Colorado is home to some of the most beautiful and illustrious land in the United States. While it’s easy to recognize its beauty, however, it’s not always easy to recognize favorable purchase opportunities of that land.

There are currently over 380,000 vacant land parcels in Colorado. In the first half of 2018, nearly 4% of those properties were sold – the third highest percentage in the country during that time period. In other words, there are a ton of land properties in Colorado, and a great deal of them are changing hands.

Because of that, there are many different routes that you can take to identify land for sale opportunities.

With so many options available, it’s crucial for prospective land buyers to know exactly where to turn when searching online listings for land for sale in Colorado.

Land for Sale in Colorado

Land opportunities can be identified by searching through Colorado-specific listings platforms, land-specific listings platforms, general residential and commercial platforms, or by searching through off-market property data.

First, we’re going to look at the best of each type of online listings platform, listed as follows:

Colorado Land for Sale Listings:

Land for Sale Listings:

Residential and Commercial Property for Sale Listings:

Colorado Property for Sale Listings

The following listings platforms are those dedicated solely to listing Colorado properties for sale. While listings go beyond just land for sale, these platforms are often times the most granular when it comes to identifying land in Colorado.


ColoProperty is owned and operated by IRES, LLC, a Colorado property management company. The site serves as a portal of access into IRES’ public property data. There are currently about 15,000 active listings on ColoProperty.

When searching for land on ColoProperty, you can either start by adding address details—anything from a city down to a street name—or by choosing a property type (or both).

ColoProperty Land for Sale

If you want to search by property type, ColoProperty has residential filters where you can either search generally for homes for sale, or more specifically for houses or condos/townhouses. You can also search for commercial lease, commercial sale, farm and ranch, mobile homes, and vacant land.

Price ranges and other filters can also be added to your land search on ColoProperty.

ColoProperty Land for Sale

Colorado Home Finder

Colorado Home Finder is a listings site for homes for sale in Colorado.

Upon entering their homepage, you can either enter a city or zip code, or you can choose one of three geographical Colorado regions – the Denver Metro Area, Southern Colorado, or Northern Colorado.

Colorado Home Finder Land for Sale

Upon choosing a location, you’ll be taking to Colorado Home Finder’s search interface, where you can search a number of different home types, but can also search commercial properties such as land, lots, and farms. From there, you can add further filters such as listing status and price.

Mountain Land for Sale is a site dedicated purely to listings of Colorado mountain land for sale, offering lots, acreages, horse property, and more. Mountain Land for Sale

While the site does not offer a search platform, there are regular and featured listings that you can easily scroll through. You can also send an email directly to a RE/MAX agent with a description of the kind of land you’re looking for in conjunction with what’s available on the site.

Land for Sale Listings

The following platforms have listings across the entire nation, but only covering land for sale.


LandWatch is perhaps the most prominent land for sale online listings platform in the United States.

You can search LandWatch for land for sale, waterfront properties, hunting land, timberland, homesites, farms and ranches—across any U.S. state, as well as in a number of other countries around the world.

LandWatch Land for Sale

Aside from property type and location, you can narrow your property search down by adding a price range, parcel size, or even an activity (i.e. camping, biking, hunting, and so on).

LandWatch Land for Sale

Generally, with the use of the right filters, opportunities can be easier to come by on a site like LandWatch due to the sheer volume of listings available. The site currently has more than 650,000 active land listings across the United States, and 26,000 in Colorado—the most of any site in our list.

Mossy Oak Properties

Mossy Oak Properties has one of the more user-friendly interfaces on this list, offering extensive layers of office and land for sale listings in all 50 states.

When searching for properties on their platform, you can either click state on the map to start, or you can enter a custom location into a search bar. Upon entering your search location, but before you actually click the search button, a dropdown will appear, showing you matching county locations, Mossy Oaks offices, and the agents within those areas.

Mossy Oak Properties Land for Sale

Upon picking a location, you’ll be brought to a map view where you’ll see the geographic layout of your property search results. From there, you can click a county on the map, and you’ll be brought to land for sale listings for that county.

Mossy Oak Properties Land for Sale

Land and Farm

Land and Farm is another general land listings platform, offering users over 10 million acres of listings of “farms, ranches, residential, commercial and other types of land for sale.”

Land and Farm land for sale

On the site’s homepage, you can quickly search farms, ranches, residential land, recreational land, hunting land, for auction, or search more generally for commercial land or all land for sale.

Land and Farm currently has just over 670,000 land listings across the entire United States—11,000 in Colorado alone.

Lands of America

Lands of America is a CoStar Group-owned platform that provides listings of farms, ranches, acreages, country homes, and other types of land for sale across the U.S.

To begin your land search on the site, you can enter a location, price, amount of acres, or all three. You can also start by selecting a state from the list and map available on the homepage.

Lands of America land for sale

From there, you’ll be taken to a much more detailed search page. Here, you can drill further into your Colorado land search and add location filters like region, county, city, or lake/reservoir. Lands of America and Land and Farm have about the same amount of listings, as Lands of America also has just over 11,000 listings of Colorado land for sale.


LandFlip is a land for sale listings platform where both property buyers and sellers can advertise and search for land for sale in the United States. LandFlip is part of a family of websites that also includes LotFlip, FarmFlip, RanchFlip, AuctionFlip, and LandThink—a site for people to read and learn about buying, selling, and owning land.


LandFlip allows you to search for land in Colorado by utilizing the search bar at the top of the page. On the site, you can search for and advertise land for sale, land auctions, land for sale by owner, and land for lease.

Hayden Outdoors

Hayden Outdoors, a partner of LandLeader (see below), has land for sale listings in nine states across the U.S., one of which is Colorado. From the site’s homepage, you can add filters for property type, amount of acres, price ranges, as well as add custom keywords.

Searchable property types on Hayden Outdoors are plantations, residential land, vacant land, timber land, farms, ranches, recreational, commercial, and other types of land for sale. On the site, there are currently 310 land listings in Colorado.

Hayden Outdoors Land for Sale

Land Central

Land Central has sold over 10,000 properties in the U.S. since 1997, listing land for sale in all 50 states. Upon entering the site, you can first select a location to search within by picking a state, and if you’d like, a city and county.

You can also add filters for zoning, elevation, price, property size, property use, and more.

Land Central land for sale


LandLeader powers Hayden Outdoors’ land listings, and therefore includes the same listings, only with greater coverage of the U.S.

LandLeader land for sale

Searchable property types on LandLeader include vacant land, farms, ranches, timber land, waterfronts, plantations, and other types of land for sale. 310 of their listings are for land for sale in Colorado.


LandCentury is a “wholesale marketplace for vacant land and cheap houses.” Land for sale listings in Colorado include agricultural, farm, industrial, commercial, recreational, mobile home land, and more.

LandCentury land for sale

LandCentury provides one of the cleanest, most user-friendly interfaces on our list, even letting you search by buyer intent on their homepage.

LandCentury land for sale


LandSaleListings allows you to search for all types of land for sale including farms, ranches, rural properties and more. Listings include properties offered by “land brokers, agents, land professionals, and for sale by owner.”

LandSaleListings has 20 land listings in Colorado including homes for sale, investment property, and a number of different land types for sale by agents and by owner.

LandSaleListings land for sale


LandHub is a real estate consultancy based in Los Angeles, offering land for sale listings in every state across the country.

You can search through nearly 900 pieces of land for sale in Colorado by searching by county, price, and/or acreage. Upon visiting LandHub’s homepage, you can simply select a state, minimum/maximum price, and minimum acreage all from dropdown boxes. You can also visit their “Browse Properties” page to select from a list of filters.

LandHub land for sale


LotNetwork allows you to search or advertise land for sale across any state in the country. The site allows you to add filters for price, acres, city, and lets you add custom keywords to your property search as well.

LotNetwork currently offers just over 7000 active listings of Colorado land for sale. The site also offers extra resources and insights to builders, developers, agents, and brokers looking to buy, sell, and advertise land for sale online.

Residential and Commercial Property for Sale Listings

These platforms are the most general of anything on our list, and can be used to search for virtually any property type in any state.


Perhaps the most well-known name on this list, Zillow is a residential property listings platform serving home listings to users in every state in the nation, including 44,000 total listings in Colorado, 14,000 of which are for land and lots for sale.

Zillow land for sale

To search for land for sale in Colorado on Zillow, first enter an address, neighborhood, city, or zip code into the search bar on the homepage of the site. From there, you’ll be taken to Zillow’s search interface, where you can then select Lots/Land under Home Type.

Alongside Zillow, is another one of the largest databases of residential properties for sale in the U.S. land for sale

To search for land for sale on, you must first enter a location filter down to the city or county level. Once you do so, you’ll be taken to the site’s search interface, where you can add a property type filter for land or farms and ranches.


Another large residential listings platform to consider is Redfin. Like Zillow, Redfin is known for their clean and user-friendly interface, allowing users to bounce back and forth between a map and coinciding box alongside it.

Redfin land for sale

Despite being a residential listings platform, Redfin still has more than 4,000 land for sale listings in Colorado.


LoopNet is the largest commercial listings platform available to the U.S., now with over 500,000 total property listings.

On LoopNet’s homepage, simply choose Land in the property type dropdown, add a location, then run your search.

LoopNet Land for Sale

Once you’ve run your search, you’ll be brought to LoopNet’s search platform, where you can then add more land-specific property type filters, price filters, building size filters, and more.

Find Land in Colorado Off-Market

Aside from the many online listings platforms available to search for land for sale in Colorado, it’s also very important not to omit the benefits of incorporating off-market data into your property search and prospecting.

Colorado Land Properties

By searching for land off-market, you can avoid broker fees and the competition of other prospective buyers. You can also gain access to data on almost every land parcel in the United States, as opposed to only what is currently listed for sale by an agent or land owner.

Instead of searching through hundreds, or maybe thousands of properties with online listings platforms, with Reonomy, you can search and analyze over 380,000 land parcels in Colorado alone, while gaining access to the ownership and contact information associated with each property.

Start your Colorado land search today with a Reonomy free trial!

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