Whether you’re looking for a new investment, or trying to analyze other property owners, finding owner-occupied properties on Reonomy is fairly easy.

With access to full property intelligence, you can quickly see if a multi-family or commercial property is owner-occupied, then gain many in-depth insights on both the property and the owner.

Below, we’ll show you how to navigate the Reonomy platform to do so.

If you’re simply looking to learn about investing in owner-occupied commercial real estate, visit our overview post here.

Finding & Analyzing Owner-Occupied Real Estate with Reonomy

In Reonomy, it’s very simple to search and find owner-occupied properties.

The search portal allows you to select any market and asset type, with a variety of customizable filters.

Then, once you set your location and property type of choice, quite simply, it’s as easy as setting this filter to “Yes”:


We’ll give some real, contextual examples for some additional clarity.

Example Search for Owner-Occupied Properties in Austin, TX

Here, you’d start by adding a location filter for the city or MSA of Austin, TX, or for a specific neighborhood or zip code within the city (your choice).

Austin TX Property Search

Let’s say, for the sake of example, you’re looking for an office building (though keep in mind, you can do the same for multi-family, mixed-use, and any other commercial asset type).

You can simply check-off the exact property types and sub-types that you’re looking for:

Austin TX Office building search

Then filter further by building level data.

Here, let’s say we only want to search for properties that have been built in the last 20 years.

We can set “Year Built” to be the year 2000 or later:

Reonomy property search by year built

This is likely the point where’d you want to see how many of those properties are owner-occupied.

All it takes is for you to switch the “Owner-Occupied?” filter (found underneath the Ownership tab) to “Yes,” and your results will be filtered automatically.

So, in just a few clicks, you’re left looking at nearly 500 owner-occupied office buildings in the Austin, TX MSA.


From there, you begin sniffing around individual properties to analyze sales and debt history, as well as learn more about the owner and what the rest of their portfolio looks like (if they have one).

You can also access contact information for owners, in case you wanted to reach out for any reason in particular.

For instance, we can take our example search a few steps further:

You can also filter by date of last sale. We can filter for all buildings that have not sold in the last 10 years to see those that are likely to be sold in the near future.

So, if you’re looking to buy a property (whether you currently occupy that property or not), you’ll likely want to weed out those that have recently purchased.

You can do that using the different filters under the Sales tab of Reonomy’s search portal:


You’re still left with over 200 office buildings, all owner-occupied, in the Austin MSA, that haven’t been sold in the past 10 years.

You can then click into each of the properties individually and get ownership information and specific building level data, or you can export all of the buildings and owners into an excel sheet using the bulk export feature.

You might also look to understand more about the tenants themselves, which you can do by clicking through the Tenants tab located within any individual property profile.


There, you can actually see who the tenants are, and learn a bit of general information about the businesses therein.

All of this information can serve as insights for you in case you want to reach out to the owner and make an offer.

To read more about what it takes to buy a commercial property, read our checklist.

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