Reonomy is a national database of over 54 million commercial properties designed to streamline the prospecting process and open the door to new opportunities.

Below, we’re going to review the data upload feature in the Reonomy application. This feature allows you to import any set of properties that you have in a CSV file and view them within Reonomy.

To begin, open the Reonomy application and find your account icon labeled Account. This button will also have your initials in a grey circle.


Within the account click on the Data tab. Here, you can see past uploads as well as a button to import a new file.

To upload a new file, simply click the Import button. If you already have your CSV saved, click on Import File and select your CSV that you want to upload. You will be prompted through a few steps that will allow our system to match our property addresses on the platform with your CSV.

Then you will be asked to assign the data set to a label. You can create a new label or add the list to a label you have already made.


After you select Import, the page will load and you will see the results of the upload and how many properties match.

You can then view the data on the map or within a list.

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