By the year 2055, the number of people ages 65 and older will nearly double in the United States. As the population ages, available medical care is becoming an increasing concern in many communities.

Many healthcare providers are addressing this trend, moving practices from large hospitals to smaller, more accessible sites. Gone are the days of enormous corporate-owned medical multiplexes.

The future of healthcare is small, local, and driven by individual investors.

Why Invest in Medical Office Buildings?

The increasing trend away from large hospitals and towards smaller medical office buildings (MOBs) hasn’t escaped the notice of real estate investors.

Medical real estate has shown consistent growth over the past five years, and it’s only expected to get better from here.

Historically, healthcare real estate investment trusts and hospital executives owned the bulk of medical real estate.

But as our medical system changes, individual investors are entering the market, opening up new opportunities for MOB ownership.

Why should investors consider adding medical office buildings to their portfolios?

According to real estate investment experts, medical real estate remains a safe bet, despite the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Furthermore, medical tenants tend to stay in one location for years on end and have excellent track records of being reliable occupants.

Moreover, say the experts, while there’s a boom in medical office building construction is not outpacing the need for services. Demand still outpaces supply in many markets throughout the country.

How to Find a Medical Office for Sale

If you’re looking for medical office buildings for sale, we can help you discover the perfect property for your portfolio.

Below, you’ll find the best places to search for on-market medical offices online.

We will also show you how to save on broker fees and eliminate costly competition by searching for off-market medical properties instead.

Many online commercial real estate (CRE) companies feature medical office buildings for sale on their sites.

These websites allow interested investors to search available properties in their area and filter results according to specific needs. Some even handle the real estate transaction online, from start to finish, expediting the entire process.

The future of CRE is increasingly online, drastically transforming how and where assets are bought and sold.

Depending on your location, you may be able to find local CRE companies that cater to a smaller clientele.

We have only listed the national and international websites that allow users to search for properties across the country. Local real estate brokerage firms may have more information on properties available in your area.

Medical Office Buildings for Sale Listings


LoopNet is the online CRE marketplace leader, with over five million users monthly. Investors can search through over 500,000 listings throughout the U.S.

Their search function makes it easy to find the ideal medical office for sale in nearly any location in the country. Start by entering a location and choosing either “health care” or “office” from the drop-down menu.

LoopNet Medical Office Buildings for Sale

The website’s detailed search function allows users to broadly search any available MOB for sale, or narrow a search to something more specific, like rehabilitation or retirement care facilities.

In the search results screen, filter your search by selecting your desired property types. You can also zoom out on the map to see listings in available cities and states.

LoopNet Medical Office Buildings for Sale


Like LoopNet, CREXi allows investors to search for CRE properties nationwide. Unlike LoopNet, though, CREXi lets investors complete the entire real estate transaction online.

Investors and brokers connect through the platform, negotiate deals, and message through the in-app communications tool. It’s a one-stop-shop for CRE investors looking to purchase medical office buildings for sale.

CREXi Medical Office Buildings for Sale

To begin your search, type in a location, choose “medical office” from the drop-down menu, and search. You’ll find a detailed map, with clear photos and descriptions of each property.

Choose the “more filters” tab to narrow down the listings even further.

CREXi Medical Office Buildings for Sale


As with the other search engines mentioned here, Showcase helps investors find properties from across all asset classes.

Showcase boasts over one million properties listed on its website, including on-market medical office buildings.

Showcase Medical Office Buildings for Sale

Unlike CREXi and LoopNet, Showcase doesn’t have an effective filter option. Since you can’t limit results to only medical office buildings for sale, you’ll have to scroll through all office buildings to find one that meet your needs.

Still, the sheer volume of listings makes this added step feel like a minor inconvenience.

Showcase Medical Office Buildings for Sale

Ten-X Commercial

Ten-X is changing the way investors buy and sell commercial real estate. According to the Ten-X website, their platform powers more than 90% of all online CRE sales across the country.

Their website makes it easy to find a property in your area or anywhere in the country, filter search results by property type, and make an offer all from your handheld device or computer.

Ten-X Medical Office Buildings for Sale

Unlike other CRE search engines, Ten-X operates as an auction site for CRE properties. Interested investors can buy property in one of three ways:

  • Offer Select – Buyers and sellers connect through the website or app and exchange property much as they would on the traditional CRE market.
  • Live Bids – Investors use the auction function to bid on available properties.
  • Managed Bids – A live bid process with added calls for offers during the preliminary marketing phase.

Ten-x Medical Office Buildings for Sale

If your offer is accepted, Ten-X handles the entire transaction securely, from start to finish. The best part? You can do it all in the palm of your hand with the Ten-X mobile app.


CityFeet is essentially an intermediary, connecting owners, investors, and brokerage firms through their online platform. Search listings from over 200 partners, with all results available in one easy-to-use website.

CityFeet Medical Office Buildings for Sale

To find a medical office for sale in your area, enter your location, and choose “medical” from the menu. Results show all on-market properties in a geographic area.

You can also narrow search results by selecting either “medical office” or “healthcare” location.

CityFeet Medical Office Buildings for Sale

CityFeet is part of the CoStar real estate group, a network of professionals serving buyers, brokers, and investors nationwide. CityFeet and CoStar give clients access to over the estimated five million commercial real estate properties on the market today.


The Commercial Investment Multiple Listing Service (CIMLS) features $500 billion of commercial and industrial real estate in one place.

The CIMLS website states they are the largest online open commercial real estate listing service, serving more than 320,000 registered users.

CIMLS Medical Office Buildings for Sale

First, users enter a desired state, city, or county, and then select the desired type of property. Choose either “Office” or “Healthcare” in the drop-down menu to find medical office buildings for sale.

The website also allows users to compare multiple properties or find a broker, all for free.

Find Medical Buildings Off-Market with Reonomy

Aside from on-market listings, your other option is to use a tool like Reonomy to discover properties that are likely to sell off-market.

Many deals now take place off the market, because it allows for more direct communication with property owners, while also letting buyers avoid broker fees and other intermediary roadblocks.

The Reonomy Platform lets you search for medical office buildings in more than 3,000 U.S. counties, and filter by properties that have not sold in a certain time frame.

Reonomy Medical Office Buildings for Sale Off-Market

That allows you to identify buyers and sellers of medical office buildings fairly easily.

You can then quickly pierce the LLCs behind those properties, and get the contact information for the true owners of the property, to reach out, make your pitch, and ultimately strike a deal.

No matter where you search for them, adding medical office buildings to your portfolio can be a solid investment strategy.

The healthcare needs in America continue to increase, and as our population ages, we are only going to see stronger demand for medical offices in cities and towns across the nation.

Discover the asset you need, with the data you need to close a deal. Start Searching

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