While most Reonomy users begin their filtered search with information regarding property type and/or location, sales filters are another great way to identify very specific properties. Depending on the asset you’re looking for, transactional information can be helpful in identifying assets that have recently sold or are likely to sell.

Read on to learn how to run a filtered search using sales filters with Reonomy.

Run a Filtered Search Using Sales Filters

Everything you need to filter your search based on sales information can be found within the Sales tab on Reonomy’s search page. To start your search, locate the magnifying glass icon – this indicates the search bar.

Click into the search bar and click on the Sales tab. This will allow you to search by features like Most recent sale price, Most recent sale date and more.

By using any individual or combination of sales filters, you’ll be served up a variety of property insights. Let’s see how…

To break down the use of these sales filters, we’re going to show you:

How to search by most recent sale date→
How to search by most recent sale price→
How to search by sale price per square foot of building area→
How to search by multi-parcel sales→

How to search by most recent sale date:

Upon entering the Sales tab of Reonomy’s search page, you will see that there are a few ways to input your search criteria – including drop-down range boxes, custom type-ins, date selections, and a simple “yes or no.”

The Most recent sale date filter can be used to search for properties that have been sold within a specific date range. It can also be used to add beginning or end date limits, as a way to focus on properties sold before or after a single date.

Here, you can select the “Sale between” option, and from there, either select the date range from the drop-down box or type in your desired date range.

How to search by most recent sale price:

You can also search for properties based on their most recent sale price, which, like sale price, is applied in a range format. By clicking the drop-down arrow, you’ll see predetermined prices that you can choose from, ranging from $100k to $100m.

You can also type in a custom sale price range of your choice.

The most recent sale price filter can be used to search very tight ranges, very broad ranges, or can be used simply to add price floors and ceilings to your search.

How to search by sale price per square foot of building area:

Another way to filter your search by sale price is to add a range for sale price per square foot of building area. Here, you can input information in the same ways you input the most recent sale price (see above).

How to search by multi-parcel sales:

You can also use the Sales tab to search for properties that were part of multi-parcel sales. Users can specify by selecting either “Yes” or “No.”

Multi-parcel sales search

In many cases, the multi-parcel sales filter is an additive and is paired with other filters in the Sales tab, like the most recent sale price or sale date.

Once you’ve chosen “Yes” or “No,” click Apply, and you’ll be on your way to a multitude of property insights.

By adding a combination of sales filters, users can hone in on properties that have the exact sale history that they’re looking for. By adding other filters on top of that, such as location or property type filters, your search can get even more granular, helping you find the hyper-targeted individual property insights you desire.

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