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To learn about the best online for-sale listings websites for Los Angeles warehouses, read on.

How to Find a Warehouse for Sale in Los Angeles

In an era when more people shop online than in stores, it’s become imperative for retailers to focus more on their online presence. According to a recent study, 67% of millennials (arguably the largest demographic for shopping demand) do their shopping online.

With this increase in online demand, retailers are in need of more storage space than retail space. Because of that warehouses are currently a huge real estate market commodity.

With the uptick in warehouse property demand, the market has become more saturated – making it the perfect time to invest.

When it comes to finding a warehouse for sale in Los Angeles, it’s important to look at both properties that are on-market as well as those that are off-market.

Using online listings platforms is the easiest and most efficient way to begin your search for the perfect investable warehouse for sale in Los Angeles.

We’ll dive deep into what makes each platform stand out, which platforms are best for specific needs and purposes, and we’ll also include a few search examples to ensure that you’re able to get the most out of every online listings platform.

Commercial Real Estate Listings

The real estate market has changed drastically with online listings platforms. We’re going to walk through some of the top platforms for commercial real estate listings, namely for finding warehouses for sale in Los Angeles.


LoopNet is one of the most popular commercial real estate listings platforms because it offers a number of different types of commercial real estate like multifamily, retail, residential, warehouse and more.

Among the other online listings platforms, LoopNet has the most listings with over 500,000 worldwide listings on their website.

LoopNet Warehouse for Sale Los Angeles

The real estate that’s listed on LoopNet totals at about $425 billion. If you’re looking for real estate, especially in a more niche category like warehouses for sale, LoopNet should be among your first online stops.

LoopNet offers a few different account options, ranging from basic to premium, free to $69.95 per month. Depending on the account type that you choose, you’ll have access to add a listing to the site, send out email campaigns, create custom property websites, and include a video tour.

If you’re simply looking to search for property, the free membership should cover all of the necessary bases.


CityFeet is actually owned by LoopNet and it specializes in real estate in big cities throughout the United States. Its primary focus is on New York City, but it has listings in every other major city as well, which includes Los Angeles.

You can search specifically for warehouses in Los Angeles, and because CityFeet specializes in larger cities, the results could actually be more specific than a site like LoopNet.

CityFeet Warehouse for Sale Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, a quick search for warehouses for sale in Los Angeles already resulted in over a couple hundred buildings.

CityFeet offers plans ranging from monthly or quarterly. The standard plan starts at $99 per month, while the platinum plan starts at $316.65 per month and offers the option to access CityFeet’s partner network and top search placement (meaning that what you list for sale shows up first in other searches).

Aside from CityFeet’s membership plans, it is also free to perform a basic listings search on their website.


Showcase.com features real estate in both the United Kingdom and the United States and it’s pretty easy to navigate between the two countries. The listings platform allows you to search based on the type of property and then narrow it down by city and other filters.

Showcase is free to use, however the site does offer many advertising options and packages which would allow you to build out a custom profile and feature your properties.

Showcase Warehouse for Sale Los Angeles

Prices are not listed on their website, so you must call Showcase in order to receive a package quote from them. Something really handy that Showcase provides is total access to contact the broker.

Showcase lists out name, email, and other information to make it easy to inquire about a property.

Due to the specificity of Showcase’s listings, a search often results in a smaller pool of listings; however, each listing should match the specifics you’re looking for in a warehouse for sale in Los Angeles.

Commercial Exchange

Commercial Exchange is a national commercial real estate listings platform. The site features thousands of property listings across the United States. Commercial Exchange also verifies each listing to ensure authenticity and accuracy on the platform.

Commercial Exchange Warehouse for Sale Los Angeles

The listings platform grants users the option to search throughout their site using a variety of intelligent filters.

Using Commercial Exchange’s platform for your search allows you the ability to search specifically for industrial buildings for sale using the keyword “warehouse.” As of right now, there were over 180 results in our search. Additionally, you can add more filters like square footage and price.

Searching on Commercial Exchange is free, but in order to upload a listing you would need to become a member for $99 per month.


Biproxi calls itself the “one-stop shop” when it comes to commercial real estate sales.

The listings platform offers a free commercial multiple listing service, as well as marketing platforms and tools. Biproxi is passionate about improving the process when it comes to finding properties to buy and invest in.

This means that there are thousands of properties for sale across the United States that are searchable when using Biproxi for free; however, there are additional perks available for purchase.

Some of the perks offered by Biproxi include professional photography and aerial videos, and even virtual staging. These services can be purchased as-needed by brokers, investors, and other real estate professionals. You have to contact Biproxi in order to learn about their pricing options for these services.

For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Listings

Most warehouses are sold using a third party; however, some warehouses are sold by the current owner.

While there are not many warehouses for sale by owner, there can be a few hidden gems and you don’t want to miss them. When searching for warehouses for sale by owner, you alleviate the need for a third party and are able to communicate directly with the owner.

If there’s more room for direct communication, there’s also more room for negotiation and learning first-hand about the property.

There are two websites we recommend you check out: AARE and Lancelot Commercial.


What’s unique about each of the for sale by owner listings platforms is that they are both specific to California.

AARE started out with only one agent in 2004 and grew from there. Today, it’s one of California’s leading residential and commercial real estate agencies.

The site is not specific to industrial real estate and features homes, duplexes, multi-family, warehouses, and more. Because they feature so many different properties, it can take some specificity to find exactly what you’re looking for.

AARE Warehouse for Sale Los Angeles

The website allows you to specify if you’re looking for commercial or residential and then the results continue to narrow down from there.

Currently, in Los Angeles there are over one hundred warehouse properties for sale by owner.

The website also features listings by agents and AARE connects sellers with an agent (called “Professional”) who will help with some of the negotiations when it comes to selling their property.

Lancelot Commercial

Lancelot Commercial is not only California specific, but this listings platform is actually specific to Los Angeles alone. Similar to AARE, Lancelot Commercial works as a third party to protect the owner, however the listings are still considered to be “for sale by owner.”

The website is specific to commercial real estate like industrial, office, and retail and are affiliated with top real estate companies like CoStar, LoopNet, and Showcase.com.

Due to the specificity of the real estate, they do have a smaller pool to search from; however, if you’re looking for a warehouse with very specific requirements, Lancelot Commercial could be a very beneficial real estate resource for you.

How to Search for a Warehouse for Sale in Los Angeles

Every search engine is just a little bit different – especially when it comes to real estate. We’ll show you how to search for warehouses for sale in Los Angeles using two of the top real estate listings platforms: LoopNet and CityFeet.

Finding a Warehouse for Sale in Los Angeles using LoopNet

Using LoopNet is pretty straightforward. The first step is to make sure that you’ve selected “for sale” and then specify which city you’re looking for real estate in. In this case, it’s Los Angeles.

LoopNet Warehouse for Sale Los Angeles

The page will bring up all of the results for any commercial property for sale in the greater Los Angeles area.

LoopNet Warehouse for Sale Los Angeles

Since we’re looking specifically for warehouses, we’ll need to specify further. At the top towards the center, there’s a button labeled “More Filters” that will bring you to a clickable menu where you can get really specific with what type of real estate you’re looking for.

In the more filters menu, select the drop down option labeled “Industrial” then scroll down to the word “Warehouse.” Make sure that you select “Warehouse” and then click “Save Search” at the bottom right hand side of the pop-up window.

LoopNet Warehouse for Sale Los Angeles

You’ll be brought to the results page showing only warehouses for sale in Los Angeles. If you have specific things you’re looking for, you can get even more specific using the “More Filters” button – there’s even a keyword box where you can type in any word or phrase you’re specifically looking for.

LoopNet Warehouse for Sale Los Angeles

LoopNet is a nice way to search because they have an interactive map that allows you to see exactly where the property is located.

Finding Industrial/Flex Real Estate for Sale in Los Angeles using CityFeet

Using CityFeet is pretty similar to using LoopNet. Upon arriving to the website, the first step is to make sure that you select “For Sale” and specify that you’re looking in Los Angeles.

There’s also a drop down menu (next to the city) where you can specify which type of building you’re looking for. In this case, we’ll choose “For Sale,” “Industrial/Flex,” and “Los Angeles, CA.”

CityFeet Warehouse for Sale Los Angeles

The search results will automatically divide itself between two categories: Los Angeles Office Property and Los Angeles Industrial/Flex Property.

We are searching specifically for Industrial/Flex, so be sure to select that option. The results will appear and include office space, industrial space, warehouse space, and flex space.

CityFeet Warehouse for Sale Los Angeles

If you have specific things you’re looking for within the Industrial/Flex market, you can get more specific using the “More” drop down menu at the top.

CityFeet Warehouse for Sale Los Angeles

Like LoopNet, CityFeet also features a map that allows you to see exactly where each property is located.

Using online listings platforms like CityFeet and LoopNet are a great way to begin your search for warehouses for sale in Los Angeles. Whether you’re an investor, broker, agent, or a different type of real estate professional you’ll be able to make use of these platforms.

Always be sure to use the filter options in order to make your search more specific – this ensures that each property you find is a property that meets your specific needs.

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