When researching a commercial real estate property, finding the owner can be an uphill battle. Records are hard to track down, or worse, stonewalled by elusive LLCs.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who already know the name of an owner, however, Reonomy makes it easy to see their portfolio with just a few clicks.

Below, we’ll explore how to search by property owner in the Reonomy platform.

And if you don’t know the owner, not to worry; you can read our article about how to find commercial property owners.

Search by Property Owner

To run a filtered search, start by clicking on the search bar at the top of the Reonomy platform, indicated by the magnifying glass icon.

Below, you’ll see a seven different tabs, each indicating a category of search filters. Select the Ownership tab.

Within the Ownership tab, you will see search bars for Owner name, Owner of record, Owner mailing addressOwner occupied, and In-state owner properties.

To break down each filter individually, we’re going to show you:

How to search by owner name:

The Owner name filter can be used to search for specific property owners by name. It’s the most granular way to dive into property ownership on Reonomy. To apply this filter, simply enter the name of the property owner who’s portfolio you’d like to view, and click “Apply.”

When you apply your owner name filter, Reonomy will show you all of the commercial properties in the U.S. that contain the name you’ve searched.  All results will include the name in its entirety, but some will present further extensions and variations of the name.

For example, when running an owner name search for “John Smith” the possible names that could appear in your search include:

  • John Smith
  • John G Smith
  • John James Smith
  • John Smith Allen

Your results will also include properties that are owned by entities to which “John Smith” is a part of. Meaning, John Smith may not be an individual property owner, but may be a stakeholder in one (or many) property-owning LLC(s). Every property-owning entity that John Smith has a stake in will appear in your search results.

Once your owner name filter is applied, you can add other filters on top of that, such as location or property type filters, to narrow your search down further and find the exact “John Smith” you are looking for.

How to search by owning entity:

You can use the Owner of record search filter to narrow your search down based on the reported owning entity of a property. In other words, you can use this filter to find properties owned by a certain LLC.

In this case, in the Owner of record search bar, enter the name of a property owning entity or LLC.

You can use this filter to dig into owner entity portfolios, and see the stakeholders in your searched LLC.

How to search by owner mailing address:

Also within the Ownership filter tab, there is a search bar for Owner mailing address. Here, you can type in an exact mailing address, to which a drop-down box will appear with matching options. Once you click and apply your filter, Reonomy will show you all of the properties that have that mailing address connected to them in some way.

Property owners may state multiple LLC’s for the sake of ownership, but searching by mailing address can bring that owner’s entire portfolio to you in one list.

How to search for owner-occupied properties:

To search for owner-occupied properties, find the search bar that simply says “Owner occupied?”

If you would like to see only owner-occupied properties, select Yes. Otherwise, you can leave the filter as No Preference. This filter is typically combined with other ownership filters.

How to search for in-state owners:

Finally, Reonomy allows you to search for owners who are specifically in or out of the state they own property in. Why is this important? Knowing whether or not an owner is in-state or out-of-state can tell you how hands-on they’ll be with the property.

Considering the nature of off-market, as well, finding out-of-state owners signals a higher potential that they’ll be willing to part with that property via sale since they’re more distant from it.

To use this search feature, find the search bar entitled In-state owner? and select either Yes, No, or No Preference. The Reonomy platform will automatically populate with results, however, it’s best used with other filter combinations.

Searching by owner is one of the most versatile ways to dig into the commercial real estate market, especially when combined with location, property type, sales, debt, and building level filters.

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