LoopNet is considered one of the most prevalent nationwide commercial real estate listings platform available today. The site has more than 500,000 commercial listings for sale and for lease across the United States.

If you’re looking to buy or sell commercial real estate, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on to learn how to find the right buyers and sellers on LoopNet, or how to take your search off market with Reonomy, the leading provider of property intelligence.

LoopNet Listings

Those looking to buy or sell multifamily property, land parcels, or commercial buildings can find and list assets on LoopNet with a number of different characteristics.

In fact, all properties listed in LoopNet are those that are actively for sale on the market. Given the site has more listings than any other, it can be a great resource for buyers and sellers looking for properties actively being marketed.

For brokers and investors looking for new sellers or could-be buyers, off market is usually the more opportunistic route to take.

When looking for property to list, having access to off market properties provides you with a pool of the most untouched assets in the game.

Finding New Sellers and Could-Be Buyers with Reonomy

Only a certain amount of properties are ever listed for sale at one given time.

And while that may seem obvious, searching off market with Reonomy allows you to search a much larger database of properties on a much more granular level than almost any on-market listings platform.

Believe it or not, a large portion of commercial real estate transactions are now conducted off-market. Just because something is not listed doesn’t mean it’s not for purchase—after all, everything has a price.

Search for properties using any number of location, asset class, building and lot, sales, debt, ownership, and tenant filters to search your market with varying levels of granularity.

Find properties specifically within Opportunity Zones, see properties currently in pre foreclosure, see the current tenants of a property, and much more.

Finding New Sellers

To find sellers with Reonomy, you can search for properties based on their most recent sale date and price.

By searching for properties that have not sold in a long time (perhaps, not within the last 10 years), you can find owners likely to sell in the near future.

Searching Off Market Properties Likely to Sell on the Reonomy Platform

Finding Could-Be Buyers

By searching for properties that have recently sold, you can find owners that likely have cash on-hand—either those actively buying, or those that have direct cash from the recent sale itself.

With off-market, however, owners are never going to come to you, making it essential that you find their contact information and reach out directly.

Before reaching out, you can analyze an owner’s entire portfolio to better understand their assets, better understand them, then build a customized pitch specifically for them.

How to Search and Find Commercial Listings on LoopNet

When searching for properties that are listed for sale, LoopNet is often the best source to do so.

Finding and listing commercial property for sale on LoopNet is a fairly quick and painless process.

To search and find the ideal investment property on LoopNet, the more you know about what you’re looking for, typically, the better. The three overarching buckets of search filters on LoopNet are:

  • Property Types & Sub-Types
  • Location
  • Additional Criteria

Searching by Property Type

Asset classes on LoopNet are broken down into 10 overarching classes, with multiple sub-classes underneath them.

Searchable asset classes on LoopNet include the following:

Asset Class Sub-Classes
Industrial Flex, Distribution, Manufacturing, R&D, Refrigeration/Cold Storage, Service, Showroom, Truck Terminal, Warehouse
Retail Bank, Day Care/Nursery, Drug Store, Freestanding, Grocery/Convenience Store, Restaurant/Bar, Service/Gas Station, Vehicle Related, Storefront
Shopping Center Airport Retail, Community Center, Lifestyle Center, Neighborhood Center, Outlet Center, Power Center, Regional Mall, Theme/Festival Center, Strip Center
Multifamily Garden, Low-Rise, Mid-Rise, High-Rise, Dormitory, Manufactured Housing
Specialty Car Wash, Marina, Religious Facility, Self-Storage, School, Parking
Office Industrial Live/Work, Loft/Creative Space, Medical, Office/Storefront Retail, Office Live/Work Unit, Office/Residential
Health Care Assisted Living, Congregate Senior Housing, Continuing Care Retirement, Hospital, Rehabilitation Center, Skilled Nursing Facility
Hospitality Hotel, Hotel Casino, Motel
Sports & Entertainment Amusement Park, Baseball Field, Casino, Golf/Driving Range, Horse Stables, Race Track, Skating Rink, Swimming Pool, Theater/Concert Hall
Land Residential/Multifamily, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural

You can search any number and combination of these asset classes to narrow down or broaden your property search.

For those looking specifically for rental income properties, you can search also make a selection for “Residential Income” properties.

In this section, you can also add filters for property uses—as in, search specifically for businesses for sale, vacant/owner-used properties, or investment properties.

Lastly, you can choose to include or exclude condos and portfolios in your search. This will likely depend on your investment strategy and level of sophistication.

Searching by Location

Along with an asset type, it’ll also be helpful to add in your target location. LoopNet covers both the U.S. and Canada.

In the U.S., you can search by state, metro, “professional submarket,” county, city, zip code, or street/intersection.

When searching for a specific street or exact address, you can also add a filter to include results within a 1-25 mile radius of that address.

Searching with Additional Criteria

You can also search for properties based on a number of additional criteria related to building and lot size, sale price, tenancy, property status, and more.

Underneath the “Additional Criteria,” you can add price filters—search by total price, price per square foot, price per acre, or price per unit.

LoopNet Property Search Additional Criteria

You can also add in specific building and lot sizes, building size being measured in square feet, and lot size being measured in square feet or acres.

For multifamily, lodging, and senior housing properties, you can search by the number of units/rooms/beds.

In this section, you can also search for minimum and maximum cap rates, as well as for the year that the property was built.

In the final column, you’ll see that you can search for custom keywords of your choice, as well as for the date the listing was entered, whether the property is a single or multi-tenant property, and what the status of the property is (distressed, in-auction, net-leased, etc.).

All of these filters together let you find specific asset types in your market with very specific physical and financial makeups. See the full set of property search filters below.

How to List a Commercial Property for Sale on LoopNet

On the other side of things, listing a commercial property for sale on LoopNet is also a simple process.

First, on the Add a Listing page, select whether you’d like to add a sale or lease listing.

If you do not have an account, you’ll have to create. If you do have an account, continue on from there.

Once you’ve entered the “Add a Listing” page, start by typing the address or owner name you’re looking for, and a list of known addresses will pop up. If it is an unknown property, you can search using the map feature to select your property of choice.

Select the address that pertains to your specific listing. Any known fields, like professional building photos, will automatically fill in the listing details.

From there, you can fill in any additional fields required, scroll to the bottom, agree to the listing agreement, and just like that, your listing will be added to the LoopNet marketplace.

If the record of a property did not exist, you’ll need to fill in building specific information like floor address, floor use, square feet, availability, space condition, rent, amenities, layout, and more.

Adding a listing to LoopNet really is that simple, and could be part of the reason why the site has more than 8 million registered users and a half-million commercial listings.

While sites like LoopNet serve a great purpose for investors across the country, for brokers and investors looking for property sellers and buyers in the nation’s 3,000+ counties, Reonomy offers near-limitless opportunity.

Unlock the largest network of potential sellers and buyers nationwide Start Searching

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