In commercial real estate prospecting, commercial tenant information can be a lucrative part of the strategy. Whether you’re making leasing decisions or trying to fill vacant properties, commercial tenant intel can open the door to a plethora of new opportunities.

Read on to learn how commercial real estate technology like Reonomy harnesses the largest database of commercial tenant details. This gives users a tool to unlock tenant insights, trends, and details in seconds. 

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Reonomy Property Owner Search

How to Find Commercial Tenants

Depending on your profession, why you find commercial tenants might look different from someone else in the field.

If you’re an investor or developer, you may be looking for tenant-specific information to compare properties based on the current tenant layout or vacancies. If you’re a broker or tenant representative, you may be looking for new opportunities to expand your business. Or, if you’re a service provider who specializes in tenant-related offerings, like vending machine sales or custodial services, you can use this intel to build your book of business.

Regardless of your role, finding commercial tenant information can be a challenge without the right tools. Luckily Reonomy, the market’s leading commercial real estate platform, provides a simpler way to finding and analyzing this information. So no matter your market, you can find commercial tenants across 8 million different properties with the click of a button.

Painless Prospecting

With Reonomy Tenant, you can elevate your prospecting strategy with the largest database of commercial tenants. To achieve this, Reonomy enables you to search directly via either tenant name or identification to serve up results.

In combination with any of the other filters in the Reonomy platform, like asset class, location, and building & lot information, this will automatically populate with properties that exactly match what you’re looking for.

So, how do you use Reonomy Tenant, exactly? Watch our video below, or read on for step-by-step instructions on how to find your commercial tenants…


Search by Tenant Name

If you know exactly the company you want to search by, Reonomy Tenant allows you to type in your tenant of interest directly.

In the Reonomy platform, simply click on the tab titled Tenants and find the search bar labeled “Tenant”. Then, type in the name of the business you want to search by. After you’ve done so, click Apply, and the Reonomy map will populate with your results.


Search by NAICS or SIC

If you don’t know the exact tenant you want to look for but have an idea of the type of tenant you want to look for, that’s fine too. You can search for types of tenants using either the NAICS or SIC category.

What are these, exactly?

  • NAICS – NAICS stands for North American Industry Classification System and is a six-digit standard used by federal agencies in classifying business establishments.
  • SIC – Similarly, the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) is a system for classifying industries by a four-digit code. It is typically used by government systems in identifying businesses. This was established in 1937, however, has been replaced by the NAICS code, which was released in 1997.

To search by either NAICS or SIC category, click on the Tenants tab. You’ll then see the option to toggle between NAICS and SIC above the first search bar labeled “Tenant type.” Choose which one you’d like to search by, then enter the category in the respective search bar.

For example, if you’re interested in finding restaurants, you can find these using the NAICS code. Simply select the NAICS toggle option and type in “Full-Service Restaurants” under “Tenant type.” Reonomy will populate with your results.


Again, despite the commercial tenant you’re looking for, you can combine any of Reonomy’s other search filters to really narrow down your search. This allows you to get as specific with your search as possible, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for more easily. 

Better Analysis

After you’ve finished your preliminary search, you can explore each of your results more in-depth to learn more about the property and its current tenants. Each property in the Reonomy platform is matched with its respective information, including physical, transactional and owner information that can help you unlock helpful insights.

Uncovering Property Details

To learn more about an individual property, simply click into the property of your choosing. Here, you’ll find the individual property card, complete with an image of the property and tabs with corresponding building information. This includes:

  • Building & Lot – Here, you’ll find physical building details including year built, lot type, zoning and whether or not the property is in a designated Opportunity Zone
  • Ownership – This tab includes ownership information that can be unlocked if you want to reach owners directly
  • Sales – Transactional data is recorded here to show past owners, sellers, and sale prices
  • Debt – This tab houses mortgage records including amounts and maturity dates
  • Tax – Here, you’ll find tax data including values and tax amounts
  • Tenant – Finally, you’ll find in-depth commercial tenant information, which we’ll discuss more below

The Tenant Tab

The tenant tab houses everything related to the commercial tenant that occupies your property. This includes:

  • The legal business name, or DBA
  • SIC ID
  • Type of location (Branch, HQ or Single Location)
  • Tenant contact name and title
  • Street address and suite number
  • Estimated number of employees working at the location
  • Year the company was founded
  • URL of the company
  • Contact information for tenant contact

On this tab, you’ll also find any other commercial tenants who may occupy the same address. If so, the companies are listed in alphabetical order.


This information can help uncover important tenant details that, depending on your profession, can be helpful in next steps. For example, if you’re a leasing broker, you can use this intel to contact property managers directly and to see if they’re interested in expanding their franchises. Rather than searching manually through property records and tenant leases, everything you need regarding a tenant can be found in one secure place for maximized efficiency.

Easier Property Owner Outreach

Finally, Reonomy TrueOwner enables you to round-off your prospecting process with the most important piece of the puzzle: contact information for property owners. While Reonomy currently doesn’t offer export options for tenant information, having the ability to export owner information is equally important. For investors, developers and brokers especially, this is a valuable piece of information when pursuing an opportunity.

Finding Contact Information

If you’ve decided you’d like to uncover who the owner of the property is, you can do so under the Ownership tab on the property page. Here, you’ll see a button labeled “Get Contact Information.” Click this and Reonomy TrueOwner will automatically serve up owner details, including name, email address and phone number.


Here, you’ll also find LLC-related details. Typically, LLCs are elusive and prohibit prospectors from getting in contact with owners directly. Reonomy TrueOwner pierces the LLC so you can discover the people behind the LLC. This allows you to reach decision-makers directly, rather than getting blocked by gatekeepers.

How to Export Contact Information for Outreach

Reonomy TrueOwner also enables you to build leads lists using the contact information unlocked in the platform. To do this, simply select the Export button on the property search page. Here you’ll be served up a menu with two boxes to select: “Get contact information” and “Only export properties with contact information.” This choice eliminates any results without contact information on records.  

Once you’ve selected your choices, you can adjust the number of properties you want to export accordingly, up to 2000 results at a time. After this, click Export to run your report, which will automatically download as CSV file to be examined in Excel. This empowers you with a list of viable owners to discuss new opportunities with.


Reonomy Owner Search

Whatever your relationship with commercial tenants may be, Reonomy can help uncover current commercial tenant and building owners in a flash. To start your free trial of Reonomy today, click here.

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