Tech has a purpose – it drives efficiency, it helps people to be more productive, more informed, and better prepared. As you think about your next tech investment, be that software or data and analytics, consider this 5 step plan below.

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Step 1: Do your homework ahead of time.

One of the most important factors of successful CRE tech implementation is first choosing the right tool for your business. Bottom line. If you read these 7 tips to make sure you are choosing the right CRE tech for your business, that will give you a great head start.

Step 2: Set goals and create a plan.

Whenever you embark on a new phase in business, it’s important to set goals and create a plan of action. First, reach out to your tech provider for help in determining expectations for implementation. Then work with your team to determine what your goals should be. Your objective is to set up small victories so that your team will be challenged but see real results during the first few weeks. We suggest setting goals around things like completing training on a certain date or adding a number of projects to the system.

Step 3: Get team buy in.

Communication is key. If you want your team to embrace this new technology, you have to keep them informed and you really have to sell them on it, otherwise they’ll just see it as another task they have to do each day. We suggest holding a meeting to discuss the new technology and the impact it will have on the team. Cover these main points in the discussion:

  • What the tool is.
  • Who will have access.
  • When they will have access.
  • The benefits of the tool.
  • Where to find training resources.
  • What your plan is to ensure success.
  • Address concerns.

Step 4: Invest time for training.

During a product demo, the workflow seems so intuitive, but then you get access to the tool. As you login for the first time, reality hits you like a punch in the chest. You are lost. Luckily, you can turn the ship around with training. No matter what CRE tech solution you choose training will be a big part of your implementation process. Most companies will offer training webinars, guides, videos, etc. Block off time in your calendar to review these resources. If your team is using the product, you may need an in-person group training so you all can learn together.

Step 5: Ask questions and fix issues immediately.

When your team hits a speed bump, ask for help. Your tech provider should offer a support line or chat, so contact them immediately with your questions. If there is an issue it’s important to get things fixed right away. If not, your team will become frustrated and your implementation will be jeopardized.

For more info on the use of CRE tech, read our blog or start using it yourself with a free trial of the Reonomy National platform.


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