the most of Facebook ad targeting, and walking you through your ad creation.

Facebook Ad Targeting

Facebook offers several different targeting options to help you create an effective, lead-generating real estate ad. Without effective ad targeting, you will only generate a handful of commercial real estate leads. Facebook ad targeting ensures your real estate ads are seen by the people who are most interested in what you have to offer. You can target your ad based on demographics, location, Interests, and specific behaviors.


One of the most effective ways to target your commercial real estate ads is by focusing on demographics. Using Facebook ad targeting, you can list the age range, education, gender, and job types most relevant to your target market and use these characteristics to power your real estate lead generation. Occupation may be the most important feature to focus on in your Facebook ad targeting: focus on the occupational roles of your target sellers, buyers, and investors to guarantee that you reach the right people.


Location targeting allows you to select the exact city in which your ideal commercial sellers, buyers, or commercial property resides. Location targeting is also key for any events you may be hosting, as you can present your ad to people close to the event location.


Interests are another important factor to consider when using Facebook ad targeting. From industrial real estate to retail, if you have a particular asset class in mind, targeting your real estate Facebook ads based on interests is a necessity.


When it comes to Facebook ad targeting, behavior targeting is one of Facebook’s greatest assets. Basic behaviors, such as interests in selling or purchasing commercial real estate can all be included in your ad targeting.

Facebook Ad Types

As a commercial real estate professional, you have several different Facebook ad types to choose from. The right fit for you will vary based on your business needs.

Newsfeed Image Ads

Newsfeed Image Ads use a newsfeed image, complete with description and link, to draw people to your website or detailed property page. This ad type includes a photo, website or landing page link, and a hyperlinked call to action.

These Facebook ad types are one of the site’s most popular choices, boasting a 44% higher click through rate than right-side-column ads. You can generate interest in your ad with Facebook’s like, comment, and share buttons. Greater engagement will help drive traffic to your website.

Carousel Ads

With carousel ads, you can display up to 10 images in a single ad on Facebook’s newsfeed. Carousel Ads include a link to your homepage or listing. You can also include a few lines of snappy copy to further boost interest. Carousel Ads are a great match for property sales.

Lead Generation Ads

Lead Generation Ads function purely as real estate lead generation tools. Lead Generation Ads are a powerful ad choice because users don’t need to leave Facebook to complete a signup form.

Event Responses

Event Responses are a great option for any commercial real estate professional intending on hosting an event, such as a showing. Event ads use location targeting to ensure that your ad is placed in front of the audience in your intended location.


Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents


Facebook Ads for real estate agents can help you generate a high number of leads for your CRE business. You can use Facebook’s ad targeting features to help ensure that your real estate ad is seen by commercial property sellers and investors. You can tailor your ad based on ‘Job Title’. This tab can be found under the ‘Interests’ section, under Facebook’s Detailed Targeting section.

Writing persuasive, personable ad copy is key to ensuring you see a great ROI. Your written tone of voice, word use, and writing style will all impact the effectiveness of your Facebook real estate ads.

As a real estate agent, you understand that trust and good feeling between you and your prospects are the driving factors of business. An animated, excited, and personal tone helps to quickly establish rapport with your readers and inspires them to act. An animated and personal tone easily coveys warmth and will help you emotionally magnetize your prospects.

What information should you include in your ad? Include an evocative description of your property and property location (if you’re advertising property), contact details, and the key benefits of working with you. Social proof, such as mentioning any awards you may have won, can also add to your appeal. In addition, include a clear call to action at the end of your ad, to inspire your readers to move forward with registering their interest. Keep your call to action short and sweet such as, “Email us now.”

Newsfeed Image ads are some of the most fitting for you. Use a high-resolution image to draw in your prospects and use the text space to provide a concise description of what you have to offer.

Comparatively, Led Generation ads are also a great choice for boosting your leads, as your prospects can engage with you ad on Facebook. When it comes to narrowing down Facebook ad types, don’t overlook the Events ad if you are holding a property viewing. Events ads can be targeted to the location of your property, making them ideal for generating as many local leads as possible.

Facebook Ads for Real Estate Listings

When crafting Facebook ads for real estate buyers and sellers, you can use Facebook ad targeting to ensure that your Facebook real estate ad is seen by commercial property buyers and sellers.

You can use Facebook ad targeting to source prospects for commercial property by targeting your ads based on the occupation of your buyers and sellers. You can tailor your advertisement based on ‘Job Title’, which can be found under the Interests section, under Facebook’s Detailed Targeting section. For example, you can include commercial real estate investors under your ‘Job Title’ tag, to help you find property investors.

If you are working with a particular asset class, tailor your behavior targeting accordingly.  For example, if you are looking for a buyer for business premises, target your advertisement based on the profession in question.

You can also use Facebook ad targeting to target both buyers and sellers simply by adding, “Looking to buy commercial property,” and, “Looking to sell commercial property,” under Behaviors, under Facebook’s Detailed Targeting section. As mentioned above, when working in a niche commercial market, include the asset class in question in the Behavioral Targeting box.

Facebook Ads for Real Estate Buyers

When creating Facebook real estate ads for real estate buyers be thoughtful of the words you use to style your ad. Adopt a formal tone, in order to showcase your expertise and to inspire confidence in your prospects.

In addition, keep your ad focused on your property. This will ensure that your information is conveyed in a clear way and that potential buyers can easily find and process all the important details and property features and quickly asses their appeal.

When creating your real estate ad, provide detailed descriptions of property features, price, and availability. The more features of a commercial property you include in your ad, the better – any obscure or commonplace feature could be a potential selling point for a commercial buyer.

Facebook ads for real estate buyers rely on images to sell. As such, Carousel, Newsfeed Image, and Lead Gen ads are all the ideal Facebook ad types for you, as they all allow you to showcase attractive images of your commercial property. Ensure you include high-definition photos of the property, which highlight its key draws.

Facebook Ads for Real Estate Sellers

You can also create lead-generating Facebook Ads for real estate sellers. You can heighten the impact of your ad, by using behavioral targeting based on occupation and interests. If you work with particular asset classes, focus on these in your targeting. For example, if you are interested in the hotel or industrial space, list your interests under the Detailed Targeting section to help you find suitable sellers.

In addition, as with Facebook ads for real estate buyers, be sure to list, “Interested in selling,” under the Behaviors section. Upcoming retirement, or business expansion are other behaviors to consider listing in the Behaviors section, to help you find sellers that best fit your ambitions.

The language you use in your ad should be formal and remain property focused to present yourself in the best light to sellers: as an experienced professional. Facebook ads for real estate sellers are best kept brief. Focus on the key benefits you offer sellers, such as price point or efficiency.

When it comes to choosing Facebook ads for real estate sellers, there are several ideal options to choose from. As Inc. note, Posts that include images produce 650% higher engagement than text-only posts.” As such, Facebook’s Carousel and Newsfeed Image ads are perfect options for drawing in your prospects. In addition, Lead Gen ads are also a great alternative, as interested browsers can sign up on site.


Your Guide to Commercial Real Estate Facebook Ads

Real estate Facebook ads are a powerful way to boost commercial real estate leads. With a number of excellent Facebook ad types to suit your business aims and unique targeting options, Facebook should be the first social media site you look to for commercial real estate advertising.

Why not further enhance your expertise and boost the number of leads you see, by informing your Facebook real estate ads with the latest market data? Use the Reonomy database to help craft an effective commercial real estate ad, based on available and off-market properties, interested sellers and buyers, location, and other key details.

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