Vacant land represents the potential for significant growth in new and developing markets. Reonomy provides CRE businesses the data they need to identify available land and landowners, research the current market, and make strategic investment decisions based on that data.

Below, we examine how Reonomy’s tools can help teams analyze and size market opportunities by identifying vacant land throughout the United States.

Businesses can use this data to strategically determine the best markets for sustainable business growth over time.

Vacant Land and Reonomy Data

Identifying and examining vacant land in your desired market can have a myriad of benefits.

Depending on your business goals, each land vacancy represents a new opportunity to connect with landowners, grow your physical footprint, connect with investors or other changemakers, and ultimately expand your business into new markets.

Reonomy provides the data and the tools your team needs to research new and developing markets, connect directly with decision-makers in those markets, and make informed decisions that will continuously drive your business forward.

Off-Market Search Tools

Searching for off-market vacant land has many advantages. Combined with our extensive database, off-market searches can help identify emerging business opportunities.

Reonomy off-market land searches are helpful for:

  • Development/corporate investment teams looking to grow their existing market, or break into new markets.
  • Brokerage teams looking to source listings on an ongoing basis.
  • Service providers and businesses looking to forge new partnerships.

However, identifying off-market land is just the beginning. Reonomy helps your business make informed decisions based on high-quality data, giving you an advantage over your competitors.

Reonomy connects various layers of data together, which allows teams of brokers, analysts, investors, and sales reps to quickly spot, size, and understand opportunities.

Using this data, teams can identify potentially lucrative opportunities, and then connect with the landowners and decision-makers directly.

On the Reonomy web application, your team can identify the search parameters based on your previous research and data analysis. Then, teams can quickly discern potential areas for growth based on vacant land status.

Using this information, your business can develop a marketing strategy to connect with landowners, surrounding businesses, and other assets in these markets directly.

Likely to Sell vacant Land

Searching Vacant Land and Identifying Potential Opportunities

Reonomy’s unique suite of search and analysis tools can help your business prospect potential growth opportunities in new and existing markets. Using the data obtained through a vacant land search, businesses can identify and size markets and develop a plan for growth.

Plus, searching off-market gives your business an advantage over the competition. Our data helps create a clearer picture of business opportunities in markets across the nation – both large and small.

When searching off-market vacant land on the Reonomy platform, results can be filtered by location, land type, and lot size. Depending on your business’s needs, you can narrow down your focus to find the information you need.

Search by Map Area:

One way to search for land is through Reonomy’s interactive map.

Identify unique parcels of vacant land within the map tool. This function allows teams to determine which areas show the most promise for market growth.

The map function allows users to filter results in the search bar, or draw a radius or custom polygon on the map directly.

Search by Location:

Perhaps your team has already identified its target market based on previous data analysis. Searching by specific location can help you narrow your focus and find new business opportunities in that area.

If your team desires a specific market or location, search for target vacant land opportunities based on your preferred geography. Use the geographic search most relevant to your objectives including street address, zip code, county, city, MSA, and state.

Businesses and teams can also search for an exact address or for properties specifically within Opportunity Zones.

Off Market Property Search by Location | Reonomy

Search by Land Type:

Reonomy also offers the option to filter by land type. Users can search from a more high-level approach of “All Vacant Land,” down to more granular searches of land sub-types.

Narrowing down your search can help you better understand the market and identify the areas with most potential for growth.

Within the Asset Type tab on Reonomy, you can see a list of land types underneath “Vacant Land.”

Some of the filterable options for Vacant Land include Agricultural, Industrial Vacant Land, Residential Vacant Land, General Vacant Land, Commercial Vacant Land, and Special Purpose.

Reonomy Land Search

Search by Sales and Debt History:

Identify motivated landowners by searching through specific sales and debt criteria. The Reonomy search tools allow users to isolate results based on the date of last sale. Furthermore, users can also identify parcels coming to terms on loans.

Using this information, investment and development teams can determine which owners are most likely to sell in the near future. This data can inform marketing decisions or spark outreach between your business and the landowner.

Other businesses can use this information to connect with the landowner or land purchaser directly, boosting the opportunity for long-lasting business relationships and future growth.

Similarly, searching the sales and debt history in a given geographic area can help teams have a more complete picture of the opportunity for growth in that market.


Benefits of Vacant Land Data:

There are several advantages to identifying and researching off-market vacant land.

First, Reonomy’s data and AI tools allow businesses to identify and isolate potential leads, whether those be landowners, developers, or surrounding businesses.

Using this data, your team can identify the best opportunities for growth in each market, and discover new market opportunities you may have missed otherwise.

Also, by researching off-market oppotunities through the Reonomy platform, you will spend less time chasing rabbit holes and more time going after the deals that matter to your business. Our search tools connect you directly to the deal-makers in each market, giving you leverage over the competition. Make better deals, and make them faster by utilizing this data.

Finally, searching off-market land gives your business more flexibility. Instead of limiting your search to specific on-market properties, your team can search a wider area of interest according to market data.

Utilizing this unique data, your business can make better decisions about marketing strategy, investments, business connections, and ultimately, strategic business dealings.

Find New Business Opportunities with Reonomy

Reonomy offers an array of data tools for businesses of all sizes. Our data analysis helps your business identify and size new markets and determine which locations offer the best growth potential.

Outpace your competition through direct connections with decision-makers in all industries, in all markets across the country.

Learn how teams are applying data for more sustainable business. Read More

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