Looking for a lucrative warehouse for sale in Miami? In this post, we provide you with a break-down of the best platforms to use to undertake your search – including commercial listings platforms, FSBO websites, and off-market search platforms.

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Or, read on for our selection of the best commercial listings websites for finding warehouses for sale in Miami, including examples of how to use three of the most pre-dominant platforms on the market.

How to Find a Warehouse for Sale in Miami

Since 2015, demand for industrial space has outpaced supply by 169 million sq. ft. and rents have increased by 19.2%.

In particular, Miami’s industrial real estate market has been on a recent string of success, marked by economic expansion, thanks to population growth and demands for jobs across the sector.

As such, Miami is a great area to invest in industrial real estate – whether you’re looking to add to your own investment portfolio or those of your brokerage clients. With it, it’s important to know when and where to search.

Commercial Real Estate Listings

Commercial real estate platforms are one of the best places to start your search for industrial property in Miami – offering thousands of property listings to explore.


From office space to retail, LoopNet is the go-to place for commercial real estate for many commercial real estate investors – including the industrial asset class.

LoopNet Warehouse for Sale Miami

LoopNet offers several filters to help you find warehouses in Miami. Under the ‘industrial’ filter, you can select ‘warehouse’, and narrow your search down based on exact location (including metros, professional submarket, city, zip code, and street address).

You can also filter property based on price, building size, lot size, number of units, cap rate, year built, date entered, property status (such as auctions and distressed), and relevance to certain keywords.


Miami Warehouse Hub Warehouse for Sale Miami

MiamiWarehouseHub.com specializes in industrial properties available for lease or sale in the greater Miami area.

The platform is home to detailed listings, which include information on price, sub-markets, property characteristics (such as street level doors), and ceiling height.

In addition, you can also use the website to find information on the latest market trends and statistics. They currently offer information on local vacancy rates, average lease rates, absorption, and construction.


CREXi is another great commercial real estate listings platform to use for finding warehouses for sale in Miami. CREXi has helped facilitate over 90,000 commercial listings, approximating to more than $450 billion in value.

CREXi Warehouse for Sale Miami

You can also filter your property search based on several filters, such as square footage, cap rate, acreage, property class (from A to D) and more.


Digsy specialize in U.S. commercial real estate spaces for sale, offering over 2465 warehouse buildings on the platform. You can use their advanced search feature to search from property based on location, square feet, price, and more.

Digsy defines itself as a free ‘intelligent assistant’ that can be used to match you with the best available properties for your needs.

The team can help you significantly speed up your search for warehouses in Miami, connecting you with landlords, sellers, and brokers, and providing you with a shortlist of properties that meet your desired criteria.


CityFeet is an excellent platform for finding industrial property, including warehouses, in Miami.

The sister site of LoopNet, the platform offers detailed listings that include information on location, price, building class, zoning, year of build, tenancy, select keywords, and more.

CityFeet Warehouse for Sale Miami

CityFeet also include information on commuter rail, airport data, and parking lot specifications. In addition, you can also view floorplans, internal images, street view snaps, as well as an aerial app to help you easily decide whether or not to view the property.

Kaizen Realty Partners

Kaizen Realty Partners are an experienced team of commercial real estate brokers, specializing in the South Florida Commercial Real Estate market. Kaizen Realty can help guide your search and purchase of a profitable warehouse space in Miami.

They can provide you with detailed, up-to-date information on the local economy and market conditions, as well as information on zoning regulations.

Kaizen Realty Warehouse for Sale Miami

You can also capitalize on their connections to help you win a great deal on local Miami warehouses for your investment portfolio or brokerage clients.

Moreover, you can also access the team’s services to speed up closing times – as they require acceptance of an offer or a counter offer within 48 hours.

In addition, the team also offer assistance locating and purchasing industrial real estate in foreclosure.

You can arrange available warehouse listings on the site based on ‘biggest price chance’, price, newest-oldest listings, square foot, year built, waterfront location, and by ‘seller motivated listings’.


Rofo specializes in commercial real estate for sale across the U.S. – gathering data on available properties from local landlords and brokerage firms.

Rofo Warehouse for Sale Miami

They currently offer over 570 warehouse spaces for sale in Miami. You can search based on size, warehouse type, and location.

Warehouses Market

Warehouses Market have over 35 years’ experience representing commercial investors, landlords, and tenants in the buying, selling, and leasing of warehouses across Miami and South Florida.

The team specialize in each of the major submarkets – including Doral, Medley, and Fort Lauderdale.

As an investor, the Warehouses Market Team are available to match you with a great industrial property in the local area. They can assist you with property selection, contract negotiation, conducting due diligence, post-closing assistance, and more.

Ten-X Commercial

Ten-X Commercial define themselves as the “leading end-to-end transaction platform” in the field of commercial real estate. Ten-X goes beyond a standard listings platform, providing you due diligence packages for every listed property.

Ten-X Warehouse for Sale Miami

Ten-X can help you save time finding a warehouse for sale in Miami by matching you with an ideal property and guiding transactions via their secure online platform.

Warehouse Spaces

Warehouse Spaces lists warehouses for lease and sale in Miami. The team also provide advisory services, offering detailed property reports, and covering investment guidance and scheduled tours of each property.

Warehouse Spaces Warehouse for Sale Miami

Additionally, they promise to negotiate 15-20% off of the listing price of each property. They currently list over 200 properties for sale or lease in Miami – which can be filtered by size, price, and space type.

The Miami Warehouse Directory

The Miami Warehouse Directory provides an exhaustive list of available warehouse space for lease or sale in Miami.

You can also find detailed information of Miami’s warehouse market, as well as guidance of investing and broker recommendations.

For Sale by Owner Listings

Listings platforms can also be used to find for sale by owner (also known as FSBO) industrial properties.

FSBO properties can help drive down the price of your investment, as you avoid broker fees and deal directly with sellers. Below, we’ve comprised a list of the best FSBO property listings for finding warehouses for sale in Miami.

Buildings by Owner

Buildings by Owner is an exclusive commercial listings platform for buying, selling, and leasing commercial real estate by owner. Buildings by Owner offers commercial FSBO property across the asset classes – including office, retail, multi-family, and industrial.

Buildings by Owner Warehouse for Sale Miami

You can narrow down your search for industrial FSBO properties in Miami based on price, building size, number of units, and more.

In addition, you can also search available properties using select keywords. Moreover, you can view available warehouses in ‘map view’ to get a clear visualization of each buildings location, enabling you to deduce their proximity to main roads for transportation and calculated distance to local customers.


FindMyRoof lists both residential and commercial real estate for sale by owner. Beyond condos and fourplexes, you’ll also find office space, apartment blocks, and industrial real estate for sale.

You can use FindMyRoof to find warehouses for sale in Miami based on price, zip code, and key property features.

How to Search Different Platforms (with Search Screenshots)

The majority of leading commercial real estate platforms for finding warehouse space offer several search features to help you find a great match for your investment portfolio or brokerage clients.

Below, we walk you through conducting a thorough search on two of the most popular platforms: LoopNet and CityFeet.

Miami, FL Warehouse Search with LoopNet

To begin your search for warehouse properties in Miami on LoopNet, head to LoopNet’s homepage.

LoopNet Warehouse for Sale Miami

LoopNet automatically set-up the search bar so that the ‘For Sale’ tab is highlighted. To begin your search for a high-value Miami warehouse for sale, scroll down to the ‘industrial’ tab on the drop-down menu – situated to the left of the search bar.

Next, narrow your search down by location: enter ‘Miami, FL’ into the search bar – to the left of the drop-down menu.

LoopNet Warehouse for Sale Miami

Your search will pull up all available industrial property currently for sale in Miami. To find warehouses for sale in Miami, click the ‘Filters’ tab, underneath the LoopNet logo, situated at the top of the page.

Once you’ve clicked through to the available ‘filters’ page, select ‘warehouse’ – listed underneath the industrial tab. This will narrow your search, bringing up available warehouses listed on the platform.

Looking to filter your search further? You can also filter your search based on price, building size, keywords, cap rate, number of units, and more.

LoopNet Warehouse for Sale Miami

You can hone in on a property’s location using the map to the left of the listed property listings.

You can zone in on available properties, and draw on specific sections of the map to locate properties in a unique location, ideal for sourcing a property in a targeted location – such as a warehouse for sale in Wynwood, Miami. Hover over each pin-point to draw up more information about each property.

LoopNet Warehouse for Sale Miami

In addition, LoopNet also display available properties as listings, providing images and property information. Clicking through to each listing will allow you to find out more about each property – including a description of the building, property size and number of units, property price, property class, year of build, property highlights, demographic data, and more.

Moreover, you can also use the ‘Sort’ tab to sort your selections based on price, cap rate, and other qualifying characteristics.

LoopNet Warehouse for Sale Miami

Miami Gardens Industrial/Flex Search with CityFeet

CityFeet is another popular commercial listings platform to use to find industrial properties for sale. To begin your search for a warehouse for sale in Miami Gardens, go to the CityFeet homepage and select the ‘For Sale Tab’ – in-between the ‘For Sale’ and ‘Coworking’ tabs at the center of the page.

Next, select ‘Industrial’ from the ‘All Property Types’ drop-down menu. To the left of the ‘All Property Types’ menu, enter ‘Miami Gardens, FL’ into the location search bar – hit the icon of the magnifying glass to begin your search for warehouse properties for sale.

Cityfeet Warehouse for Sale Miami Gardens

Similarly to LoopNet, CityFeet provides a customizable map of available properties within your search location. You can zoom in or out on the map, and click on the icons to find out more about each building.

CityFeet Warehouse for Sale Miami Gardens

Underneath the map, you’ll find property listings – with images and basic property data. Click through to find out more information on each property – including price, square foot, zoning, building class, units available, and data on local transit. You can save the property listing, or contact the broker directly via the ‘contact broker’ tab, underneath the CityFeet icon at the top of the page.

CityFeet Warehouse for Sale Miami

Moreover, you can also refine your search based on price, size, and related keywords. To narrow down your search to only focus on warehouses in Miami Gardens, add ‘warehouse’ to your keyword list – as below.

CityFeet Warehouse for Sale Miami

Finding Warehouses For Sale in Miami

When looking for a warehouse for sale in Miami, the above platforms are an excellent place to begin your search. As one of the strongest markets, demand for warehouse spaces in Miami continues to rise.

Draw on several of the above resources – and take your search off-market – to source the most promising properties before other investors and brokers do.

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