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How to Find Multi Family Homes for Sale in Las Vegas

The multi family real estate market has seen a significant rise over the last decade with rising trends in baby boomers downsizing their homes, millennials opting to rent rather than own, and more and more folks relocating for work.

Las Vegas is no aberration, seeing similar trends.

Finding valuable multi family homes for sale in Las Vegas, however, requires a fair amount of research and due diligence.

Here, we’ll run through your best options for doing so.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Listings

In this section we will review some of the more notable online platforms featuring multi family properties for sale. While some of these services offer listings across multiple U.S. markets, others specialize in the Las Vegas area.

Any of these listing platforms are a great place to start in your search for the right multi family investment opportunity in Las Vegas.


While Zillow’s platform traditionally serves prospective home buyers and sellers, its huge database of more than 110 million U.S. homes can be an excellent resource for locating Las Vegas multi family homes for sale.

Zillow multi family homes for sale in las vegas

In addition to traditional for sale listings, the site also features properties in foreclosure and pre-foreclosure, as well as recently sold homes, which can be a great source for sales comp data.


Established in 1995, LoopNet is one of the leading commercial real estate listing services offering information on 500,000 properties in the United States and Canada.

LoopNet is essentially Zillow for commercial real estate.

LoopNet Multi family homes for sale in Las Vegas

Its database features all types of for sale and lease properties, including office, retail, industrial, flex, multi family, and other specialty real estate.

Multi family listings include a wealth of details such as occupancy rates, unit mix, average rents, and area demographics, which can be very useful in pinpointing the best investment opportunities.


CREXi is one of the newer online listing services nevertheless it has already established itself as a robust marketplace for all types of commercial real estate including multi family properties.

The platform also offers market-specific analytical data that can be extremely helpful when evaluating multi family investment opportunities in markets such as Las Vegas.

Ten-X Commercial

In addition to the traditional search for multi family, office, retail and other types of commercial real estate listings, Ten-x Commercial offers innovative tech utilities such as matching investors with potential properties, a secure online purchasing process, and an in-house closing team.

Ten-X multi family homes for sale in las vegas

According to their web site, Ten-x Commercial is currently facilitating 90% of all online commercial real estate transactions.


Trulia caters primarily to the residential real estate buyer, however the platform also features a category for multi family properties for sale targeted at investors.

While the number of on-market multi family listings is more limited than what some of the other platforms offer, Trulia features helpful analytical data such as sales comps, estimates, and trends.


This site is another good source for discovering multi family homes for sale in Las Vegas and other major U.S. cities.

A partner platform to LoopNet, CityFeet features commercial property listings for sale and lease, including multi family, office, retail, flex, industrial, and medical.

CityFeet multi family homes for sale las vegas

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services/Las Vegas Real Estate

Las Vegas-based realty, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services specializes in luxury homes and high-rise condos, however it also features listings on duplexes, fourplexes, and other multi family properties.

The brokerage offers local market insights as well as general advice on the benefits of investing in multi family real estate.

Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas

KW Las Vegas is another local brokerage offering services to investors who are looking to purchase duplexes and other multi family properties in the area.

Each listing features detailed property information, including financial details and a mortgage calculator.

Keller Williams multi family homes for sale las vegas

Las Vegas Homes by The Brooks Team

The Brooks Team is another local realty servicing Las Vegas and multi family investors interested in the area.

Their website features a search utility and lets you browse available properties by price, property type, and community. It also includes a section with information on sold properties.

Brooks Team multi family homes for sale las vegas

Search Las Vegas Off-Market with Property Intelligence

Your next option is to instead go off-market and search for properties not currently listed for sale.

Why do buyers and brokers do this?

First, they broaden the pool of assets that they can search through immensely. They’re not just limited to what’s for sale.

They can also get to properties likely to sell before they’re ever listed, which minimizes the competition around that asset.

Investors can avoid the intermediaries in a purchase that drive up acquisition costs and make communication with the selling party a time-consuming headache.

Brokers can reach out directly to owners to form relationships prior to a property being listed–again, with little competition.

Below, we’ll show you how Reonomy can help you discover multi family properties off-market that are likely to sell, then give you access to owner contact information.

For Sale by Owner Listings

In addition to the real estate industry-specific listing services we reviewed in the previous section, we wanted to highlight some other resources for finding multi family homes for sale by owner in Las Vegas.


Craigslist has established itself as the go-to site for local classifieds over the last twenty years.

With a very basic interface that has not changed much since the beginning, the platform features listings for everything from jobs and services to cars and real estate for sale, usually listed by individuals or local companies.

Craigslist has separate sites for most major U.S. cities so searching for multi family properties for sale in a specific market such as Las Vegas is pretty straightforward.

Craigslist multi family homes for sale by owner las vegas


Letgo is another classifieds-type website where individuals post ads for cars, real estate, and various other categories of items for sale.

You can specify the city or zip code you are interested in when running a search and message the seller directly through the website if you find something you like.

Las Vegas Review Journal

The Las Vegas Review Journal has a neat classifieds site where you can search for a specific keyword or browse the various categories.

The Real Estate for Sale category can be filtered by price, number of bedrooms or baths, square footage, and type of property.

Las Vegas Review Journal multi family homes for sale las vegas

Las Vegas Multi Family Search Examples

Most commercial and residential real estate listing services feature robust search tools that are a great way to locate the right multi family investment opportunities in markets such as Las Vegas.

In this section we will illustrate the search process in two of the most popular real estate listing platforms.

Las Vegas Multi Family Search with LoopNet

Just like most real estate listing websites, Loopnet’s search tool is located front and center on the home page.

The “For Sale” tab is selected by default, however you can click on it just to ensure you are in fact searching the for sale inventory.

Next, you need to select the “Multifamily” option from the “Enter a property type” dropdown menu on the left.

Then, begin typing “Las Vegas” in the “Enter a location” field on the right. As you type, a list of suggested locations will appear below the field; you can click on the Las Vegas, NV entry.

Loopnet multi family homes for sale las vegas

Once you click the Search button, you will be presented with a list of available for sale multi family properties in the Las Vegas area.

On the left side of the screen is a map of all the properties that matched your search, and on the right is a scrollable list of the same results. This screen has many options that allow you to further narrow your search.

In addition to initiating a brand new search, the toolbar beneath the LoopNet logo allows you to filter your results by price, building size, and a number of other criteria that pop up if you click on the More Filters button.

If you click on the Sort button, you will be able to reorder the results alphabetically, by date, by price, etc.

LoopNet multi family homes for sale las vegas

The map featuring your search results is interactive – you can pan, zoom in and out, switch to aerial view, or hover over the property markers for more information.

If you click on a specific property, it will be brought into focus in the results list on the right.

Clicking on the detail card of the property in the list on the right will open a new page featuring extensive details on the listing, including financial data, property highlights, demographics, area amenities, representing broker contact information, and more.

LoopNet multi family homes for sale las vegas

If you have a very specific requirement, you can bring up the advanced filters by clicking on the Advanced Search link located underneath the red Search button on the home page.

LoopNet multi family homes for sale las vegas

Las Vegas Duplex Search with Zillow

We will use Zillow to illustrate another example of how to find multi family homes for sale in Las Vegas.

This time however, we will execute a search for duplexes and triplexes for sale in Las Vegas.

The first step is to type “Las Vegas, NV” in the “Enter an address, neighborhood, city, or ZIP code” field on the home page and then click on the search icon.

Zillow multi family homes for sale las vegas

On the next screen you will be asked whether you want to see for sale or for rent properties – select for sale and you will be presented with a page that features all Las Vegas homes for sale.

On the left side of the screen you will see an interactive map of the properties. You can pan, zoom, and switch to aerial or street view along with some additional options.

On the right is a scrollable list of the properties that matched your search criteria.

Zillow multi family homes for sale las vegas

The next step is to narrow down these results in order to see only duplexes for sale in the Las Vegas area. To do this, click on the “More” button on the toolbar below the Zillow logo and type “duplex” in the Keywords text box.

You can further customize your search here by specifying other criteria such as number of parking spots, minimum and maximum square feet, year built, amenities, preferred views, etc.

Once you hit “Done”, the original results list will be trimmed to show only properties matching your newly-added search keyword.

You can sort these results by date, price, number of beds and baths, square feet, etc.

If you see a property you would like to investigate further, just click on the picture tile.

This will open up an overlay featuring more detailed information, multiple photos, and the contact information for the listing agent.

Zillow multi family homes for sale las vegas

We hope these examples will help you get started in your search for Las Vegas multi family homes for sale.

Most platforms have similar search interfaces, so you should be able to apply this knowledge to any other online listing service you may choose to use in your quest for solid real estate investments.

Multi Family Opportunity Zone Search with Reonomy

Reonomy is not a listings platform—it is much more than that.

The platform helps you search the entire supply of multi family assets in any market and identify what’s likely to sell via property intelligence.

You can construct searches based on the sales history, debt, and ownership of an asset.

To begin your Reonomy multi family Las Vegas search, you can filter by MSA, city, county, zip code, neighborhood, and street name.

You can also simply search for an exact address.

Reonomy multi family homes for sale las vegas

You can search generally for multi family, or by different sub-types of multi family.

Reonomy multi family homes for sale las vegas

You can also hone in on more specific assets by adding filters for building and lot size and age, or search for Las Vegas multi family homes in Opportunity Zones, and so on.

Search by number of units, the year of build, renovations, zoning, and more.

Reonomy multi family homes for sale las vegas

Then, you can add transaction history filters to find indications of an owner being willing to sell.

After analyzing an owner’s portfolio, you might notice that they have a typical holding period for their investments, and that they’re approaching that time.

You might also simply look for properties that haven’t transacted in a long time, and therefore have an owner who’s likely willing to field some offers.

Reonomy multi family homes for sale las vegas

From there, you can dive into individual properties to find owner contact information and reach out directly at precisely the right time.

Reonomy multi family homes for sale las vegas

No matter what kind of multi family property you might be looking for in Las Vegas, it might be best to use a combination of the platforms mentioned above.

While Reonomy gives you the greatest depth and breadth in your search, it can also be helpful to have relationships with brokers and stay in-tune with current listings prices.

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