Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are one of the biggest roadblocks when prospecting in commercial real estate.

From a data standpoint, LLCs make it harder to find true decision-makers behind properties and portfolios.

The question: How can you see the LLCs that own commercial properties and the managing members of those LLCs?

With Reonomy, you can clarify the LLCs that own commercial properties, the members of those LLCs, and the contact information of those members.

How to Find LLC Owners

First, let’s define and clarify a few things…

Finding LLC Owners and Contact Details

As a professional involved with land, multi family, or any other commercial asset type, it’s important to be able to connect with the decision makers behind a property.

Access to that kind of data can open up a new world of business.

It helps you better understand individual owners as prospects, but also creates the opportunity for you to make your pitch directly to them.

It also creates an ability for you to close off-market deals.

You can approach an owner off-market with knowledge of:

  • What and where their assets are.
  • The different LLCs they are apart of.
  • If they own any properties on their own.

Approaching off-market deals with knowledge of an owner’s portfolio will heighten your chance of interacting, and eventually working with them.

Even if you’re technically cold calling them, it can still make those calls much warmer.

Reonomy LLC Owner Search

With the Reonomy Platform, you can quickly find LLC members and owners by searching for a property by owner name, or by the name of the LLC.

If you’re unfamiliar with the name of an LLC but know the property they own, or simply want to find entirely new LLC owner prospects, you can run a property owner search from scratch.

To search Reonomy for a specific LLC name, you can visit the Ownership tab of the search platform.

Reonomy Find LLC Owners

In the tab, there is an “Owner of record” search option, where you can search for the reported owning entity of a commercial property—the LLC.

By entering the name of an LLC, you’ll be given a list of all the properties that have ownership that is associated with that company.

Accessing Owner Details

In your list of properties, you can click into any individual property profile page, and again visit the Ownership tab.

Here, you’ll see the reported owner of the property, which is where you should see the name of your target LLC.

Piercing the LLC to Get Contact Information

From there, you can click to see the members of that owning entity.

You’ll be able to see the phone numbers, email and mailing addresses of those individuals, along with their role in the LLC.

Reonomy San Diego Property Owner Contact Information

Not only can you uncover the true owner of an LLC, but you also have the potential to then run a property search using the owner name you’ve discovered.

You can see their full portfolio, and see the properties that they own under the guise of a different LLC, then even see all the properties owned by that LLC.

Export Contact Information in Bulk

If you’ve found a variety of properties that you’d like to find owner contact information for, you can export a list of properties in bulk (as a CSV) along with owner contact information.

Let’s say you run an LLC owner search for “123 Property Owner LLC,” and Reonomy returns a list of 16 properties associated with that entity.

Instead of going through each property individually to access its ownership, you can simply export your full list to dive in further, and, if you choose, integrate that list into your existing workflow.

See how to export a list of properties here.

Finding LLC Owners with Public Records

Aside from Reonomy, searches can be conducted through public records, as well.

You can find property deeds and other documents from the county recorder/county clerk’s office—they aren’t likely to have any information beyond the reported owner of a property, however.

In conjunction with the Secretary of State, many states have business search platforms that allow you to learn about specific companies.

Usually, you’ll have to know individual LLC names or owner names in connection with the building you want to search.

So, in the case of identifying a new owner, you may have to use a variety of public records sources to first find the recorded owner, then research them more heavily as a business.

In some instances, you may encounter an LLC with members that are LLCs.

At that point, you’d need to run additional searches on the member LLCs to learn the names of individual owners.

Not only do you have to know how to search in your area, but if you are looking to expand business, different states provide the LLC registration information in various formats that dictate the amount of detail you can generate online.

Some states, such as Ohio, provide a minimum of information – the LLC name, registered address and status, and new LLC registrations.

Other states include the name of the registered agent and addresses.

Further, some states do not have an online search option or do not provide you with the type of information you need, leaving you needing to file a public records request with the appropriate office.

While these sources are usually free (or close to it), when looking to pierce the LLC and find the true owners of a property, you always need to consider what your time is worth.

Reonomy eliminates all of those steps and allows you to identify the building you are interested in, the LLC and the owner – as well as their email, phone number and mailing address – all in one step.

Get more insights from your database of commercial owners.

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