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In this post, we explore the best resources to use to find profitable multi unit properties for sale – including anything from a duplex, to a full apartment buildings, to office properties, mixed-use properties, and retail properties.

Multi Unit Properties for Sale

As an investor considering multi unit property for sale, your mind most likely automatically jumps to multifamily property.

Multifamily properties boast some of the highest annual returns of any asset class, at 6%-12% of the property price.

However, multi unit properties, such as multi unit office and retail space, can also bring large returns and are a great way to diversify your portfolio.

From two-to-three unit multifamily investments to 50+ unit office buildings, in this blog post, we show you how to find lucrative multi unit investment properties.

Duplexes for Sale

Duplexes refer to a building containing two residential flats. If you’re looking for a small, hassle-free investment to add to your portfolio, duplexes are a perfect place to begin.

There are several online platforms to use to find duplexes for sale. We explore the best, below.


HotPads is popular residential listings platform – used to find homes, condos, and other residential dwellings in the U.S.. You’ll find duplexes listed under the ‘property type’ search filter on their ‘search for sale’ page.

HotPads Multi Unit Property for Sale

You can use HotPads to find foreclosed duplex listings, if you’re looking for a higher ROI on your investment and have the cash flow to invest in potential repairs and restorations.

In addition, you can also use HotPads to search for new construction duplexes – likely in great condition and without the headaches of repairs and renovations.

Another plus of HotPads? You can also narrow your search to focus on duplexes that offer features like A/C, off-street parking, and gated entry – all features that may increase the appeal of a duplex to potential tenants.


As a go-to listings platform for finding commercial real estate, LoopNet is also a great resource for finding multi family properties for sale – including duplexes.

LoopNet boasts over 500,000 property listings – crowning it one of the most popular commercial listings platforms on the net.

LoopNet Multi Unit Properties for Sale

While you cannot search specifically for duplexes, you can search for many other multifamily property types, including low, mid, and high-rise, dorms and more.

You can refine your search for duplexes based on money-making features – such as a garden, off-street parking, or A/C – using the keyword feature. You can also refine your search and filter properties based on cap rate, year of build, price, property status (such as whether or not the property is distressed) and lot size.

Triplexes for Sale

Looking for triplexes (three-unit buildings) for sale? Multi-family properties with a higher number of units reduce risk, as you’ll generate income on a property even if one or two units are vacant or are occupied by late-paying tenants.

We cover the best listings platforms to use to find triplexes for sale, here.


Go the foreclosure route and save up to 30%-60% on your investment. Foreclosures refer to properties in which the owner has failed to make payments on their bank-owned mortgage, and has subsequently had their property repossessed by the bank.

BankForeclosuresSale is one of the most popular listings platforms for purchasing residential and commercial foreclosures, including duplexes. The site lists pre-foreclosures, bank foreclosure homes, and government foreclosures for purchase.


Zillow is one of the best-known residential real estate platforms on the net. As such, it’s an ideal place to go to search for triplexes listed for sale.

Zillow Duplex and Triplex for Sale

Zillow excels in offering up several search features, such as: FSBO properties, new constructions, and foreclosures – as well as property feature filters, such as square foot and price.

Fourplexes for Sale

With four units to rent out, a fourplex (otherwise known as a quadruplex) can offer promising yields. Choosing a well-kept fourplex in an attractive area guarantees you a steady stream of income over time.


OpenListings is another great listings platform to look at when searching for multi unit investment property, including a fourplex.

You can search for fourplexes using their filtered search bar, refining your search based on price, lot size, and property characteristics.

OpenListings Fourplex for Sale

In addition, OpenListings is customizable – you can create your own personal feed, and receive notifications as soon as property meeting your search criteria is added to the site.

You can also track properties for updates and opt to receive detailed neighborhood and property reports to help you calculate property value and assess demographic and rental trends in the area.

5+ Unit Multifamily Properties for Sale

Apartment buildings have always offered large returns for investors. Following the high demand for rental housing after the crash in 2010, apartments have proven to be an even more lucrative investment, thanks to high demand and an increase in rental rates.

5+ unit residential buildings are a great way to cash in on the rising tide and maximize your returns in a desirable market. Take a look at two of our favorite platforms for finding valuable 5+ unit residential properties for sale.


Ten-X provides multi-family apartment buildings and complexes for sale. Ten-X offers several search features; you can narrow your search based on financing, net lease, units, and more.

Ten-X Multi Unit Properties for Sale

Ten-X allows you to search, conduct due diligence, and close online; reportedly closing deals up to 2X faster than average. You can also save your search for faster searches next time you use the platform. specializing in apartment buildings, and is a great place go to find 5+ unit residential properties. The site allows you to choose from: state, county, city, zip code, price-range, building size, lot size, units, and building condition (distressed or new build – for example).

By becoming a member, you can also search for vendors, management companies, and lenders for your apartment investment.

Beyond multi-family properties, you can also consider mixed use, office, and retail multi-unit properties for sale. While office and retail properties are slightly riskier than multi-family properties to fill, this risk can be offset with the right level of due diligence.

Multi Unit Mixed Use Properties for Sale

A mixed-use building blends three or more uses into one building, and may include: retail, entertainment, office space, residential, hotel, parking, or transportation.

Mixed use buildings are appealing to users as they offer ‘all in one features’, such as a living space and workspace.

This multi-faceted appeal can help reduce the risk of investing, stacking the odds in your favor when it comes to guaranteeing steady, reliable income.


CREXi is a commercial real estate listings platform covering each of the main asset classes – including mixed-use buildings.

CREXi Multi Unit Properties for Sale

You can search for mixed-use properties for sale using CREXI’s many search features, including size, price, and lease type. You can also search for properties based on class type (A-D).


CityFeet, the sister site of LoopNet, features commercial property in New York City – with a secondary focus on property nationwide. If you’re looking for mixed-use property in New York, CityFeet is your best bet, allowing you to search based on function, size, price, location, and tenancy.

Looking for a particular characteristic? You can use the keyword feature to further narrow down your search.

Multi Unit Office Buildings for Sale

The office market in the U.S is currently experiencing a growth streak, thanks in part to the large demand for co-working spaces.

Multi-unit office buildings come with long-term leases, requiring less management and significant cash-flow if you purchase in the right area.

Where can you go to find office buildings to match growing demand? We share the best resources, below.


42Floors boasts millions of active listings in the U.S. office market. 42Floors also provides several search features, allowing you to find the ideal multi-unit office investment based on size, price, uses, and geographical market.

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Catylist offers thousands of office buildings for sale or lease nationwide.

Developed over 16 years, Catalyst have built up a “customized, local database’” with detailed information on both individual office properties and the wider market – to help you more easily conduct due diligence.

As well as providing basic search features, such as size, location, and price, you can also search office properties based on sub-categories.

Commercial Exchange

Additionally, Catylist has a national platform called Commercial Exchange, which also covers office buildings and other multi unit property types, only on a wider basis.

Commercial Exchange also allows you to search for many sub-categories of properties, including data and call centers, medical buildings, mixed use, and more.

Commercial Exchange Multi Unit Properties for Sale

Multi Unit Retail Properties for Sale

With the Uberization of services and e-commerce—where consumers can demand their retail and entertainment whims be fulfilled instantaneously – where consumers can demand their retail and entertainment whims are fulfilled instantaneously by heading online – where 15% of all retail sales now take place, you may wonder – are retail properties still a smart investment?

Yes, here’s why: retail still offers standard yields of 5%-6%. Tenants also typically pay rent, taxes, and maintenance – reducing your monthly costs. Retail also encompasses post offices, movie theatres, and community centers; all of which continue to draw in local residents.

In addition, multi-unit retail space also comes with lower vacancy risks, as you attract more business to the property. Read on, for the best platforms for finding multi-unit rental property.


Brevitas can be used to search private and on-market retail properties for sale. You can use the search features to search from retail properties tied to a certain price range, cap rate, or lease type.

Brevitas Multi Unit Properties for Sale

You can also search based on size, number of units, and related keywords. You can also breakdown available retail properties based on subtype, such as car dealership or grocery store.

Commercial Café

Commercial Café can be used to search from thousands of promising retail properties across the U.S.. Start your search by entering in your desired location. You can then step-up your retail property hunt by tweaking the lease rate, sale price, listing type, available space (sqft), and building area (sqft) filters.

Commercial Café also provides detailed demographic information on local inhabitants, such as the median population age, gender split, and financial income – ideal for gaining insights into your potential customer base.

Scoring a Profitable Multi-Unit Property: The Best Resources for Buying Multi Unit Property

There are several benefits to investing in multi-unit property: higher returns, less risk, and less demands on your time are all big benefits of adding a multi-unit property to your portfolio.

While multi-family properties have always been a prized asset class in the eyes of investors, smart investors also expand their reach and add other multi-unit properties into the mix.

Bookmarking several different listings platforms, enables you to keep an eye out for the best multi-unit properties as soon as they hit the market.

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