Mobile home parks, also referred to as RV or manufactured home parks, are often overlooked by new (and even seasoned) investors despite being one of the most stable asset classes to invest in.

General affordability, low maintenance and overall high demand are just a few reasons to invest in mobile home parks. But, how do you find those for sale?

Below, we’ll show you how you can find the perfect mobile home park to invest anywhere in the country, using a property intelligence platform like Reonomy and listings websites.

How to Find Mobile Home and RV Parks for Sale

To find a mobile home park to invest in, you can either search on or off-market.

“On-market” refers to properties actively listed for sale, either through listings platforms or otherwise.

“Off-market” refers to the nation’s entire asset stock of listed and unlisted properties. It offers a much larger pool of properties to explore, as well as other benefits, like more flexible deal-making and direct contact with owners opposed to middlemen.

Search Off-Market and Connect with Owners Directly

How can you streamline the off-market search for mobile home and RV parks for sale? One way to search off-market is to scour public records and piece-together information on individual properties.

An easier way, however, way is to use Reonomy, a property intelligence platform designed to help you discover, connect and close new opportunities across the country—all in just a few clicks.

Reonomy Mobile Home Park Search

With Reonomy, you can search mobile home parks off-market, find owners willing to sell, and access their contact information—all in one place.

With Reonomy property intelligence, you can narrow down the country’s total pool of properties to target mobile home and RV opportunities and access the contact information of their respective owners.

Use hundreds of search filters to narrow down investment opportunities to your liking in your preferred locations—as high-level as an entire state or MSA, all the way down to an exact street.

Then, explore property details and unlock true owner contact information (even if it’s owned by an LLC) to reach out and strike a deal. Simply put, Reonomy property intelligence provides everything you need to make better decisions and close more mobile home parks deals.
How do you know an owner is willing to sell?

Good question, especially when going the off-market route. The Reonomy platform makes it easy to narrow searches and uncover key indicators that can point to a likely sale.

For example, you can find mobile home parks based on the most recent sale date. Owners that have not sold in 5 or 10+ years will likely be willing to hear out a fair offer.

There are other ways to find motivated sellers. Similarly, you can run a filtered search using debt criteria to find mobile home parks in pre-foreclosure or nearing the end of a mortgage. Or, you can explore portfolio history to see if an owner has recently made other sales.

However you decide to search, once you pinpoint mobile home parks of interest, you can dive into individual ownership details and contact information straight through the Reonomy platform.

The same perks that come with searching for mobile home parks for sale by owner come with off-market, except you’re not limited only to what is listed actively for sale.

Search Mobile Home Parks for Sale Listings

Maybe you want to go to the tried-and-true route of an on-market purchase.  If so, online listings platforms are one of the easiest ways to find mobile home parks that are actively being sold by owners and/or agents.

Below, see the best listing websites to use when looking for mobile home parks for sale.

LoopNet Mobile Home and RV Parks

LoopNet is seen by many investors as the crowning glory of the online property listings platforms.

The site is a popular choice for listings, thanks to its exhaustive list of available commercial real estate investments currently on the market. The site racks up an impressive total of around 500,000 listings.

On the site, you can search for mobile home and RV parks for sale in any state across the U.S.

LoopNet Multifamily Property Search

CREXi Mobile Home Parks

CREXi is another all-encompassing commercial property for sale listings website.

You can search for more than a dozen different commercial property types, one of which is mobile home parks.

To find a mobile home park for sale on CREXi, simply check the associated box in the “Select Types” dropdown, enter your desired location, and you’re on your way.

BizQuest Mobile Home Parks

BizQuest is a website that allows you to search through businesses for sale across the entire U.S.

On the site, however, BizQuest also has commercial real estate listings, and claims to have, “the best inventory when it comes to mobile home parks for sale!”

BizQuest Mobile Home Parks for Sale

To search for mobile home parks for sale on BizQuest, you first need to search for real estate for sale, then during your search, add a keyword for “mobile home parks.” catalogs a wide range of RV parks for sale across the US.

The site offers a color-coded map of the states that currently have an RV park for sale, helping you to quickly find a park in your desired location. presently has over 40,000 RV parks for sale on their website.

The popular mobile home park marketplace covers every US state, all of which are easy to search on the site’s home page.

The website also offers several helpful articles on how to best invest in the lucrative asset type. boasts around 90 mobile home parks for sale on their website.

While only offering a small number of available spaces, the team behind the site helps oversee the operations of almost every park they sell.

You can easily get in touch with their team, both over the phone and directly via email. This site is a great choice if you are new to the world of mobile home park investing and are looking for some guidance along the way.

Park Brokerage Inc RV Parks

Park Brokerage Inc. lists over 6,500 RV parks and manufactured housing communities on their website.

They cover parks for sale in California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Par Brokerage Inc Mobile Home Parks for Sale

The website is run by licensed real estate broker John Grant, who has been in business since 1981.

Grant is experienced in running RV parks and can help provide guidance and advice on day-to-day maintenance and potential pitfalls. offers a number of mobile home parks for sale, providing a detailed description of each of the park’s main assets and benefits.

Beyond their listings, the company also provides a number of different guides to help make the investment process easier.

The website is hosted by Darrell Hess & Associates, a consulting and brokerage firm located in Waynesville, NC, with over 35 years experience in the RV market.

Fortune Real Estate Mobile Home and RV Property

Fortune Real Estate specialize in sourcing and selling promising manufactured home communities and trailer parks for sale in Florida.

Fortune Real Estate work with both buyers and sellers, helping them find the best match for their needs.

As the company notes on their site, Florida is a wise choice for investors looking to purchase an RV park.

They highlight the state’s low taxes, wealthy residents, and high income stability, on top of the many benefits available when investing in mobile home parks.

Find Mobile Home Parks for Sale by Owner

Some, but not many of the sites listed above also include the ability to search for mobile home parks for sale by owner (FSBO).

The aforementioned, for example, offers a specific section of their website strictly for mobile home parks for sale by owner.

Otherwise, many of the same benefits that you get when searching for properties for sale by owner can also be had by searching off-market, only you won’t be limited to what is actively being listed.

In fact, searching for any multi family, land or commercial asset type off-market comes with many perks.

Recapping the Benefits of an Off-Market Mobile Home Park Search

Off-market property searches allow you to avoid hefty broker fees, and can help you find a number of eligible mobile home parks for sale that are hidden from your competition.

In addition, searching off-market allows you to deepen your property search, giving you a view of the entire property market, letting you extend your research well-beyond what is currently being listed.

With property listings websites, your search is severely limited only to the number of properties currently on the market. Contrarily, off-market searches allow you to browse the entire real estate market for your next RV park investment.

When it comes to finding mobile home parks for sale online, combining your property listings search with off-market property intelligence via Reonomy or using off-market data entirely on its own can help you ensure that you are maximizing your chances of finding the best possible deal available.

Discover your next mobile home park investment off-market. Start Searching

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