Commercial building service providers already know that the best way to deliver their marketing message is by going directly to property owners.

For many of them however, obtaining the necessary contact information to do so is a major challenge.

In this article, we’re going to discuss how property service professionals can find the contact information of their target customers and build very specific, targeted, and powerful marketing strategies to promote and grow their business.

Commercial Building Services Marketing

The list of companies offering commercial building services is quite diverse. Cleaners, security companies, construction, HVAC repair, and energy providers are just a few of the industries looking to expand their client base among commercial real estate owners.

In addition to their common target clientele, most of these organizations also face a common pain point in their marketing efforts – how to find accurate property owner contact information in a timely manner.

One of the most efficient ways to defeat this problem is to take advantage of the Reonomy Platform, which currently offers one of the most complete databases of owner contact information on the market.

Find Property Owner Contact Information With Reonomy

With Reonomy, you can easily access the contact information for commercial owners, including the ability to see contact details for LLC members.

Whether you already know the name of a property owner, or simply have interest in a particular property, finding property owners on Reonomy is fairly simple. You can search for owner contact information based on their name, LLC, or property address.

Property Owner Search by Name

Upon entering Reonomy’s search platform, simply visit the “Ownership” search tab to begin your search.

Reonomy Property Owner Search Filters

There, you can enter the name of the owning person or LLC you’d like to find contact information for. You can use the “TrueOwner Name” search bar to look up individuals, and the “Owner of Record” search bar to look up LLCs.

Reonomy Property Owner Search by Name

You’ll be given a list of results including all the commercial properties that have matching owner names, so it’s also helpful to add the necessary location and asset type filters to hone in on your target owner(s).

Based on the filters you add, you will be given a list of properties that have that person or company tied to it in any way—even if only through an LLC.

Once you see a property of interest in your list of results, simply click into the profile page of that property and visit the “Ownership” tab.

Reonomy Property Ownership Tab

There, you will see the reported owner, which could be an LLC, individual, or group.

If the reported owner is not the same as what you’ve searched for, it simply means that the name is still associated with that property in some way, or is simply hiding behind the owning LLC.

In the “Ownership” tab, you can then click “Unlock TrueOwner,” and you’ll be given all available contact information for the people associated with that property’s ownership.

Reonomy Property Owner Details

Property Owner Search by Address

You can also search for property owners and their contact details based on a mailing or property address.

To conduct a search based on a mailing address, visit the “Ownership” tab of Reonomy’s platform once again, but this time, use the “Owner mailing address” search bar.

Reonomy Property Owner Search by Address

From there, you’d follow the same steps as mentioned above to get an owner’s contact information.

In another example, let’s say you don’t know anything about the owner, but you have the address of the property you are interested in.

If you search for that property address, you’ll be brought to a property profile, where you can again take the same steps mentioned above to first find the owner, and then access their contact information.

To see a more detailed guide on how to find property owners and get their contact information through our platform, you can review this article in our blog.

How to Tailor Your Marketing Message to Property Owners

Once you have the contact information of your target property owners, you can focus on building a powerful marketing campaign.

To maximize the potential for success of your marketing message, you should utilize a variety of marketing channels. The strategy for each channel, as well as the strategy for different service providers, can vary quite a bit.

In this section we will review email and direct mail marketing – two of the most powerful outbound strategies for introducing your commercial building service to property owners.

Utilize Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach property owners directly and potentially catch their attention.

A well-crafted email can boost your conversion rates, as the message won’t get lost in the lurch or wind up in the inbox of someone without the power and incentive to follow up with you.

An effective marketing email should be kept short and sweet, providing a brief introduction to your services, a demonstration of some quantifiable results that you’ve achieved for clients, plus some offer or incentive to entice the recipient to contact you.

Use the owner’s name and include a reference to their business, such as a compliment on a new business win. You can also provide value by including a news piece, personal blog post, or report relevant to their location, interests, or asset class.

This personal touch will differentiate you from spam mail, and will establish rapport and trust.

Send Postcards and Direct Mailers

While much of modern marketing takes place online, direct mail can still be an effective way to market your services to property owners.

In fact, the popularity of digital marketing can make an appealing direct mailer or postcard stand out even more from the competition.

You can use Reonomy to find granular information on property owners, which can be included in your mailout to generate rapport and directly address their interests and needs.

Reonomy can also be used to curate a targeted list of prospects and their contact details.

A direct mailer does best when it includes a discount offer or a clear call-to-action. Give commercial property owners a reason to reach out to you. Additionally, your offer or discount works best when it is time sensitive, as this will create a sense of urgency and encourage your prospect to act soon.

Be sure to include clear contact information on your mailer as well.

Your direct mailer or postcard should be appealing to the eye. You can use a number of online design programs or hire a local graphic designer to create an eye-catching, professional piece.

A beautiful, high-quality design will go far in enhancing the perceived value of your building services as well.

A Few Inbound Marketing Strategies to Consider

While the marketing techniques in this section won’t help you get in touch with property owners directly, they are important elements of any successful marketing strategy.

Many business and property owners are simply too busy to sift through marketing emails and postcards, and prefer to look for a professional service provider on their own time. Having a top-notch website that ranks well in search results and offers valuable content will help you catch those potential customers as well.

Website Design

A well-designed website is one of the most important elements of a successful marketing strategy.

Your website should be stylish and include the following:

  • Easy navigation
  • Fast loading times
  • Clear contact information
  • Clear call to action
  • Detailed information on your services

In addition, you can boost your credibility and expertise by including real customer testimonials; listing your affiliations, awards, and certifications; and displaying some of your more notable clients’ logos on your homepage.

Case studies are also an excellent way to demonstrate the services you offer and the positive outcomes that you generate for your clients.

It’s important to test your website for design appeal, ease of use, functionality, and load time on mobile as well.

Research shows that 3 out of 4 smartphone owners use mobile search first to address their immediate needs.


Commercial Building Services Web Design

Optimize Your Web Content

In addition to good design, SEO (search engine optimization) is also fundamental to the effectiveness of your website.

A locally-optimized website can help bring in a high number of qualified, engaged leads in your area. You can easily accomplish this with a handful of simple tweaks.

To begin with, it’s important to include details of your location on your homepage and in your homepage title tag. If you have several different locations, you can create a separate page for every area you operate in.

Next, you should include a number of links to local businesses, news sources, and government agencies to boost your local SEO rankings.

Commercial business service providers should also ensure that their local SEO game plan includes third-party websites.

For example, if you are an HVAC company, you may want to include your business details in any local building service marketing lists, as well as in generic business directories such as Yelp.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing includes blogs, social media posts, research reports, videos, and white papers among a number of other content pieces.

It can help position you online as an expert, and build rapport and trust with current and prospective clients.

Your content topics are best selected by researching the pain points and business goals of property owners. Your content marketing can be used to help educate property owners on how to utilize your services to enhance the safety, efficacy, or comfort of their commercial property.

For example, if you are marketing your solar business, you may want to provide rich and informative blog or video content on the latest energy innovations and how they can be incorporated by owners to improve the energy efficiency of their properties.

You can help drive traffic to your website by sharing your videos or articles on external platforms, and through guest blogs, social media posts, and advertising partnerships.

Furthermore, your content should be optimized for SEO to help users find your website. Use relevant keywords and a variety of quality outbound and inbound links to accomplish this.

Marketing Ideas for Specific Commercial Building Services

The way you approach your marketing strategy will depend largely on the type of commercial building service you offer.

Let’s look at a few different service providers and some ideas on how they can build powerful marketing campaigns.

Construction Marketing

Commercial construction marketing should be built around strong, professionally produced visuals that can demonstrate the quality of your work and differentiate your business from the competition.

Sharing photos of your projects as they progress, as well as the finished result, will allow property owners to gain insight into your processes and typical time frame.

First, you should consider hiring a professional photographer or investing in high-tech photography equipment and editing software that will help you produce high quality images of your construction projects.

Once you have a portfolio of professional shots, you can use them in various ways to promote your business. For example, you can use the images to produce stunning direct mail pieces and send these out to property owners to showcase your new projects. Additionally, you can share the photos via social media, and feature them on your website.

You can further utilize social media and content marketing to generate interest in your business by sharing company news, construction advice, and business trends articles.

Video content can also be used to engage property owners and infuse your brand with more personality and expertise. Video content can bring to life a commercial property service that otherwise has a prosaic reputation.

HVAC Marketing

One of the best ways to position your HVAC marketing strategy is to take advantage of the seasons and the differences in temperature they bring.

As a provider of both heating and air conditioning services, you can tailor your marketing message to the season by advertising for heating when colder months are around the corner and vice versa.

You can also target the seasons to produce informative content for your website or blog by writing helpful posts on how to tackle seasonal weather challenges and including relevant imagery.

Energy Marketing

Even though energy services are vital for the majority of commercial real estate owners, effective marketing is still the best way to make your company stand out from the competition.

Reaching out to property owners through email marketing, direct mail, and cold calls can deliver your brand’s message directly to new prospects, who may not seek this type of service proactively otherwise.

An enrollment campaign with a quick and easy sign up process can also win over busy property owners and lead to a higher number of service plan subscriptions.

In conclusion, regardless of the type of commercial building service you offer, marketing your business successfully to property owners will depend largely on having the right information to create relevant value proposition.

Reonomy gives you unmatched access to abundant property information and owner contact details with just a few clicks.

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