When searching for office buildings to add to your real estate portfolio, you can utilize a multitude of commercial real estate listings platforms, or you can identify sellers off-market.

It’ll depend on the amount of time you have available to you, the market you’re searching in, and the specifics of the asset you are looking to find.

Office Buildings for Sale

Below, we explore the best commercial real estate listing websites to use when searching specifically for office buildings for sale across the US.

We’ll also discuss a bit about off-market searching and how you can quickly discover office buildings likely to sell using Reonomy.

Commercial Real Estate Listings

The commercial real estate listings websites we’ll look at:

42Floors Office Buildings for Sale

42Floors is a listings site that covers office space for sale, lease, and sublease.

While not as building-centric as other websites, the popular site currently boasts millions of active listings across the US.

42Floors also provides direct contact details of agents in case you want to inquire about an available property.

You can also set up property listing email notifications that’ll send updates

42Floors Office Buildings for Sale

One of the main benefits of using 42Floors is that it requires no sign up.

The platform is perfect is you have a demanding schedule and don’t have hours to spare liaising with brokers. The site offers a concierge to assist with arranging property viewings.

LoopNet Office Buildings for Sale

LoopNet’s main advantage is the sheer number of property listings available on the site.

LoopNet covers more of the market than just about any other listings website available online today.

LoopNet Office Buildings for Sale

LoopNet offers an easy-to-download mobile app, perfect for the busy investor looking to browse office space for sale while on the go. The apps intuitive interface allows you to tailor your search using a number of filters.

You can also use their draw-on-map to refine your search to specific, customized geographic areas.

CityFeet Office Buildings for Sale

CityFeet Office Buildings for Sale

CityFeet is a LoopNet-operated listings search engine.

Even though CityFeet covers property for sale in every state, it is tailored more so to the New York market—it remains a favorite among investors in the NY area.

You can use CityFeet to quickly find different types of buildings for sale, including general office and medical office buildings.

CREXi Office Buildings for Sale

CREXi lets you search for office properties for sale using several advanced filters.

These filters allow you to refine your search based on a great variety of potential investment needs.

CREXi are known for their brilliant support services, as well, which can be relied on to help guide you through the process.

Their support team is readily accessible via phone, chat, or email.


OfficeSpace.com is an excellent choice for skimming only through office space for sale listings.

The site allows you to tailor your search for an office building based on its size, business use type, and geographical area.

OfficeSpace.com covers the majority of the United States, making it a feasible option for investors searching within primary and secondary markets.

OfficeSpace.com Office Buildings for Sale

OfficeSpace.com is also a budget-friendly choice.

You can search their listings for free and browse floor-plans and unlimited snaps of properties.

The default office space search on this site is by lease.

To search only for office buildings for sale, simply go into the “more filters” dropdown and select For Sale under the search type.

Total Commercial Office Buildings for Sale

Total Commercial has been in operation as a listings service since 1995.

The team prides themselves on providing a full-featured CRE listing service, without the large price tag, since you can search all of their listings for free.

The site even includes a number of international listings across Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Canada, and South America.

The Square Foot Office Buildings for Sale

The Square Foot offers comprehensive listings of office buildings for sale throughout the US.

One unique feature of the site is their Office Space Calculator.

You can use the calculator to find an office building that meets your requirements on office size and added facilities, such as the number of conference rooms or kitchens, for example.

The Square Foot Office Buildings for Sale

The Square Foot is a convenient choice for anyone looking for more support in searching for their an office building for sale.

You can easily get in touch with their brokers for guidance and advice by using their online chat service.

Catylist Office Buildings for Sale

Catylist covers nationwide property listings, with thousands of office building listings across the US.

The site enables you to craft your search based on a number of different filters.

You can search the listings site yourself, or arrange a member of their team to do the hard work for you.

Catylist Office Buildings for Sale

Search Office Space is a global listing platform, covering property listings in the US, Asia, Australia, India, and the UK.

Their team of experienced brokers will step in to help you source the ideal office building.

Search Office Space’s consultants will undertake viewings and negotiations on your behalf, making them a great match for those with little time to spend searching and vetting properties.

Search Office Space Office Buildings for Sale

Discover Office Building Sellers Off-Market

Property listing websites are a popular way to score the market for available office buildings.

In comparison, off-market searches enable you to source up-and-coming investments that are hidden from the competition.

Not to mention they usually come at a lower cost, since they allow you to swerve additional broker fees and competitive price hikes.

Finding Office Buildings Likely to Sell with Reonomy

On Reonomy, you can quickly search your market to discover office buildings likely to sell off-market, as well as find out who owns a building (of any size).

The platform gives access to over 3,000 counties in the US, and lets you scour the market for any commercial asset type, which you can search based on specific sales history and owner characteristics.

What does that mean? You can identify likely sellers and get in touch with them immediately—in any market, for dozens of different building types.

Reonomy Asset Type Property Search Filters

By combining off-market property searches with sale listings platforms, you can undertake an in-depth and thorough hunt of the market, understand fair market values, and get directly into contact with property owners.

Discover the ideal asset. Connect with the owner in an instant. Try it for Free

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