Whether you’re presently in commercial solar sales, or in residential solar looking to add multi family or commercial to your book of business, you’re likely looking for new ways to generate targeted leads and convert them to clients at a high rate.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to do two important things—first, how to build hyper-targeted lead lists of property owners, and second, how to build a masterful solar sales pitch.

1. Building a Lead List of Property Owners
1.1 Reonomy Solar Lead Generation
2. Creating Your Solar Sales Pitch
2.1 Identify Powerful & Relevant Data Points and Insights
2.2 Build a Story-Driven Script

How to Sell Solar to Commercial and Multi Family Owners

Heightened access to data and information in recent years has completely transformed the nature of solar sales.

For residential companies, it has signaled a dissipating reliance on door-to-door canvassing (at least as a primary driver of new business).

For commercial solar providers and installers, access to more information has meant two major things:

  1. It’s much easier to get directly in touch with decision-makers on a regular basis.
  2. It’s much easier to gather information and insights on those owners and their properties.

Together, these two things mean that it’s less time-consuming to build targeted lead lists of property owners and that it’s less time-consuming to create incredibly personalized pitches for those owners.

It all starts with building your lead list, however, where you need to make sure that you are spending time selling to the right prospects.

Building a Lead List of Property Owners

Building a hyper-targeted lead list of property owners is the best way to set yourself up for efficient and powerful outreach, and ultimately, solar sales success.

It is nice to know that you are reaching out to decision-makers, for one, but also that those decision makers are very likely in need of solar energy.

Reonomy Solar Lead Generation

You can use the Reonomy platform to build a list of property owners in need of solar energy services in any U.S. county. These lists are comprised of owner details and contact information, including the phone numbers, email, and mailing addresses of owners and individuals associated with an owning LLC.

You can start building your list by searching for your ideal property type. The platform includes the ability to search for commercial buildings, multi family, land, and many sub-classifications of each.

Reonomy Property Search by Asset Type

You can also search for those asset types based on their size and age.

Reonomy Property Search Retail Property Old Roof

Before or after entering property type details, you can add filters for your target location. Search for properties by state, city, MSA, county, neighborhood, street name, or using an exact address.

After applying the filters mentioned above, you’ll be given a list of all the properties that match your search.

Reonomy St Louis Property Search

You can continue adding additional filters for specific types of tenants, owners, and sales history (in case, say, you were looking to find recent buyers)—any combination of these filters can be added and removed as you please.

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to your liking and are satisfied with the results, you can export the owner contact information of all of those properties in bulk.

Within the search results page, you can click the Export button to export an Excel spreadsheet or CSV of the contact information for all of the properties in your results.

If you prefer, that contact information can be broken out into a separate list for easier access.

Reonomy St Louis Property Search Export

Having owner contact information allows you to forego any interaction with gatekeepers, which, as a start, can make your sales pitch much more poignant, and effective.

Once you have your lead list in place, you can begin to craft your winning pitch.


Build Lead Lists and Start Connecting with Owners


Creating Your Solar Sales Pitch

A knockout solar sales pitch is one that combines a poignant story with powerful, relevant data points.

First, you need to research and identify the salient insights that’ll sweep your prospects off their feet. Then, you need to construct a story around those data points, framing your prospect as the hero of the story.

Let us explain.

Identify Powerful, Relevant Data Points & Insights

Find the insights that’ll prove your diligence in research and expertise in solar energy. Include very specific references to a property owner’s portfolio and nearby properties.

In your pitch, you can include:

  • The number of properties they own.
  • The asset classes of the properties they own.
  • The address(es) of their properties.
  • The exact size of their asset’s building and lot.
  • The year their properties were built and renovated.
  • When they purchased their assets.
  • Who the tenants are in their building(s).

Furthermore, reference data points that also explicitly prove the value that you can bring to your prospect. Examples include:

  • The number of solar panels or wattage they might need.
  • The cost of the panels.
  • Estimated savings on a building of their size.
  • Savings based on the percentage of energy coverage and number of panels.

And this is only scratching the surface, really.

Most important including insights and anecdotes of other successes you’ve had, using the same data points mentioned above to detail those stories.

This is especially effective if you’ve had success very near the owner at-hand, given the similarities in the amount of solar power that can be generated, cost savings over time, and property appreciation in a particular area.

When speaking to successes, you can compile the size of previous buildings, the number of panels you installed for them, and the projected or current energy savings for that building.

Solar Sales Pitch

For Bulk Outreach

In many cases, you’ll obviously be reaching out to a large quantity of owners at once.

In that case, you can choose the data points you’d like to include, and simply plug-and-play the precise numbers based on who the prospect is.

Just as you’d replace the name of your prospect in your pitch, you can fill-in building sizes, addresses, dollar amounts, and geo-specific tidbits, baking them into the same rough structure.

Within the profile page of any commercial or multi family property in Reonomy, you can very easily access all of this information, or within your exported list of property owners.

Reonomy Salt Lake City Vacant Land Parcel

Use all of this information to build your story-driven script.

Build a Story-Driven Script

While certain data points and insights can serve as the backbone of your pitch, it’s still important to tell a poignant story that keeps your prospect at the forefront.

In your pitch, build your prospect up to be the hero of the story—backing the story by data and real-world examples simply validates what you’re telling them, making it more believable, and more real.

It should be their story. And in that story, your role is to simply be a helping hand in guiding them along the path to success. 

They are the ones making the decision to save thousands in energy costs, and they are the ones saving the environment in the process.

How about an example?

In most cases, the biggest selling point for solar sales reps will be cost savings, right?

Instead of just telling a property owner that you can save them a ton on their energy bill over time, frame it so that they are consciously making the decision to do so.

Think of it this way. Your prospect, a property owner, has an issue—they’re paying way too much in energy costs, and their building is (unfortunately) prone to high levels of emissions.

They’re the only ones that can change that, however, with just a little bit of help from you.

And again, to make sure you’re harnessing your data and insights to full capacity, be really, really specific.

Tell them how much you can save them, and tell them how you’re going to do so.

Lets say you’re representing a PV panel installation company that focuses on supplying solar energy to office buildings of 20k-30k square feet. You might say something along the lines of:

“I see that you’re the owner of 123 First Ave… Last year, the owner of 555 Seventh Ave—a 25k square foot building just a few blocks away from you in Bartley Ranch—had my company, ABC solar, install 940 LG PV panels. At 80% energy coverage, they’re in line to save more than $100k within the next 20 years. I think I can be a resource in helping you get similar savings on your energy costs and reduce your building’s emissions. Would like to discuss some potential options?”

In this case, you’ve given your prospect a ton of information in a very short period of time.

Your pitch is very specific, and very clear as to how the owner will benefit. All the while, they’re in control. They are still calling the shots.

And even though you might be referencing another owner, your prospect can essentially infer the same outcome for themselves, therefore making them feel as though they are the subject of the story.

With a hyper-targeted list of property owners and a detail-packed script like the one above, you can set yourself for much better with success with reaching the right property owners and converting them to clients.


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