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Otherwise, continue on to read our list of the best real estate and FSBO listings websites.

In today’s world, you click a button, and within as little as an hour, your online order can be delivered to your door.

Ultra-high speed delivery has become the new norm in America, and as a result, it’s creating enormous demand for centrally-located industrial and warehouse facilities, with spokes jutting out into smaller markets to enable easy distribution.

Some have dubbed this the “Amazon Effect” of commercial real estate. Nowhere are we seeing this quite like Pittsburgh, PA, where warehouses for sale are flying off the market.

How to Find a Warehouse for Sale in Pittsburgh

Industrial and warehouse assets have historically drawn two types of investors:

(1) Owner-occupants: those who had businesses to run out of the property and as such, would decide to buy the building they’d house their business in; and

(2) Sophisticated investors who understood the nuances of this property type. In recent years, conventional wisdom has gone out the window as industrial and warehouse assets have become more in demand than ever.

In Pittsburgh, investors are chomping at the bit to purchase warehouses for sale. Pittsburgh, with its central U.S. location, is a prime market for investors looking to purchase warehouses for sale.

However, finding a warehouse for sale in Pittsburgh can be tricky.

While the average real estate investor may know how to find and run the numbers on a multi family apartment building, understanding the industrial market can be more challenging. In this article, we look at some of the most popular ways to find a warehouse for sale Pittsburgh.

Commercial Real Estate Listings

The most obvious way to find a Pittsburgh warehouse for sale is to begin your search online. Most properties are listed on MLS, or the “multiple listing service.”

MLS-listed properties tend to be syndicated to various websites to increase their visibility among brokers and buyers.

Here are a few of the most popular commercial real estate listings websites to utilize when searching for a warehouse for sale in Pittsburgh.


LoopNet is undoubtedly one of the nation’s premier commercial real estate listing platforms.

The CRE search engine features more than 800,000 listings totaling more than 6 billion square feet for sale or lease at any given point in time.

LoopNet Warehouse for Sale Pittsburgh

LoopNet markets various types of property, including office, multifamily, retail, land, agricultural, hotel, and residential income properties.

Most importantly, though, LoopNet is a go-to resource for finding Pittsburgh warehouses for sale. It’s free to browse the listings, but those looking for more detailed property data may want to consider purchasing a premium membership.

Warehouse Spaces

Warehouse Spaces is an online platform that features 1000s of warehouse properties for rent throughout the United States. You may be wondering why we’re featuring this website, if the website is designed to connect businesses identify space and negotiate lease transactions.

Warehouse Spaces Warehouse for Sale Pittsburgh

Simply put, although Warehouse Spaces does not feature Pittsburgh warehouse for sale, it does provide valuable market information for investors looking to purchase Pittsburgh industrial property.

It highlights market trends, space availability, and market comps – critical information that an investor would want to understand before actually purchasing a Pittsburgh warehouse for sale.

The site can also connect users with local industrial brokers who can provide more detail information about market conditions – and these brokers often have an inside scoop on Pittsburgh warehouses for sale, too.

Pittsburgh Prospector

The Pittsburgh Prospector is a hyper-local real estate website that features warehouse and industrial properties for sale in – you guessed it! – the Pittsburgh region.

In addition to showcasing available properties, Pittsburgh Prospector also provides robust datasets for potential buyers.

Pittsburgh Prospector Warehouse for Sale Pittsburgh

For instance, the site provides demographic reports about the region’s workforce of over 1.3 million people. It provides information about local businesses that make the Pittsburgh region economically strong and diversified.

And it even allows users to use its GIS feature to map this data in specific submarkets, allowing users to hone in on which Pittsburgh warehouse for sale is best for them.


42Floors is an MLS-populated online database that allows users to search for 1000s of commercial real estate listings across the country.

It is a great resource for those just beginning their search for Pittsburgh warehouses for sale. 42Floors once employed actual brokers to assist investors in located properties, but today, the website is a search engine only.

42Floors Warehouse for Sale Pittsburgh


Anyone searching for warehouses for sale Pittsburgh PA will want to browse the CREXi platform.

CREXi routinely features several Pittsburgh PA industrial properties for sale – ranging from mixed-use buildings with warehouse space on the ground floor and apartments above, to flex space, to strictly industrial space. The website is simple, easy and intuitive to use, with listings routinely updated as market conditions evolve.

CREXi Warehouse for Sale Pittsburgh


RealMassive is an online marketplace where users can list, search, and share datasets across a platform that has been designed to optimize performance analytics, digital marketing, and inventory management.

The website has a nationwide audience, which makes it easy for people in every market to locate Pittsburgh warehouses for sale.

The platform’s ability to provide real-time, comprehensive commercial real estate data is also beneficial for investors looking to stay ahead of the market locally, regionally or nationally.


Owned by LoopNet, CityFeet is an online marketplace for office, industrial and warehouse spaces. Most investors looking for warehouses for sale in Pittsburgh PA may not think to look at CityFeet, as the website was once designed for the NYC marketplace.

CityFeet Warehouse for Sale Pittsburgh

But CityFeet has since evolved and expanded its reach into new markets. Today, CityFeet has multiple listings in the Pittsburgh area, making it a great resource for anyone in the market for warehouses or industrial property for sale.

For Sale by Owner Listings

The marketplace for Pittsburgh, PA warehouse and industrial property has grown significantly over the past decade, making bidding wars more common than ever.

Investors looking to score a “deal” may want to peruse for sale by owner listings, or FSBO listings. Here are a few ways to find FSBO warehouses for sale in Pittsburgh.


Craigslist is a popular website for investors looking to purchase warehouses for sale in Pittsburgh PA.

It’s where many owners first test the waters before listing their property on the MLS. Users can often find off-market deals by discovering these FSBO opportunities.

Under the “Housing” section, look for “real estate for sale.”

Craiglist is a bit harder to navigate tan some of the larger platforms, as it not specifically designed for buying and selling real estate. Now, filter results based on zip code, price, and/or availability.

In this case, searching by number of bedrooms or bathrooms will not be particularly helpful as industrial real estate tends not to have the former, and often only a few of the latter. Another way to filter results is to search for “industrial” or “warehouses” in the search bar.

Craigslist Warehouse for Sale Pittsburgh

How to Search Popular Pittsburgh Websites

Let’s look at a view step-by-step examples of how to search for warehouses for sale in Pittsburgh on the most popular listings websites available.

Pittsburgh, PA Warehouse Search with CityFeet

CityFeet can be searched a number of ways. Start by entering “Pittsburgh, PA” into the geographic location, and then filter the results by property type so as only to see Pittsburgh warehouses for sale.

Each listing features valuable information, such as basic property details (e.g., total building size, lot size, building class) and a property description.

The Building Class description is particularly useful. In the screen shot below, we see that this property is Building Class “C” – which gives users an understanding of the age, quality and amenities they may expect to find in this property.

Class A are the highest-end warehouses for sale in Pittsburgh, and therefore the most expensive. Class C, on the other hand, tend to be more affordable properties and represent a value-add opportunity for investors.

CityFeet Warehouse for Sale Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Industrial/Flex Search with LoopNet

The terms “industrial,” “warehouse,” and “flex space” are often used interchangeably. But there are a few slight nuances to understand here.

When someone refers to “flex” space, it is typically an industrial property that already comes with a portion of the building designed to accommodate office spaces and/or showroom spaces.

The rest of the property is warehouse space. LoopNet is a great resource to locate real estate designated as “flex space.”

As you can see in the screen shot below, this flex space is featured on LoopNet’s website.

We started by searching for “industrial” space, and then filtered specifically for “Flex” under Property Type. The images here clearly highlight that the property is primarily warehouse-oriented, but there is property carved out to be used as offices.

LoopNet Warehouse for Sale Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA Warehouse with CREXi

CREXi is a platform designed with investors in mind, making it incredibly easy for investors to evaluate various Pittsburgh, PA warehouses for sale.

Online listings tend to feature “Investment Highlights” that are specific to industrial users – such as elevator weight limits, ceiling heights, number of loading docks, and type of sprinkler systems.

CREXi Warehouse for Sale Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Industrial with Pittsburgh Prospector

One of the best features of Pittsburgh Prospector is its ability to allow users to easily search for Pittsburgh industrial real estate for sale by square footage and by building type.

Pittsburgh Prospector Warehouse for Sale Pittsburgh

The site makes a distinction among different kinds of industrial property, including flex spaces, warehouse/distribution and call centers.

Call centers have become popular over the past decade, and Pittsburgh Prospector is one of the only online resources to allow users to filter their search results specifically for call centers.

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