From canvassing to billboard ads, with so many avenues available for generating commercial mortgage leads, the process can often feel overwhelming with unpredictable chances of success.

In this post, we cover effective commercial real estate marketing ideas for both commercial loan officers and large commercial mortgage lending companies.

The page breaks down as follows:

1. Tips for Loan Officer Marketing

1.1 SEO & Content Marketing Ideas
1.2 Social Media Marketing Ideas
1.3 Event Marketing Ideas

2. Tips for Mortgage Company Marketing

1.1 Email Marketing Ideas
1.2 Event Marketing Ideas
1.3 Using Paid Ads

Mortgage Marketing Ideas for Loan Officers and Lenders

Mortgage marketing is key for acquiring new commercial mortgage leads.

From individual brokers or loan officers to enterprise-size lending companies, a consistent, all-encompassing marketing strategy will work to provide you with a steady influx of new leads 24/7.

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Read on for our breakdown of the most effective mortgage marketing strategies.

Tips for Loan Officer Marketing Ideas

As a commercial mortgage broker, you may not have the budget for billboards or a high volume of paid ads.

Luckily, there are a number of effective mortgage marketing strategies that you can implement to generate new leads. Below, we explore results-driven mortgage marketing ideas for brokers and lenders.

SEO-Optimized Website

A sleek, informative, and easy-to-navigate website is a necessity for lead generation. In order to generate new and ongoing commercial mortgage leads, invest in a website provider that prioritizes SEO optimization.

WordPress is a great platform to use to develop a strong SEO strategy that brings in new leads.

WordPress provides step-by-step guidance on SEO optimization for each of your website pages and content pieces. You can also use the in-built WordPress’ analytics platform to measure your traffic stats and hone your SEO lead-generation strategy.

Build Your Reputation and Master SEO with Content Marketing

One way to build your reputation as a leading expert in the commercial mortgage industry is by attaching your name to informative blog content.

Pitching guest pieces to trade publications and popular industry platforms is a great way to develop your status as an industry thought leader.

Unsure which kinds of content will convert best?

There are several ways to brainstorm great content ideas. As a starting point, consider the key questions you’re frequently asked by prospects and clients, such as, “What is the current interest rate on commercial loans?”, or, “How long does it take to get a commercial loan?”

Build out blog posts around your most frequently asked questions to drive high-levels of targeted traffic to your site.

In addition, to enhance your loan officer marketing in the content space, keep an eye on your competitors: which posts are performing best on your competitor’s websites?

Take notes of posts with the most shares and comments. Maybe comb through the comments to see the kinds of questions people commonly have. Are there any gaps in knowledge? Is there anything not being answered?

Analyze competing content to see what your competitors are doing well and not so well and figure out how you can fill the gaps with more competitive posts.

Posting your own content on your blog can also drive SEO, drawing traffic to your site. Content enables you to rank for a number of industry keywords. You can use a keyword tool, like WordStream, to help you find the best keywords for the commercial loans market.

You can also boost your search engine rankings by using high-quality content to secure backlinks with industry influencers and link-building agencies.

WordStream Mortgage Keyword Research

Note: it typically takes 4-6 months to begin seeing real results from your SEO-driven content strategy, so be consistent with your postings. Scheduling weekly posts on your calendar is a great way to keep yourself on track.

Social Media Marketing

When weighing up loan officer marketing strategies, don’t overlook social media marketing. As a lender, you can social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to generate a host of new leads.

Engaging and informative content, backed by relevant industry hashtags, can be used to build your profile and draw in new leads for your company.

Social proof can help enhance your status as an industry leader. Prospective clients don’t go for the flashiest option, they always seek out the least risky option. Potential clients want to ensure that they receive a great rate, fast processing times, and guidance from a reliable industry expert.

How do you prove that you are the most reliable and least risky? Social proof.

Social proof demonstrates that other people just like your prospective clients have pre-vetted you for the job. Your prospects can rely on case-studies, testimonials, and endorsements more than they can on your own claims.

Regularly feature case studies, testimonials, and endorsements on your social media feeds to build your reputation and develop trust with your prospects.

Additionally, referrals also make up a substantial amount of your business. Take the time to connect with a variety of people who could pass along referrals and post informative, engaging content relevant to them as well as your target prospects.

For example, if you’re looking to develop connections with residential real estate agents or brokers, you could share articles on the latest real estate trends in your area. Reposting content is also a fast-track way to build rapport with referral sources.

Event Marketing for Mortgage Brokers

As a commercial loans officer, you’re likely well aware that the bulk of your deals come through referrals, such as commercial property owners, real estate brokers and agents, accountants, and banks. As such, attending industry networking events and conferences is key for generating new business leads.

In addition, you increase your chance of acquiring new business by following up within 24-48 hours of meeting. You increase your chances of securing a referral or new connection for your business by following this simple four-step formula:

  1. Send a short email letting them know it was great to meet them.
  2. Personalize your emails: nobody wants to feel like one on a list of many. Personalize your email to strengthen your rapport. Refer to your conversation, compliment their expertise on a topic you have discussed, or send across an article that matches their unique interests.
  3. Offer up a favor, such as putting them in touch with a potentially lucrative connection. Offering a favor plays into the law of reciprocity, a powerful persuasion technique that holds, “If you do something for me, I feel obligated to return the favor.”
  4. Link out to your LinkedIn profile: this will help connect your email to a face and will open the door to ongoing interactions.

Mortgage Company Marketing

In comparison to loan officers and independent brokers, commercial mortgage companies require a different marketing strategy on a larger scale.

Below, we explore the most effective ways to generate a large number of high-quality leads with mortgage company marketing.

Email Marketing

As a mortgage company with the time and budget to invest in an intensive marketing campaign, email marketing shouldn’t be overlooked.

According to McKinsey & Company, email marketing is up to 40x more effective than social media marketing.

Email marketing is a great way to strengthen relationships with borrowers and referral prospects throughout the natural highs and lows of the purchase cycle.

There are 5 main email strategies you can rely on to generate new leads for your mortgage company:

  1. Keep it personal. Always use your contact’s name in your email opener.
  2. Lead with informative content. Regularly sending out newsletters with the latest industry news, rate forecasts, or actionable advice for your target prospects will quickly develop your status as an authority in the industry and will build trust and rapport with your prospects.
  3. Share space with your partners. Share emails with your referral-partners to build brand awareness within their market. For example, if you’ve partnered with a local commercial real estate agent, you can co-write emails and newsletters and send them out to your partner’s contact list to extend your reach.
  4. Include a CTA (call to action). Always include a clear CTA at the bottom of your email to drive engagement. Encourage borrowers to contact your team, link out to your website, or offer a lead magnet.
  5. Utilize analytics. When’s the best time of day to send an email? Which email headlines perform best? Should you include pictures in your email content? You can find out which emails perform best with your prospects by using analytics software, such as Shiftmail.

How do you find prospects to target?

As a commercial mortgage provider, you’re legally required to have the consent of your contacts in order to send emails their way.

How can you build out a solid contact list of potential leads for your company? Using a lead magnet to capture contact details of prospects is a great way to quickly fill out your contact list, legally.

Lead magnets are informative pieces of content that prospects receive by subscribing to your entering in their name and contact details and agreeing to sign-up to your mailing list.

Ideas for lead magnets could include an infographic on the history of commercial mortgage rates, or a short e-book on how to finance commercial properties. You can place lead magnets on your homepage, blog, or landing page.

Event Marketing for Mortgage Companies

In-person event marketing is another effective way to secure new leads for your mortgage company.

Speaking at industry events is a great way to build your status as an industry leader; putting you in the way of several potential clients and referral sources, and alleviating your status as a thought leader in the commercial mortgage space.

Those who work day-in-day-out with borrowers are the best people to represent your company at industry events.

Your team intricately understand the needs and concerns of borrowers and can quickly connect with them on a personal level.

The beauty of paid ads is that you can use them to target borrowers directly.

Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn each have a targeting section that you can use to direct your ad towards a highly-specialized market.

Granular targeting features, including demographic characteristics – such as industry, salary, age, and past spending habits can all be utilized to develop a targeted ad campaign that gets in front of the key decision-makers you’re attempting to reach.

Each platform provides guidance on how to source and use high-ranking keywords to generate new leads for your commercial mortgage lending business. Effective paid mortgage loan ads:

  • Use longtail keywords. Three to four-word phrases that are highly specific to the commercial mortgage industry. Long-tail keywords command 70% of organic search traffic. Think ‘commercial mortgage no deposit’, ‘typical commercial mortgage rates’ – over ‘commercial loan’.
  • Highlight the key benefits of your company over your competitors. Maybe you can boast a number of 5-star ratings, have decades of industry experience, or an industry-influencer endorsement?
  • Include a clear call to action. That could be something like, “Contact our commercial mortgage specialists now.”

Commercial Mortgage Marketing 101

Commercial mortgage marketing is a great way to generate ongoing leads as a commercial mortgage provider.

Mortgage lead generation can often feel overwhelming, but setting up several effective mortgage marketing strategies can rake in hundreds of promising new leads every month.

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