Did you know that the average person is flooded with around 362 advertisements every day?

Attention is limited, and the pressure is on—especially when it comes to acing your commercial real estate marketing efforts.

In this post, we show you how to create real estate ads that stand out to help you sell your commercial property quickly.  Read on for a full breakdown on how to create a commercial real estate ad that will grab attention of potential buyers and turn into a sale.

Creating Commercial Real Estate Ads

Writing commercial real estate copy can seem daunting if you have little experience writing to sell.

The last thing you want is for your advertisement to blend in with the crowd. But how, exactly, do you prevent that?

Writing Your Commercial Real Estate Ads

First, a lead-generating commercial real estate ad is a clear ad. Enticing commercial real estate advertising copy is always simplistic and direct. While it can be tempting to go for elaborate descriptions and business-savvy technical speak, writing with clarity is far more appealing to potential buyers.

Famed copywriting giant David Oglivy once wrote “Unless you have some reason to be solemn and pretentious, write your copy in the colloquial language which your customers use in everyday conversation.”

So, use Ogilvy’s words as a rule of thumb. When writing your real estate ads, follow these simples rules:

  • Choose simple easy-to-understand words and phrases.
  • Keep your copy short and to the point.
  • Present a clear picture of the property you are trying to sell.
  • Be conversational and build trust.

How can you ensure your copy is on the right track? Copywriting greats like to use a little trick called The Bar Stool Test.

The Bar Stool Test was designed by copywriter Paul Hollingshead, who cofounded American Writers and Artists. Hollingshead imagines that he is sharing a beer with a potential buyer. For everything he writes, he asks himself, “Would I say this to someone if we were sat a barstool, enjoying a beer?” Anything that doesn’t pass the test gets rewritten.

The Bar Stool Test is a memorable trick to help you write a commercial real estate ad that flows well, is easy to understand, and warms the reader to your sell.

Everything you write for your commercial real estate ad, from your real estate taglines to your real estate slogans, should be able to pass this test.

Add Color to Your Commercial Real Estate Ads

Beyond adopting a simple, conversational tone, effective commercial real estate advertising should always provoke your reader’s imagination.

The best way to make your property sound appealing is by using colorful and evocative descriptions. When writing, reflect on how your commercial property description can be used to inspire emotion and images in the mind of the reader.

A good sales story is one that allows someone to feel what it would be like to stand in your property, or leads them into vividly imaging the kind of business that may happen in technicolor detail. Describe the unique selling points, including the location of the property and its key amenities, using descriptive language and imagery to draw in your reader.

Where to Advertise Your Commercial Real Estate Ads

When you’ve created your ads, you have to figure out where to put them. Don’t know where to start?  Let’s explore some options…

Billboard Ads

Often underrated, the billboard is one of the largest and loudest way to show off your commercial real estate ad.

The best part is, applying the aforementioned principles of clear, conversational, and colorful copy to a billboard ad is easy enough with a just few tweaks.

If you want to use this tactic, keep your billboard ad simple: include a memorable commercial real estate tagline and clear descriptions of what you are offering a potential buyer. Include your contact details in a large font that can easily be read from the highway.

A great billboard for commercial real estate isn’t overcrowded with images, logos, font, or paint pots of colors. Cut back and pick out a focal image, matched with a few lines of text in two or three complementary colors.

Commercial Property Listing Sites

When it comes to commercial real estate advertising, the best commercial property listing sites can never be overlooked. These are tried-and-true.

If you go this route, make sure your ads stand out. Snappy copy accompanied by clear photos of your property and all of its stand-out amenities will get your commercial real estate property noticed on property listing sites.

Which sites? LoopNet, CityFeet, and Showcase are some of our favorites. For a step-by-step guide on how to use LoopNet to list your commercial real estate ads, take a look at our past post.

Facebook and Social Media

Facebook Ads for Commercial Real Estate

And finally, there’s always Facebook.

Knowing how to advertise on Facebook, and other social media platforms for that matter, can provide a large boost in the number of commercial real estate buyer leads you generate for your business.

Commercial real estate Facebook ads are easy to build thanks to the platform’s intuitive platform that will guide you through the process.

You can use Facebook’s filters to target your advertisement based on location, commercial property interests, and demographic to expand the number of potential commercial real estate buyer leads you reach with your real estate Facebook ads.

The best Facebook ads use striking images and engaging video to create an immersive experience that pulls potential buyers in. When designing your Facebook ad pick high-quality photographs that showcase your property.

Video is also a brilliant option that will allow your advertisement to stand out in a sea of commercial real estate Facebook ads relying on bland photography to sell.

And if you’re not interested in Facebook, try one of the thousands of other social media platforms available. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn—you name it. Leverage your social network to attract the right buyers for you.

Keep Commercial Real Estate Advertising Simple

Commercial real estate advertising doesn’t have to be a headache. Drawing up commercial real estate ads that will generate you new commercial real estate buyer leads is a simple process: just remember to keep your copy direct and conversational in tone.

By making use of a number of platforms, including Facebook, billboards, and popular commercial real estate listing sites, you’ll be able to generate interest in your commercial property quickly.

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