Reonomy is a national database of over 47 million commercial properties and dozens of ways to conduct a CRE search for new leads, ideally resulting in new deals. Here we are going to go over the data upload feature. This allows you to import any set of properties that you have in a CSV file and view them within Reonomy.

Once in Reonomy, you can go down to your account icon. It will have your initials in a grey circle.


Within the account click on the Data tab. Here you can see past uploads as well as a button to import a new file.


Click on the Import file button, select the file you would like to upload and enter. Once uploaded, you will be asked to match the address data. These selections match my data set.


Then you will be asked to assign the data set to a label. You can create a new label or add the list to a label you have already made.


You can also add a custom field.


Then you select import, the page will load and you will see the results of the upload and how many properties match.

You can then view the data on the map or within a list.


Reonomy offers real-time access to detailed property data that business owners, investors and commercial real estate professionals need in today’s competitive marketplace. Try Reonomy National for free today.



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