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Lead Sourcing

Field experience, business knowledge, and dedicated employees are essential to the success of a contracting company. Consistently gaining new projects requires key knowledge of the industry, whether that be expertise in a specific field or relationships with influential property owners, developers, architects and property managers. It requires dedicating time and effort to getting to know the prospective client and the client’s expectations. Determining the ideal projects to target is key to success.

Finding success for a commercial contracting company begins with finding strong project leads. While you may be the best in the business at your service and have a steady flow of referral leads, scaling your business requires consistent lead sourcing efforts.

There are three main lead source categories – traditional, online and social media. Each of these categories contain numerous sources within, as outlined below.


Choosing Lead Generation Tactics 

The contracting process begins with acquisition. In order to get the job, you have to find the job. To keep a steady flow of profitable work, while maintaining ongoing projects, applying a combination of lead generation tactics is essential.

In addition to all of the tactics we listed above, which take time and effort to set up, there are lead acquisition platforms to choose from and technology to incorporate into your strategy. That is why it’s important to focus efforts on what works for your company, rather than trying to do everything.

When looking at different services for lead acquisition, find one that provides leads that are meaningful to the company and in the best location. Talk to users of the service to determine the value of their experience. Ask for a free trial to determine how the program could be used to your benefit. Is contact information, including name, number and email provided?



The tool should be easy to use and easy to find and export ownership contacts. After identifying a potentially strong lead through a service or otherwise, it is beneficial to gain information about the potential client and their holdings. Researching the project location, key players and understanding the client can be critical in proposing a job. Understand the prequalification process.

A good project leads service provides tools to help with research, save time and money. It should provide contact information for key players, allowing a direct connection with everyone involved in the project to start building a relationship. A strong project lead tool will enable you to form relationships with potential prospects – by way of introducing yourself, your firm and your capabilities. Even if a particular opportunity might not work out, the time and resources put into developing that relationship may pay off in the future.

If you have read to the bottom of this article, you are more than likely interested in looking for ways to connect with commercial property owners. Reonomy is a CRE database which acts as a project leads tool for commercial contractors which enable them direct and speedy access to leads lists of property owner contact information across the USA.



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