Stephen Burkhalter is the founder of Solcertain LLC, a commercial solar installation business in Florida. We took a few minutes to discuss why he signed up for Reonomy, and the potential he sees for his business growth.


Stephen Burkhalter, Founder Solcertain LLC


“I think Reonomy is the most streamlined process to get leads for commercial. I really don’t see any other products that can do that. So I thought it was just a no brainer.”

What property types do you work on?

Stephen: We really target a couple of different types of clients. First is apartment buildings (multifamily) because we are looking to build solar carports. The benefit for the property owner is getting tax credit and charging additional fees for access – so it’s really a win-win.

We also target Golf courses for their cart barns because they use a lot of battery power to charge the batteries. But really, our clientele has a big range – could be a golf course or some kind of ice storage building.

What makes an ideal client for you?

Stephen: One thing that is super important to us is prospecting for clients that own multiple businesses. Because there’s no financing commercial solar, clients have to have a lot of cash on hand actually go solar. So that’s kind of a thing we’re looking for is multiple property owners that have, you know, $750,000 to a million dollars to invest in this.

It’s not easy to find, and definitely not an easy sale to make. But obviously there’s a lot of people out there willing to make the switch and long term investment, it’s just about connecting with the right owner.

How do you find these high quality owners?

Stephen: It’s tough, a lot of people in the industry that I have talked to use LinkedIn to reach out to relevant owners, or the typical cold email, which can come off like spam. I focused on building my brand and building valuable content that I share on social channels – things like lead generating articles. But that all takes a lot of time and a lot of work. Or, if you’re using LinkedIn, can get expensive.

Why did you choose Reonomy instead?

Stephen: I didn’t want to just get stuck at the LinkedIn profile, and just because the guy’s the president of the company doesn’t mean he owns the building. I just wanted to bypass all of the gatekeepers and go straight to the owner of the property.

So instead of wasting a bunch of dollars in sales navigator and some other trinkets in LinkedIn, Reonomy was the sure fire way to get leads directly – straight to the decision makers.  You can just download the leads and it has their information, their email, and then their phone number.

It’s kind of a lead generation machine for commercial solar, which I don’t even think anyone else is really doing. I’m sure there are some people in the industry – but here in Florida, I haven’t heard of many companies doing this. So we’re definitely excited.

In the end, I didn’t commit to sourcing prospects on LinkedIn. I’m glad I didn’t because they were about to charge me $3,000 a month for an automatic email drip campaign and automatic connections depending on certain titles and mile radius. Now, I can just plug in what I need in Reonomy and export an even better list. I think Reonomy is the most streamlined process to get leads for commercial. It was just a no brainer.

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