With Reonomy, there’s a myriad of ways to run a property search. One of the easiest ways is to filter by asset type.

Whether you’re looking for a plot of vacant land ripe for development or a new mixed-use “resimercial” building that’s ready to sell, running a filtered search by asset type is very easy in the Reonomy platform. Read on to learn how…

Run a Filtered Search by Asset Type

To begin, find the search bar at the top of the Reonomy platform. This is indicated by the magnifying glass icon.  Then, select the Asset Type tab.

Reonomy Property Search by Asset Type Multi Family

Here, you’ll find an assortment of property types broken down into broad categories. Those categories include Commercial, Industrial, Multifamily, Special Purpose, Vacant Land, and Other.

Under each broad category, you can find a much more specific list of property type filters to choose from. To add individual or groups of filters to your search, simply click the necessary checkbox.

Reonomy NNN Property Search by Asset Type

Similar to location-based filters, property type filters allow users to search with varying levels of granularity. Based on the category you choose, and the type within each category, your search can get more and more precise. Below, see the many different Asset Types that makeup Reonomy’s database of over 50 million commercial properties.

Know exactly the kind of asset you want to search for? Jump ahead to one of the sections below… 

How to find Commercial Office Space→
How to find Mixed-Use Properties→
How to find Retail Properties→
How to find Hospitality Properties→
How to find Industrial Properties→
How to find Multi-Family Properties→
How to find Special Purpose Real Estate→
How to find Vacant Land→
How to find “Other” Properties→

How to Find Commercial Office Space:

In order to find commercial office space, you must click into the Commercial category of filters.

Here, you’ll find groups of filters headlined by an all-inclusive checkbox. In this case, there is an “All Office” checkbox, which headlines a breakdown of more specific types of office properties, such as Financial Buildings, Medical Buildings, Office Buildings, and more.

Asset Type Search - Office

Here, you can either select “All Office” and include every office-type within that bucket, or pick and choose any number of individual office-type filters.

How to find Mixed-Use Properties:

Mixed-use properties are like hybrid properties. For example, there are “resimercial” assets, where the bottom spaces are storefronts and apartments or condos sit at the top.

To find these types of properties, click into the Commercial property category.

Here, you’ll find a variety of Mixed-Use property filters, including different combinations of Commercial, Industrial, Hotel, Residential, Office, and Retail. To search for mixed-use properties, simply check off the filters that apply, just as you would with an office building search (see above).

Asset Type Search - Mixed-Use

How to find Retail Properties:

Another commonly used set of filters found under the Commercial category are for Retail properties. Everything from supermarkets, to shopping centers, car washes, and bars can be found in this section to add to your filtered search.

How to find Hospitality Properties:

Finally, The last set of filters under the Commercial section are for hospitality property searches. Select Hospitality to add search filters for hotels, motels, resorts, and more.

How to find Industrial Properties:

Thinking of capitalizing on the industry’s industrial boom?

Click on the Industrial section under the Asset Types tab. Here, you can use the checkbox system to select “All Industrial,” or to select any number of individual industrial asset types. For example, this section of filters can be used to see Dump Sites, Food Packing Plants, Warehouses, and more – at the same time, or separately.


How to find Multifamily properties:

To find multifamily properties, like duplexes, mobile home parks, dormitories, nursing homes, and so on, you can go into the Multifamily section of the Asset Type filter page. Here, you’ll find a number of different types of multifamily properties that you can search for individually or in groups.

Let’s say you want to search for all multifamily properties except for mobile home parks. You can simply check all and exclude your one outlier.

Reonomy Multifamily property search

How to find Special Purpose properties:

You can also use Reonomy’s Asset Type filters to search for special purpose properties, such as amusement parks, casinos, cemeteries, golf courses, marinas, and much, much more. And while special purpose seems like it would be a niche search, there are upwards of 1 million total results in Reonomy when searching for special purpose properties.

How to find Vacant Land:

Finally, underneath the Asset Type tab, you can also add a search filter for many different types of Vacant Land. Click on the “Vacant Land” category of search filters to see the breakdown and select filters.

Similar to Industrial and Multifamily filters, Vacant Land has its very own section of filters, given the nature of the property type. Users can search by “All Vacant,” or by the many individual types of vacant land.


Vacant Land ranges from desert land, to forest, barren, vacant mobile, residential vacant, mountainous, and waste land – plus more. There are more than 25 million vacant properties that can be searched using Reonomy.

How to find “Other” property types:

In Reonomy’s Asset Type search menu, there is also a section for “Other” property types. This is a collection of filters that fall outside of the previously mentioned segments. Filters for property types not mentioned above will most likely be found within this section.

For example, users seeking agricultural, easement, or public-use property can find the filters they need in this section. Agricultural properties include farms, greenhouses, ranches, and breweries. Easement properties include lakes and rivers, art, and historical districts. Public-use includes airports, schools, museums, and military properties.

Out of Reonomy’s 50 million searchable commercial properties, over 12 million fall into the “Other” Asset Type section.

Once you’ve applied your Asset Type filters, you can begin to dig much deeper into your desired markets by utilizing location filters, as well as building and lot, sales, debt, and ownership information for individual properties.

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