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In order to remain competitive in today’s world, many companies are finding themselves rethinking their traditional lead generation strategies in order to keep atop of the curve. Face to face networking and word of mouth have long been two of the biggest revenue generating tactics for many businesses. The importance of networking and human engagement in terms of sales has definitely not gone away, but it has shifted onto digital platforms in the form of online forums and social media – platforms which facilitate the building of relationships and public thought leadership.

Building a presence and establishing trust through social channels that your prospects use is a key requirement to fully leverage the power of social media.  Linkedin is the world’s largest online professional network and currently boasts 530 million members globally. As a commercial contractor seeking out new business opportunities, it serves as an excellent platform to incorporate into your lead acquisition strategy. 


LinkedIn Sponsored Ads

LinkedIn Ads come in various formats such as banner ads, skyscraper ads and native newsfeed ads, to ensure they are as unintrusive as possible and in line with the company’s “member’s first” culture. 

Targeting via Job Title

These ads can be targeted towards professionals with a specific title for example if you are a commercial roofer and are looking to target property owners or maintenance managers. LinkedIn ads will place your ad in front of any individual with those titles listed on their profiles.


Targeting via Geography

Filtering an ad to a particular geographical focus can prove very effective, especially if certain areas are of more interest to you versus others. For example, if you are a solar panel installer operating in LA and are looking to target maintenance managers there, you can executive this with LinkedIn ads.   


Participate in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has many groups on the platform where members with shared interests can join and post content in. Before choosing groups to join, consider who you are trying to target, whilst remembering that in B2B sales especially there is usually more than one decision maker.

For example, if you are a commercial roofer seeking out property or maintenance managers in the USA, you may want to join groups such as “Property Managers USA” or “Roofing Contractor Network” to try and engage with these individuals.

If you are unsure of what groups your target audience would be in, for example, if you are a rodent extermination company, you can look at the profiles of several of your prospects and clients, as often the groups they are involved in are listed on their profile.



Enhancing your online LinkedIn presence

Having your own well presented company page or personal profile on LinkedIn is also a best practice to ensure you leverage the platform as much as possible. Outlined above are methods you can employ in your lead generation efforts, but what’s important to understand is that you can also be searched. This meaning that other individuals may search for your services on the platform too and you want to ensure you appear. 

For example, if you are listed on your personal profile as a “Commercial Security provider” based in New York and somebody searches for individuals with your role title or similar, you want to ensure that you appear in the search results and that your contact information is clear for them. By ensuring your profile or company page includes a link to your business’ website, means the prospect is only one click away from potential conversion. 


Reonomy as a lead generation tool

Discussed above are some inbound lead generation tactics and best practices a commercial contractor could implement on LinkedIn. Although inbound leads are usually more likely to convert, it can be quite time-consuming to create them and to start seeing results from paid ad campaigns.

Reonomy however, allows you instant access to property owners contact information  across the USA, based on a large range of search filters, such as property location, property type, or when a property was last renovated. This  owner contact information can then be exported into an excel file and used as the driver for an outbound sales and marketing strategy such as email, direct mail and phone campaigns. Why not pair this with inbound lead generation efforts on the world’s largest professional network and see how fast your business grows!



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