There are several reasons why someone would want to buy agricultural land for sale.

Maybe they want to rezone and subdivide the property for residential, or maybe they want to fulfill their lifelong dream of opening a farm.

Others look to buy agricultural land as a long-term buy-and-hold investment – essentially, they land bank the property (unimproved land tends to have low taxes) and wait to see how market conditions evolve over time.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are countless other reasons why someone might scour real estate listings to find agricultural land for sale.

How to Find Agricultural Land for Sale in the US

A few fun facts about agricultural land: roughly 40 acres of agricultural land is sold every hour here in the U.S.

Since 1982, roughly 24 million acres of farmland and ranchland have been developed.

There’s still farmland to be had in all corners of the U.S., from Indiana to Rhode Island, Washington State to Southern Texas.

Digging through the market to locate land for sale is no easy task, especially land with specific agricultural use cases.

In this article, we take a look at the various ways to find agricultural land for sale in any market.

You might also want to read a bit about why going off market can save you a ton of money on your purchase—especially when it comes to land.

Otherwise, read on.

Agricultural Land for Sale Listings

It can be challenging to navigate the marketplace for agricultural land for sale. One strategy is to hone in on the type of agricultural land you’re looking to investigate.

Are you looking to buy farmland? A ranch? A fruit orchard?

Maybe you want to buy agricultural land with a greenhouse already up and running.

Knowing more about the end use of the agricultural land will help real estate investors, brokers, business owners and more navigate online listings.

Here are a few of the most popular platforms that can be used to find agricultural land for sale in any market.


LoopNet is one of the largest MLS-syndicated commercial real estate marketplaces in the nation.

Most people tend to think of LoopNet as a resource when looking for large office, hotel, multifamily and other commercial properties for sale – but it is also a tool that can be used when looking for agricultural land for sale.

LoopNet allows users to search for specific types of agricultural land, such as farms and wineries for sale.

LoopNet Agricultural Land for Sale


LandWatch is a popular website used by commercial real estate investors and brokers who are interested in finding agricultural land for sale.

The website allows users to search by very specific categories, including agricultural land for sale at auction, farms and ranches, hunting land and waterfront land.

Landwatch Agricultural Land for Sale

Land and Farm

Land and Farm specializes in selling rural land for sale across the U.S.

The platform features nearly $300 billion worth of rural real estate for sale each year, including farms for sale and ranches for sale, among other agricultural product types.

At Land and Farm, users can easily search and brose upwards of 700,000 properties for sale at any given point in time. Users can search by state, county, or zip code in more than two dozen different categories.

The website also allows users to create custom searches that, if saved, will notify the users when new properties become available.

Land and Farm Agricultural Land for Sale

Lands of America

Lands of America is a popular website for those interested in locating farms, ranches, acreage and country homes for sale.

Lands of America also has a really helpful “News & Advice” section on their website that serves as a great resource for anyone who may still be learning about some of the nuances of agricultural properties for sale.

Agricultural Land For Sale By Owner

It can be difficult to find agricultural land for sale by owner.

Whereas there are several recognized online platforms that feature residential and commercial property FSBO, there are fewer options for those in search of industrial property for sale by owner.

That said, here are a few options to consider using:


LANDFLIP is a trusted online marketplace that helps users locate a variety of types of agricultural land for sale, including vacant land, rural property, hunting and recreational land, investment property and more.

LANDFLIP is also a valuable tool for those looking to track down agricultural land for sale by owner.

At the top of the homepage, there’s a drop-down menu that says “FIND LAND” – click on this button and select “LAND FSBO.” This will bring you to a number of agricultural listings FSBO.

Landflip Agricultural Land for Sale


Most people turn to Zillow when searching for homes for sale without realizing that the same platform can also be used to find agricultural land for sale.

Start by filtering results for properties only listed as “For Sale by Owner” as shown below.

You may also want to include foreclosures, auctions and “make me move” listings – as those indicate a lot is not actively being marketed, but the owner may have a reason to sell.

Zillow Agricultural Land for Sale

In the example below, we see an owner looking to sell their agricultural land for sale by owner.

The property is 4.69 acres in size, and can be used for a variety of purposes, including residential, farm, livestock, agriculture, crops, harvesting and more.

It’s located close to Sequoia National Park and Pine Flat Lake, making it an interesting opportunity for owners and investors alike.

Zillow Agricultural Land for Sale

How to Search Different Platforms (With Examples)

Vineyards for Sale with LoopNet

Vineyards are a popular form of agricultural real estate for sale, and this is something the minds behind LoopNet have recognized.

As such, there is a special search function on LoopNet that allows users to search specifically for vineyards for sale.

Begin by filtering results for land only.

Once you’ve searched for land, you can filter the results by searching for only those properties listed as vineyards for sale. Use the drop-down menu as shown below.

LoopNet Vineyards for Sale

As you’ll see, there are dozens of listings for vineyards for sale. These are located all over the U.S. If you’re looking for a vineyard for sale in a specific area, you’ll want to filter your results by selecting a specific location.

Once you select a listing, you’ll find robust information about the property. Using the example below, we see that this winery for sale is listed for $3 million in Palisade, CO.

LoopNet Vineyards for Sale

The investment highlights indicate that it’s one of the oldest licensed wineries in the state, and the property includes an open concept retail space with a custom tasting room.

Anyone interested in learning more can contact the broker or download the marketing brochure, which has been uploaded directly to the LoopNet site.

LoopNet Vineyards for Sale

Hunting Land for Sale with LandWatch

Those in search of hunting land for sale will find LandWatch particularly easy to navigate.

The “Hunting Land” section is featured right on the homepage. Once you select “Hunting Land,” a number of “signature listings” will pop up, as shown below.

LandWatch Hunting Land for Sale

Individual listings often feature both videos of the property and photos, as well as other pertinent details.

In the example below, we see the hunting land for sale includes a cabin, food plots, ladder stands, shooting houses, and county water electric – feature that are important for those interested in hunting land from an investment perspective.

LandWatch Hunting Land for Sale

Ranches for Sale with Land and Farm

Land and Farm often features ranches for sale.

To find a ranch for sale, begin your search by clicking “Ranches” on the homepage.

The website will then bring you to all ranches for sale across the U.S., so it’s helpful to then filter results by geography, price, or acreage.

Land and Farm Ranches for Sale

For those looking to get even more specific, click on the “More Filters” tab to refine your results even further.

As you can see, we can now search listings based on whether the property has a house for sale, whether the land is irrigated, and more.

Land and Farm Ranches for Sale

Farms for Sale with Lands of America

The easiest way to search for farms for sale with Lands of America is to begin your search by entering a state, county, or city into the search bar on the homepage.

Unlike other websites, you can actually enter multiple cities into the search bar and it will bring you the results for all of these separate geographies.

Once you enter the geographies you’d like to search, you can then filter the results to look specifically at farms for sale.

Simply check the “Farm” button in the top, left-hand side of the screen as shown below.

Lands of America Farms for Sale

Listings are easy to navigate on the Lands of America website. For instance, this 5.42-acre farm for sale in Austin, Texas has elegant images, a detailed listing description and lists multiple amenities.

The farm for sale includes a barn, barn equipment, living quarters, stables, a loaf shed, tack room and wash rack. The farm for sale can be used for either single family residential purposes and/or equine uses, telling us this is appropriate for a horse farm.

Lands of America Farms for Sale

Greenhouses for Sale with FARMFLIP

Anyone in search of agricultural land with greenhouses for sale will want to check out FARMFLIP, a division of LANDFLIP.

FARMFLIP routinely features properties for sale that include greenhouses.

To find greenhouses for sale, simply type “greenhouse” into the search bar and the resulting listings will display accordingly, as shown below.

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