One of the best ways to find mobile home parks in Florida is to search off-market using Reonomy’s property intelligence platform. With it, quickly search by location and property type, identify assets likely to sell, and see detailed contact information of owners.

Investing in mobile home parks is rarely the first choice of individuals looking to put their capital in real estate.

Mobile home parks however can be a great asset class to invest in for several reasons. They tend to have a low barrier to entry, and come with many unique perks.

As a type of residence, mobile home parks align well with a large portion of Florida’s demographic, explaining its popularity in the state.

Mobile Home Parks as an Investment

What makes a mobile home a good investment in Florida?

Unlike investing in other real estate assets where you own the land parcel and the buildings on it, when you buy a mobile home park, you only own the land, not the actual RVs and trailers.

Tenants own their trailers, and rent out pads for a place to park that trailer.

Each pad is simply a small piece of land within the park. From an ownership perspective, the maintenance of the property is minimal.

The asset class is also largely recession-proof, given its affordability for renters.

Mobile home parks in the U.S. often attract an older demographic, such as those who have recently retired or want to downsize.

Florida especially is a preferred destination for snowbirds and retirees in search of year-round sunny weather.

While some older residents downsize in order to save on costs, others want to have a mobile home as a second residence.

Given the affordability, many snowbirds would even pay rent year-round, only to occupy the space during the winter months.

Find Mobile Home Parks for Sale in Florida

These unique characteristics of the asset class make mobile home parks for sale in Florida a particularly attractive search category.

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most useful platforms and offer some useful tips for investors and brokers looking to find the best deals on mobile home parks for sale in Florida.

Commercial Real Estate Listings and Brokerages

To find mobile home parks for sale that match your specific criteria, you can either search commercial real estate listing platforms or work with a local commercial real estate broker based in Florida.


LoopNet is one of the top online resources for investors and brokers interested in Florida mobile home parks for sale.

The website has national coverage, and therefore it features mobile home parks and RV parks listings in all parts of the state – from large metros such as Jacksonville and Tampa, to smaller markets like Fort Myers and Pensacola.

Most communities however will not have multiple mobile home or RV parks for sale at any given time, so in order to broaden your options, you should look across multiple locations throughout the state.

LoopNet Mobile Home Parks for Sale Florida


CREXi is another popular online database for commercial real estate listings. The website features over 65,000 property listings nationwide, including mobile home parks for sale in Florida.

Users can sign up for a free account to obtain basic information about the properties listed for sale on the platform. Listings are added daily so interested investors can view new mobile home parks for sale in Florida right as they hit the market.

CREXi Mobile Home Parks for Sale Florida

As the name implies, is an online listings service that tailors exclusively to individuals interested in buying and selling mobile home parks.

This website can be especially beneficial for beginner investors, as it features a robust “Resources” section to help educate people about mobile home park investing. Users can learn about mobile home parks financing and operation, landlord and tenant laws by state, and more. Mobile Home Parks for Sale Florida


ComReal is a commercial real estate brokerage that was founded in South Florida in 1979.

The firm has since expanded its reach to cover the entire state, making the ComReal brokerage team a great resource for those in search of mobile home parks for sale in Florida.

ComReal also boasts an international client base, which can be very beneficial for local owners looking to sell their Florida real estate.

Comreal Mobile Home Parks for Sale Florida is an online platform helping people find commercial real estate investment opportunities across the country.

Occasionally, the website features commercial properties for lease as well.

Mobile Home Parks for Sale by Owner Listings

Mobile home parks are a unique asset class, and owners typically rely on brokers to reach the largest pool of potential investors. Nevertheless, some owners occasionally try to sell their properties themselves.

Such for sale by owner Florida mobile home parks listings are hard, but not impossible to discover. Here are a couple of for sale by owner (FSBO) listings websites to try.


Craigslist is a popular website for selling anything by owner, and occasionally people list Florida mobile home parks on the platform as well.

The challenge is that Craigslist is not set up for statewide searches – you cannot search for mobile home parks or any other category of real estate across the entire state of Florida at the same time.

Instead, you must search the Florida Craigslist site closest to the geography you’re targeting – such as Daytona Beach or Pensacola. This can make searching for FSBO mobile home parks in Florida rather time consuming as there are 20 Florida market Craigslist sites to browse.

With that said, Craigslist can be a great resource for those in search of Florida property for sale by owner.

Craigslist Mobile Home Parks for Sale by owner Florida

We’ve already touched upon briefly, but here’s what we didn’t mention above – the website can also be a great source to locate Florida mobile home parks for sale by owner.

On the homepage, instead of typing “Florida” into the search bar, look for the link that says “Mobile Home Parks for Sale by Owner” just beneath the main search bar. Occasionally, you will find FSBO Florida mobile home parks listed on this page.

Examples of How to Search Top Platforms

Let’s run through a few specific examples of how to find the right mobile home parks for sale in Florida using some of the top listings platforms.

Florida Mobile Home Park Search With LoopNet

When searching LoopNet for mobile home parks for sale in Florida, you’ll want to begin by narrowing down the property type. The default option is to search for “All properties for sale,” but refining your search will yield more targeted results.

The challenge with LoopNet is that mobile home parks for sale will often fall under several categories, depending on how the broker classifies the property. For instance, some mobile home parks will be listed as “Specialty” property and others as “Multifamily.”

In order to search comprehensively, you’ll want to select both categories (Specialty and Multifamily).

Within the drop down menu for Specialty, select Other Specialty, and within the drop down menu for Multifamily, select Manufactured Housing/Mobile Home (as shown below). This will refine the results to include both categories.

LoopNet Mobile Home Parks for Sale Florida

While this is not the most intuitive way to search for mobile home parks for sale (it would be easier if there was a standalone category), once you get the hang of it, you will be able to easily find targeted investment opportunities with LoopNet.

There are a number of additional filters that you can apply to further refine your search results for mobile home parks for sale in Florida.

Each listing in your final results will also have a detailed information page. As seen in the screenshot below, available property details include cap rate, number of units, building class, lot size, and other specifics.

Most LoopNet listings also include a marketing brochure in PDF format to download or print.

LoopNet Mobile Home Parks for Sale Florida

Florida Mobile Home Park Search With

To find Florida mobile home parks for sale with, you’ll want to begin by typing “Florida” into the search bar on the homepage.

This will bring up all mobile home and manufactured home communities for sale in Florida. You can then sort the results based on the lowest/highest price or the newest/oldest listing.

Each listing will contain pertinent investment information, such as the number of trailer spaces, occupancy rate, and the type of water and sewer service (if any).

MobileHomeParkStore Mobile Home Parks for Sale Florida

Florida Mobile Home Park Search With

One of the challenges with finding Florida mobile home parks for sale with is that the website is somewhat difficult to navigate.

For starters, you cannot search by property location and asset class simultaneously from the beginning. Instead, you must navigate through several options to accomplish this.

In this case, you’d begin by selecting Florida as the state. Next, you also need to select a specific territory within the state, such as Central Florida or Florida Panhandle as shown below.

Total Commercial Mobile Home Parks for Sale Florida

Once you select your preferred territory, you finally get to choose the type of property you’re looking for from a short list of options, including Improved Property, Vacant Land, Residential Investment, Land Leases, and a couple more.

Total Commercial Mobile Home Parks for Sale Florida

As you can see in the screenshot above, mobile home and RV parks for sale fall under Residential Investment. Once you select that category, you have to further narrow the search by selecting the MH/RV Parks checkbox in the expandable search options menu. After navigating through all these options, you finally get to see the available inventory of mobile home parks for sale.

Let’s not forget however, that these results only feature properties for sale in the specific Florida territory you selected a few steps back. If you want to find mobile home parks for sale in other parts of the state, you’ll have to begin the search all over again.

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