For those reading that have followed the Reonomy journey, they’ll know we’re regularly improving our product based on your suggestions.

If you haven’t been following, here’s a great overview of our national platform and our journey to date.

Otherwise, here is what’s coming for the month of October!




Nationwide Secretary of State Integration

Release Date: Mid October

The next-generation of the Reonomy CRE ownership engine is fueled by direct data feeds from every Secretary of State database across the country.

Collectively, these statewide databases delineate all 80M business entities registered to operate in the US. The feeds will give our clients access to information not available for public consumption on state-maintained portals.

In short, our data engine will have visibility into the operating history of every business entity – including managing members, principals, and other key decision makers “behind the LLC.”

Our algorithms will move through the corporate tree in order to map out the corporate hierarchy. The end result will be the largest and most accurate database of CRE owners across the country.

Ownership Export

Release Date: Mid October

To date, we have released the first version of Excel Export. However, in order to produce an excel spreadsheet with ownership contact information appended, clients still need to “unlock” the ownership information for every owner prior to performing the export.

We will introduce a “Bulk Owner Unlock” function, which allows a user to unlock ownership for thousands of properties at once. With the export feature, you will therefore be able to perform a search and export a CSV with all associated ownership information in a few clicks.

These three feature additions will have significant benefits for a number of users.

Once live, video demonstrations of how to use them will be viewable on our Youtube Channel.  Make sure to subscribe if you want to keep up with all our product updates!

In addition to the above, we have a bunch of other features coming. They include increased sales information  and the ability to print PDF reports. 


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