There are two ways that you can run a geography-based property search on Reonomy. One way is to utilize the location filters available within the search platform (to see how to use those filters, visit our previous post). The other way to search by geography is to use the map tool – a seamless integration of Google Maps within Reonomy’s search platform.

The map is very workable, and can be used in a few different ways. First, it can be used as a supplement – an extension of a filtered search. If you decide to first add location, property type, sales, and other filters, the map will continuously update accordingly as each filter is added. At any point in your filtered search, you can begin using the map tools to further refine your results.

You can also begin your search with the map, and use it entirely on its own.

Reonomy Map Search

Your Map Search Begins

Upon entering Reonomy’s search platform, by default, the map view will appear as about half of the screen. You can minimize the left-hand box if you prefer full screen usability of the map.

Reonomy Full Screen Map Search

The general movement abilities of the tool make it a very customizable way to search for properties. The other tools within the map make it even more customizable, allowing you to dive into more refined locations and individual properties.

It’s important to know how the different tools can be utilized in tandem to generate your intended results, so we’re going to take a look at:

How to search by zoom and lateral movement
How to use the radius tool →
How to use the draw tool →
How to search using earth view →
How to view individual properties →

How to search by zoom and lateral movement:

This is the most free way to search the map for properties on Reonomy. In fact, you might consider it “roaming” more than you would consider it actually “searching.”

First, make sure the “Search as map is moved” option is selected in the top-right corner of the page.

Reonomy Property Search as Map is Moved

From there, click and pull to move laterally, or scroll to zoom in and out, just as you would on Google Maps’ app. As you move freely within the map, Reonomy will show you all of the commercial properties that sit within the visible area. There is also no limit to your lateral movement and zooming. You can start with a broad view of the entire U.S., and work your way down to a single property, all by simply dragging and zooming freely.

Drag and Zoom Map Search

How to use the radius tool:

One way to refine the location within the map is to use Reonomy’s radius tool. This adds a custom-sized radius around an area of your choice.

Simply click the “Radius” button in the top-right corner of the map. Once you do so, your mouse should appear as crosshairs on the map.

To set your radius, click the map and drag your mouse in any direction – as you drag, the radius will increase in size. The center of your radius will be where you first clicked, so if you’re basing your search on something specific, such as a metro area or landmark, click on that landmark to begin setting your radius.

Reonomy Radius Search

Once your radius is set, Reonomy will show you all of the properties that sit within that area.

How to use the draw tool:

The draw tool serves a similar purpose to that of the radius tool, but is more customizable, and is typically used for more granular location searches.

There is no designated shape with this tool. Instead, you can drag and drop lines, which represent the borders of your preferred area. Each time you click, you place a line endpoint. Your area is not set in stone until you’ve made a complete, closed-off shape.

Map Draw Search

This tool is often used to single out specific streets, blocks, or sections of neighborhoods, as opposed to the more inclusive results that come from a radius search.

How to use earth view:

You can also switch back and forth between Map view and Earth view, just as you would on Google Maps itself. Simply click the box in the bottom left corner to change your map landscape.

Reonomy Map Earth View

This gives you a better visualization of the actual land you’re viewing. Instead of looking at lot shapes, you can see the actual layout of neighborhoods and streets to get a better feel for your desired properties and their surroundings.

How to view individual properties:

The most granular way to search on the map is to view individual properties. This can be done by clicking on an individual parcel. Once you click on a parcel, its details and street view will be presented on one side of the screen, with your map or earth view still present on the right.

Individual Property Earth View

This tool is often used to observe the physical characteristics of a property that may not be available through a filtered search, such as building materials, landscaping, roofing, and on. Reonomy’s map tool lets users literally see their property of interest.

Utilizing the map on Reonomy allows you to better understand the more contextual factors surrounding your most desired properties, and when paired with other filters, can give you a full and deep understanding of your prospects.

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