After running a filtered search and analyzing the necessary information on the properties you’ve uncovered, you can begin the process of organizing and customizing that data with Reonomy’s workflow tools.

Workflow tools are the step in between searching for property information and actually putting the insights from that information into action. They allow you to manage your time while still making data-informed decisions.

These tools are what make Reonomy’s platform customizable. You can take the data from your search and mold it into the exact form of your choice. At any point in your search or analysis, in fact, you can use these tools to customize the way you interact with property information on Reonomy.

To be sure that you’re getting the most out of these workflow tools, it is best to know exactly how to utilize them. With that in mind, we’re going to show you:


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How to export data:

You can export any list of properties, anywhere from a single property to 2,000 in quantity. You can do this by clicking the Export button that sits at the very top of your list of properties.

Reonomy List Export

Upon clicking the Export button, you’ll be given a few options to choose from before completing your export. First, you must choose how many of the properties in your list you want to export. This can be anywhere from one property, up to 2,000 total. When initiating an export, the number of properties will always default to the full amount of your list, unless your list exceeds 2,000, to which the export will default to 2,000.

How to unlock contact information and export in bulk:

Also within the export tool, is the ability to unlock property contact information in bulk. Upon clicking Export, two checkboxes will appear in the dropdown.

First, you can choose whether you’d like to unlock the contact information on all of the properties in your export. Second, you can choose whether you want to only export the properties that have contact information available on them.

Reonomy Export Dropdown

For example, you may want to export a list of 64 properties with both of these boxes checked. Your export will include however many of those 64 properties have contact information. If say, 59 of those properties have contact information, you’ll export a list of 59 properties, all with their contact information automatically unlocked.

Reonomy Dallas Export

To unlock contact information and export property lists in bulk, simply click these two checkboxes before running your export.

How to label a list of properties in bulk:

It is not at all necessary to repeatedly run the same search when looking for similar properties. To return to searches you’ve run previously, you can label your search.

When looking at your list of properties, you’ll see a button for More. This is where you’ll find the tool for labeling an entire list of properties in bulk.

Label Tool

When you click the Label function, you can either choose a label you’ve used previously, or create an entirely new one. To create a brand new label, click the “New Label+” notation on the bottom of the dropdown box.

Dallas Property Label

To add an existing label, simply click one of your previous labels as they appear in the dropdown box. You also have the option to choose exactly how many of your total properties you’d like to apply the label to.

How to label an individual property:

You can label individual properties on their profile cards. Underneath the address of every property in your list, you’ll see a line reading, “Add label+.” By clicking this, you can again choose between a pre-existing label, or create an entirely new one.

Single Property Dallas Label

Adding labels to properties helps you re-enter a search that you may have run in the past.

How to add notes to a property:

For your own organization and memory, you can also leave notes on individual properties. Upon entering a property’s profile page, one of the right-most tabs is titled Notes.

In this tab, there is a box where you can type in a customized notes, to be used as you please – for reminders, for extra information on the property, or anything else.

Reonomy Property Notes

How to upload files to a property

Another way to customize individual property profiles aside from custom notes is to upload your own files to those properties.

Reonomy File Upload

In the Files tab on any property profile page, simply click the Upload File button, and you can add files from your computer that may be connected to that property. Examples include rent rolls, pictures, regulatory documents, and so on.

Property File Upload

How to create and print a report:

Create Report

Also under the More drop down box, you will find an option to create a report. This tool allows you to take up to 20 properties from your list, add a title, add your custom logo, and print your list as a report. The options for adding a title and a logo are entirely optional.

Print report

Once you have added your title and custom logo, simply click Print, and you are on your way.

At just about any point in your search or analysis process, all of these workflow tools can be used to organize, customize, and optimize the time you spend finding and utilizing property data.

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